take two typos and call me in the morning

coffee with two creams
and very precise shorthand
then seven phonecalls
reminders of this afternoon's
very important meeting
proofread letters to clients
more dictation, several memos
type up the report
file the incoming documents
water the lobby plants
prepare itinerary for next week's conference
coffee and donuts for the board
reorganize the planner
more letters to explain the
documents previously sent to
confused clients concerning the
ongoing investigations into

--and WHAT? a typo on this announcement?!?--

retype, rephotocopy, redistribute
hurriedly gather together the
documents for the presentation
sort, fold, file, send, answer, call
organize, plan for tomorrow, clean up
sidewalk, bus, short hike, stairs
door, and then the deep softness of
*just the right couch*
        with maybe a glass of iced tea
.. breathe ..
        lie back
               and forget everything
until tomorrow

	                  -acm (4/96)