the miracle of life and other arguments against dualism

                premarch day that started out measly
                with mitosis and mendel
                bloomed after break into
                a monster.

                it's in-cred-ible 
                the prof thinly narrates
                at five weeksss
                the fingersss and eyesss
                are com-plete-ly visible

                and oh i know           
                with lizard eyes halflidded
                what i'm going to see
                but i have to take roll.
                i gotta see which girls from my
                club bothered to show. you know

                the teenaged queens
                who looked impetuously down from 
                beneath their pinholed trojan 
                crowns and whisperingly declared.

                off with her head.

                but quickly. before maybe they knew
                exactly what they'd said. 
                quickly. before maybe they thought
                there'd be so much well. red.

                i turn fully rude around
                to count the girls in my club. you know
                the ones who've felt that quick keening     .blub.
                and felt sad they felt happy!
                i count two.
                one headached flinch.
                one seasick hand at temple. and under my trademarked
                two phantom rootings toward brown nipples.

                                   michelle r vessel
                                     25 feb 1995