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Find a mangle
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Finding a mangle:
        Unless you are lucky enough to have one of these machines given to you (as I was, for my first mangle) you may have good luck by Googling, "Ironrite Mangle for sale."  This will likely give you some results from Craig's List or E-Bay.  You can go directly to Craig's List, but be sure to search close to home because, unless you are very desperate, you do not want to have to ship one of these things!  They are very heavy.  Once you locate a mangle for sale or giveaway, you are ready to ask some questions of the seller.  
Questions to ask a seller:
        Before you make a trip to inspect a mangle, you can save youself some grief by asking the seller some questions to see if it's worth a trip to inspect the item:
          1. What is the model number?  See pictures below for location of ID tag with model number.  This happens to be a Model 85 but other models are similar.

This is the back of a Model 85
ID plate is shown on right

Enlargement of ID plate shown above

2.  Is it in good operating condition? 
         The seller may or may not know much about mangles, so you may have to help the seller by asking:
        a.  Does the motor run when you turn on the motor switch?
        b.  Does the shoe heat up when you turn on the heat switch?  (Shoe should heat evenly across length of shoe)
       Here are some pictures of the switches and shoe described above:

Thermostat red lever at top of picture
Heat and motor switches at bottom of picture

Shoe is the thick silver plate my thumb is on:
This picture is shown with roller raised

3.  Does the seller have any digital pictures to send you?
        Pictures will help you assess the general condition of the machine.  You want to get a view with cover closed, one with cover open or removed (similar to the picture on this site's home page), one of the back and, if possible, a close-up of the roller/shoe area.
        You want to see an absence of rust and oily deposits.  You should also beware of burned spots on the muslin shoe cover; this may be a sign of a shoe that heats unevenly, which is a bad thing. 
        I would not recommend traveling too far to inspect a mangle unless you were happy with the answers to above questions and had seen pictures of a good clean machine. 
       If you are ready to inspect and possibly buy a mangle, go to the next page, Inspect and buy a mangle!

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