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Paul Woodson's


Vincent, Wings Theatre, New York, NY


"Paul Woodson is superb in the leading role, with his clear, confident tenor/lyric baritone carrying the production. He should be lauded for simply acting crazy and singing at the same time­ no easy feat. He is in nearly every scene and often thrusts the production through its dry parts...he should be poised for what looks like an imminent leap to stardom."
--Show Business Weekly
"[Vincent's] effectiveness owes much to the persevering performance of Paul Woodson in the demanding role of the lonely, loveless artist... van Gogh likens himself to a 'gruff, scruffy dog', but one with a soul and a human heart. In the end this soul and this heart infuse Vincent, like the artist himself, with a stubborn nobility."
--The New York Times
Most notable was Paul Woodson's portrayal of Vincent. With a voice and physique worthy of Jean Valjean, Woodson created miracles onstage. He entranced the audience with his energy and intensity. Likewise, the other members of the cast did a terrific job. One could see how hard the actors worked -- and it truly paid off.
--Off-Off-Broadway Review (oobr)
"This premiere production is fortunate to have in the title role Paul Woodson, a compactly built blond tenor with a fair resemblance to the van Gogh we know from self-portraits. He has an agile, quicksilver voice that serves him well in scenes in which Vincent goes off the deep end."
--United Press International
"[Robert] Mitchell's play is worth catching; the story is unforced, the lyrics are good and sometimes funny, and the whole thing is of a piece-- not a patched-together effort but an organic unity, with as much to sing as to say... The book, music and lyrics succeed in holding the spectators' attention, aided by fine performances by Paul Woodson, as Vincent, and Mark Campbell, as his devoted brother, Theo."
--The New Yorker
In the title role, Paul Woodson is remarkable. His lyric baritone is clear and effortless, and his acting is superb, which make his performance consistently riveting and quite often thrilling.
--Gay City News
"The piece lingers in your head long after it is over, especially the hangdog look of Paul Woodson, simply spot on as Vincent."
-- Back Stage

Floyd Collins, TheatreWorks, Mountain View, CA
-"Paul Woodson, as Floyd's brother Homer, combines a sibling cheeriness with an undertone of increasingly weary frustration. All three [performers] sing beautifully."
-San Francisco Chronicle
-"Matt Farnsworth is a splendid Floyd, and in his haunting solos and marvelous duets with Paul Woodson as his brother, you can hear the future of musical theater being born."
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

Route 66, Seven Angels Theatre, Waterbury, CT
Paul Woodson delights the audience with "Every Woman I Know (Loves Automobiles)" and his wild white cowboy outfit complete with a stick horse companion in "Long Tall Texan."
- Curtain Call

A Slice of Saturday Night, U.S. Premiere, Charles Theatre, Boston
-"The one actor who projects some individuality is the one who has what is probably the most sympathetic role, Paul Woodson as shy Rick (he also has the strongest singing voice)."
-"Its extremely attractive ensemble charms at every opportunity. Paul Woodson as Rick had the strongest, most characteristic pop voice, looking and sounding like a lead singer from any number of bands from the period."
-Bay Windows Magazine
-"Laura Ann Gallop (Sharon) and Paul Woodson(Rick)possess the sort of alchemic voices that songwriters lust for when they imagine duets: strong and vibrant by themselves, when forged together they become an entirely new shiny sort of metal."
- Boston Phoenix
-"Paul Woodson has a sweetly androgynous Liverpool tenor and he's the best dancer around."
-Boston Globe

The Secret Garden, Sacramento Music Circus, CA
-"Tenor Paul Woodson (Mary's father) sings only a little, but it is ear-catching."
- The Davis Enterprise

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