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Is your heating shoe rusty, discolored, or blemished by some type of sticky substance?  Here's how to clean it:
1. First, determine if your shoe heats properly and is free of cracks.  You don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning a shoe that you will have to replace! See the "Inspect a Mangle" section of this web site.  As long as you believe the shoe is heating evenly, it is worth your while to clean it.  It may have buildup from just normal use or possibly some residue from fabrics that have starch or other substances in the fabric.  Or it may be rusted from disuse. 

2.  You can  clean the shoe in one of two ways.  The easiest in  terms of time and effort is to push back on the red "disengage' lever, which opens up a little space between shoe and roller.   Depending on how bad your shoe looks, or how shiny you want to get it, you may have better access by removing the shoe assembly from the machine.  This is pretty easy and there are instructions on the Mister Mangle web site (http://home.earthlink.net/~mistermangle/id10.html).

3.  Either way you choose, here's how to clean the shoe:

First, scrub the (cold) shoe with a damp cloth using no soap but lots of elbow grease.  Then get some "000" or very fine steel wool and scrub the shoe until it gets as shiny as you can get it, using still more elbow grease.  Then repeat with the damp cloth.  If this procedure doesn't work, then repeat previous steps but add a little "Soft Scrub" household mild abrasive cleaner to the steel wool pad.  This should take care of your problems.

Note:  Once you get it clean, you should clean it periodically depending on how much you use it and the type of fabric ironed.   If you are using fabrics with a lot of sythetic materials, these may also cause sticking even on a clean shoe.

Hope this helps!  E-mail me if you have any suggestions for this section.

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