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1999 Members' Anthology of the Haiku Society of America.
Edited by A.C. Missias

This book includes representative work from a cross-section of the Society's members, acting as a literary snapshot of our shared community. 40 pp, saddle-stitched.
Copies are available for $8 ppd (+$1 overseas); contact the HSA.

"The point of this anthology is to celebrate the work of the whole (writing) membership of the HSA, so inevitably the editor has to work hard to put a cohesive work together. It is a credit to both the membership and the editor that this collection works so well."
(Taken from a longer review by New Hope International)

Published for the Haiku Society of America.

In Due Season,
a discussion of the role of kigo in English-language haiku
Supplement #1 of the Acorn haiku journal, released Spring, 2000.
Edited by A.C. Missias

This volume examines the role of seasonality in the Japanese poetic tradition and its adaptability into the equivalent English forms. How to utilize season words is the biggest quandry to face the evolution of our concept of English-language haiku since the discussions of form which occupied the first few decades of its existence; with essays by some of today's leading thinkers, this volume is sure to become a critical reference book for students and writers of haiku in the new millenium.
* Winner of an HSA Merit Book Award for theory. *


  1. Seasonality: English-language Haiku in Search of Its Vertical
    Charles Trumbull
  2. Where Do We Go With Kigo?
    Jane Reichhold
  3. Kigo: Their Use in Modern Japan and a Proposition
    Dhugal Lindsay
  4. Up with Season Words
    Michael Dylan Welch
  5. Beyond Kigo: Haiku in the Next Millenium
    Jim Kacian
68 pp, saddle-stitched.
Copies are available for $6 ppd (+$2 overseas).

New Moon
an introduction to issues in contemporary American tanka.
Supplement #2 of the Acorn haiku journal, released Fall, 2001
Edited by Kenneth Tanemura

Tanka is a poetic genre closely related to haiku (and preceding it historically); haiku writers and readers often bump across it, but without any real understanding of the criteria by which to judge this longer form. This volume presents some 25 pages of new tanka, which show the range of subject and approach of contemporary English-language writers of tanka; a group of translations of first-generation Japanese-American writers; an unusual tanka-haibun; and interviews with several leaders in the field on how haiku and tanka present different challenges, and how the American tanka community is evolving. A starting-point for discussions that will last for decades!

56 pp, saddle-stitched.
Copies are available for $6 ppd (+$2 overseas).

In Good Company,
an exploration of haiku-related linked forms.
Supplement #3 of the Acorn haiku journal, released Spring, 2003.
Edited by A.C. Missias

Haiku actually evolved out of renku, a form of poetry composed of numerous haiku-like verses linked into a longer (but non-narrative) poem. This volume looks at renku, as well as at other related literary forms that combine haiku with other types of writing. Some of the best theorists and practitioners of these genres share their insights into both technical and artistic considerations in approaching them and understanding their relationships to freestanding haiku. Don't miss this valuable resource!


  1. Renku Now: Adaptations and Extensions
    William J. Higginson
  2. Renku: The Importance of Looking Forward
    Christopher Herold
  3. Toward Performance of Renku
    Paul MacNeil
  4. Rengay
    Garry Gay
  5. Breaking Through Novelty: A Survey of Invented Forms of Linked Poetry
    Michael Dylan Welch
  6. The Marriage of Prose and Haiku: Linking in Haibun
    Rich Youmans
71 pp, saddle-stitched.
Copies are available for $6 ppd (+$2 overseas).

A Loose Thread,
selected poems from 10 years of Acorn, with commentary.
Supplement #5 of the Acorn haiku journal, released Spring, 2008.
by A.C. Missias

Poems selected from each of the first 20 issues of Acorn are reprinted here with some analysis of what makes them effective and memorable as haiku. A celebration of moments, as well as of the genre's ability to distill them for the benefit of others, and a glimpse into how one editor responds to some personal favorites. This book also makes a good introduction to haiku for those who may not have previously appreciated the depth of such simple poems.

51 pp, saddle-stitched.
Copies are available for $6 ppd (+$2 overseas).

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