so then we played at
 a delicious pursuit
 churning the hormones
 where noone could see
 the palm of your hand warm
 along my back   your laugh
 engaged in conversation
 further down the table

 cool night air
 and the hum of alchohol
 only made the walk home
 longer, the parting
 more tinged with promise
 unfelt by the smiling crowd

 then today the shock
 of meeting your gaze as
 you sit entwined with another
 eyes held too long 
 for simple greeting but
 yielding no answers

 here the game takes
 a dangerous turn
 the opening moves
 demand development
 and many of the endings
 involve a cutting edge

 what mocking power
 lurks there in your eyes?
 which game is real
 and which the facade?
 at whose expense are you
 having your late night laugh?

	-acm  (3/98)