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This is an important step if you have a mangle with one of the old, two-wire, non-grounded cords and plugs.  How to tell?  If your plug has only two prongs, you have an old cord!  If your cord has a cloth covering, it is probably old!

1.  Go out and buy a ten-foot long three-prong replacement cord.  These are available at any home improvement or hardware store.  It will have the three-prong plug at one end and three bare wires at the other end.  If ten feet seems a little long to you, just know that three feet or so of length is taken up under or inside the mangle.
What size, gauge (thickness) you might ask?  ( I hadn't thought to mention this until a reader brought it up; a great safety tip! Thanks.)  I use 14-gauge (AWG 14) and seem to have no problems with cords.   Just to be sure, before you go to the store, look at the placard on the back of your mangle case and make note of the volts/watts.  It should be in the neighborhood of 1600 watts. Talk to someone at the store and confirm that 14-gauge cord is appropriate. 
2.  Unplug your machine!
3.  Unscrew the flat cover plate at the back of the mangle to expose the junction box.  The picture below was done with the top of the mangle case removed but this is not mandatory for cord replacement. 


4.  Did you do step 2?  Good!  Now trace the power cord from where it enters the mangle, goes under the case and into the juction box area from below.   See picture below. 


Locate the two wires that come from the existing cord.  Make a drawing so you know where these wires came from.  If you forget, you can use the diagram below (Model 85 only?  Maybe 80 and 88 also?).   This shows the two wires, presumably the black and white ones, coming from the power cord to the lower two screws on the right side of junction box, as seen from the rear.


5.  Remove old wires and pull old cord out.
6.  Insert new cord through the hole in mangle body (the old rubber grommet that protected the old cord is probably gone so don't worry about it.  The new cord is thicker and doesn't fit through the old grommet anyway.  I haven't yet found a good substitute, but haven't had any problem operating without the grommet.)
Grommet Update, August 2010:  I received an e-mail from a visitor to the web site who has found a source of replacement grommets at Lowe's home improvement store. Other hardware stores would probably have the same product. I am not positive this is the correct part number, but it will at least get your foot in the door when asking about grommets!  It is Lowe's Item #: 139367, manufacturer Quality Hillman Fasteners, Model #: 881260, Rubber grommets, 3/4" x 7/16." Pictures are below. Note: If you choose to replace your grommet, just remember to install it on the mangle case before you insert the wire though the hole!  If anyone out there can determine the correct part number, please let me know (see e-mail link below).
             (pictures coming soon)
7.  Your new cord will have three wires.  One is white, one is black, and one is green.  Pull the cord into the machine far enough so the black and white wires reach the place where you pulled the old wires off.  Save the green wire for grounding later.  
Note: Look at the ends of these wires.  They should have about 3/4 inch of the sheath stripped away and wire exposed.  If not, you'll have to do this.  If you don't have a wire stripping tool, you can use a sharp knife or razor blade to (carefully!) strip the sheath away.  Don't cut into the wires!  Or yourself!
8.  Attach the black and white wires to the same terminals where you removed the old wires.  If the colors don't seem to match the old wires, don't worry.  I am told it doesn't matter as long as the two new wires are attached to the same two terminals as the original.  (Something about an AC motor not knowing the difference, but that is way above my level of knowledge)
9.  While re-installing the cover plate, attach the green wire to one of the two screws that hold the flat plate to the mangle body.  It will bulge out a little due to the wire, but that's not a big deal. See picture below, which shows you where to put the green wire but does not show the plate installed.


10.  Plug in the mangle and  test everything!

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