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Souvenir Playing Card Fund Raiser
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Stafford County Historical & Genealogical Society

The Stafford Co. Historical Society is working to create a deck of playing cards that will feature 56 unique historical photos and educational facts about Stafford County on the face of each card.
This deck will offer a unique opportunity for the community to get involved. Each of the 56 cards (which includes 52 normal cards and four joker/wild cards) may be sponsored by any business, group, family or individual that is interested.
These limited edition playing cards are a great way to highlight the communities in the county, provide a creative collectible souvenir from the county and raise much-needed funds for the Stafford Co. Historical Society.
There are still 13 cards available for sponsorship in our playing card project fund-raiser. All of the Aces and face cards have been sold, but there is one Joker/Wild Card ($150) available. The lower register cards are $75 each.
The deadline for the project has been extended to Dec. 15, 2014.
Businesses and organizations may sponsor a card, as well as individuals and families who may sponsor one in memory or honor of a loved one. Sponsors may select a photo from museum archives or provide their own. If the sponsor provides the photo, it should tell a story. (If a business sponsors a Joker/Wild card, they can include their business logo and website on those cards.)
Our early publicity was a bit misleading and we do apologize for that. The photos on the cards won't only consist of buildings and government officials or "real serious history", but we are trying to steer away from ordinary formal studio portraits. We'd like to balance the "serious history" with interesting casual, everyday life photos or snapshots that tell a story and/or depict our lives in rural central Kansas. They can be serious, poignant or humorous, or anywhere in-between.
For example if your parents, ancestors or relative owned a store or business in Stafford County, a photo of their business or them at their business, would be acceptable. Old photos of our churches, schools and classes are especially nice.
If you have a photo of your grandfather as a boy sitting beside his prize-winning hog; of your grandmother at work teaching school in Stafford County; of Great-Aunt Fanny doing chores in the home or down on the farm, these would all qualify. If you have a photo of your great-grandfather riding an ostrich in the 1920s, that would certainly be of interest!
Formal studio portraits are acceptable in some cases: If your Stafford County ancestor was a teacher, preacher, doctor or nurse, or a city, county, state or national government official, these tell interesting local history. If your father is the only known person to have ever served on both the St. John and Stafford city councils, that is history.
If your Stafford County ancestor was an accomplished artist, craftsman, inventor, scientist, athlete, theologian, philosopher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, musician or writer, this is fascinating cultural history and qualifies.
These are only examples to explain the wide-open scope of this project. Our goal is to create an interesting, collectible souvenir that museum patrons and friends, as well as out-of-town and out-of-state visitors, will want to purchase from our gift shop.
The playing cards will be sold at the Stafford Co. Museum Library and will be offered at a cost of $12 per deck (+ $3 for shipping if we mail them).
For more information, to reserve a deck for yourself, to learn if your photo would qualify for the project and to view samples of the playing cards, please drop by the museum office weekdays 9am-3:30pm, 100 N. Main St., in Stafford. For more info, call 620-234-5664, or e-mail



Updated October 17, 2014