A Gallery of Haiku Rogues!

collected from meetings and casual gatherings around the country...
(to help other folks put faces to names)
click on any picture to get a larger version with labels...

Kondo, Deming, Missias, Lerz, Trumbull, Gurga Bill, Tadashi, et al. Mr. Kilby (et al) another casual Hot Springs shot

Horst Ludwig Randy Brooks and Paul O. Williams Hyatt Abuza and Gretchen Batz Jeanne Emrich +1 Robert Mainone and A.C. Missias

Onawa haiku gathering Chang, Gilli, MacNeil, Missias, Mena Paul Mena Jeff Witkin and Jim Kacian

the full Shiki team (with acm) part of the Shiki team, visiting DC Kim + ACM at the Onsen Mike Welch in SanFrancisco

Linda Robeck, Yu Chang, and Fay Aoyagi in Boston Miyashita and Gurga Penny Harter and Peggy Willis Lyles

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Last modified December 16, 2001