This page is dedicated to articles I have written. The magazine is a publication created to review the use of audio related products used in live sound, studio, home, install and church applications. The articles within the magazine are written by experts in their perspective field. Available below are links to articles I have written.
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Handi Systems - Handi Q Article
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ESPN X Games Audio

I get a few e-mail's a month asking questions about this piece of gear or that. I am compiling them into one page called the Mix That Mailbag.

Ashly Protea 4 Channel 31-Band Equalizer
A great EQ that really does justice to an affordable digital EQ. This EQ rates somewhere between the Klark Teknik DN-3600 and the T.C. Electronics 1128. The sound of this unit is very close to the analog Klark Teknik DN-360.
Altec Lansing DTS-200, 2 Way Speaker
These speakers are very similar to the EV SX-200/300 series. They are a coaxial design with some great horn coverage and highs that will knock your socks off.

Apogee Monitor and Processor
Here's a great new monitor by a quality manufacture. Although the Apogee products are a bit costly, you get what you pay for in live sound. I would own a few of these if I had the money.

Audix OM-3/OM-5 (1996)
Although I wrote this two years ago, the mics have not changed. These are some truly great mics. High gain before feedback can be achieved with these mics in the monitor system. They tend to sound warmer than a Shure 58. Audix has some other new microphones available now.

BGW 2200 Powered Subwoofer (April-97)
This company has been making great amplifiers for more than a decade. Now they have released a packaged subwoofer and amazing amplifier all in one enclosure. Check this out! Nice folks too.

BSS OmniDrive™ System Processor
The FDS-388 happens to be one of the finest system processors on the market. The Klark Teknik DN8000 is giving this a big run for it's money. The KT actually does some things this doesn't, but that also applies with the BSS too. Check out the single rack space OmniDrive Compact FDS-355 available now.

BSS 310 2/3 Way Crossover
BSS a name you can trust with this flexible small system crossover. You can't go wrong with BSS.

Chevin Research A6000 Amplifier (Aug.99)
This, I really would have liked to keep. This amp is a serious beast for the critical listener. These are packaged with the Boxer monitors with the Boxer name plate on them at some of the finest studios in the country.

Crest V1500 Amplifier
A powerful install piece. New product by a great amplifier company. Crest was recently purchased by Peavey. This should prove interesting in the next year.

Crown CM-311A Head-Worn Microphone
Here is a gem of a microphone. This is one of the most popular headset mics around the industry. I gave it a thumbs up for it's sound quality and rejection of outside sources. Garth Brooks, Janet Jackson, Backstreet Boys and Reba McEntire are a few of the performers that use this product.

Crown K2 Amplifier
Crown's newest in their 1997 lineup. They come in all colors and pump out the power. The amplifier was reviewed by three professionals in the PAR article. This included a bench test, a studio review, and my live sound review. Side Note: It came in 2nd to becoming the only amplifier for the Rolling Stones Tour. There was a reprint of the entire article on Crown's web page, but I am not sure if it is there at this time.

EV Polar Choice Podium Microphone (late-99)
This mic has a switch that can be changed to modify the pattern of the pickup element. It sounds quite natural with vocals at a podium.The maximum SPL is about average for a mic in this price range. I also utilized it as a announce mic, where it worked well and sounded natural.

EV X-Array Expanded Resolution Touring system
(Sept.-98) (cover above)
This includes reviews on the DN-8000 system processor and the EV/Dynacord P3000 amplifier. Not all of the article I wrote made it into the magazine issue. I have included my entire review here which I submitted to the magazine.

Electro-Voice N/D868 Kick Drum Microphone
A brand new kick mic in a small field of others. Compare it to the new Shure
Beta 52 and hear the difference.

Electro-Voice MS2500 Wireless Mic
Oh yes, another fine product that is made by Electro-Voice.

Mackie SR 24•4 Live Sound Console
Here is the father of they sound great. I would love to have one of these for my band or club... The 40 channel version of this desk t WON a TEC Sound Reinforcement Console Technology Award in 1998.

QSC PowerLight Series 1.8
This article is in QSC's actual home pages, somewhere. A quote from this article was being used in QSC advertisements for a short time.

Radian Audio Engineering Coaxial Monitor
A fairly new company in the live sound market. A California company that specializes in replacement drivers and speaker cabinets and some really great sounding coaxial drivers. This is a great product here that has many uses.

Sabine SL-610 Feedback Eliminator (1996)
These little boxes are priceless for all that they do. Go Check them out at your local dealer. If you run sound on the road or in a club, church you need to test one of these buggers out.

Soundcraft Spirit LX7
What a mighty little desk for not much money. It has a cool layout and a nice tone for a very new mixer. Check out one of the ads in any audio magazine. I have been using this desk quite a bit since the review and love the compact size, quality of the faders, tone of the EQ and versatility.

Speck Electronics XTRAMIXcxi Rack Mixer

An even newer product line up for the live sound and studio market. Amazingly this company has been manufacturing consoles for quite some time. This mixer is currently out with the Rolling Stones and Elton John, being used as a keyboard mixer

Telex ProStar™ Wireless Microphone (May-1998)
Here is a low dollar alternative to some of the many expensive wireless mics out there.

Tsunami Amplifier (late-99)
A new amplifier by a company called Tsunami. The 'T' is silent. A well designed amp with some cool features. The rear of this amp has a great layout and features that most expensive amplifiers do not have. I do not have any website information on this company, so if anyone finds their site let me know.

Whirlwind Cable Tester
Here is something every touring or house sound engineer should not go without. It is worth every penny after just one use. Get those cables checked and put them back into use.

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