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Please, anyone out there with more or better  infomation, contact me!  Note: The information below applies to Model 85 only.  However, some of the troubleshooting ideas or general disassembly/reassembly information may be useful to owners of other models.

Shoe Heating Problems

This section will cover a few of the problems that you might have with the Model 85 shoe.  The heating shoe assembly consists of a heat switch, some wires, some other metal parts and covers, the cast iron curved shoe and, finally, the heating element.  The heating element is a coiled resistance wire with ceramic insulators laid into a channel in the shoe.  Just so you know exactly what I am talking about, here is a picture:


(picture above shows my thumb resting on the shoe)

How do you know if you have a heating shoe problem?  Your shoe may not get hot enough, it may get too hot, it may not heat at all, or it mught heat unevenly.  If the cloth roller pad is discolored only in certain areas, you probably have excessive heat there.  You may have a cracked shoe, which results in uneven heat.  Your linens will suffer and may even get scorched if there is too much heat or uneven heat.

If you have any other problem than a bad switch, you will probably end up removing and repairing the entire shoe assembly, or replacing it.  If you have no heat at all, here is a link to help you determine if your switch is bad: 

Troubleshoot: no heat at all

Now, if the above link has not solved your problem, you are faced with two choices, both of which fall into the "advanced" repair category. 

Choice #1:  Replace your heating shoe assembly

You may want to replace the entire shoe assembly with another one. For serious mangle users, this is when having an operational back-up mangle comes in very handy. But, if you love the one with the bad shoe because it has a very nice case, or this is your only machine, you might may want to replace the shoe assembly. Here's a link for how to do that:

Replace the shoe/thermostat assembly

Choice #2:  Repair the existing assembly

Repairing the heating shoe assembly is not impossible.  However, it falls into the "advanced" category and may involve areas in which I have little or no experience.  I am constantly trying to learn more and will update this site with what I learn.  Meanwhile, if you are trying to repair your heating shoe assembly, try this link:  Advanced Heating shoe repair


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