Michael January studied drama at West Virginia University, and began his entertainment career as an actor and director in professional stock theater in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, serving as Co-Artistic Director of the Arcanum XII Theatre Company at Princeton. And has performed and studied directing for the stage in London.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Mr. January has been a Story Analyst and Development Director for independent production companies, and has served in various production capacities. Mr. January has had successful films as a writer and producer on cable channels HBO and TNT in the United States and on BSkyTV, SAT1 and PRO7 in Europe. His credits include several action films as well as comedy and thrillers and teen horror genres. His "Der Tod in Deinen Augen" romantic thriller directed by Michael Rowitz and starring acclaimed international actor Thomas Kretschmann for Bavariafilm and SAT1 established a standard for Amercan theatrical fim style motion pictures on German television. His in development projects encompass the range of romantic-comedy, family, political thriller and historical action drama. Mr. January is currently developing long-form television projects.

Mr January's screenplays have won and been finalists in multiple screenplay contests including the Nicholl Fellowship, he has lectured in screenwriting for film-maker organizations, is a member of the Writers Guild of America where he serves on Diversity Commitees and the Independent Film Caucus. Mr. January in also an author with works on his interest in history, and a novel exploration of Mary Shelley's Inspiration for Frankenstein.




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