Slow Fall

As if Mother Nature were aware
of the nation's current tenderness
She is easing us gently into
the colder season, with sunny
mornings, orange and yellow leaves
still clinging to the trees, and
the early frosts repaid with
an occasional short-sleeve afternoon.
It is a slow, savoring pass through
an already beautiful season
as though each multi-colored moment
should be stored up carefully
against the sorrows behind us and ahead
or merely for the joy of living.
With just the same slow deliciousness
I find myself easing into a deeper
awareness of you, your laugh
like the slanted autumn light
turning the leaves to points of fire
the touch of your hands
cool in the evening quiet.
You may be far from me but I am unconcerned
about the gradual approach of winter
absorbed as I am in this quiet falling
savoring your rustle on the wind.

acm (11/01)