< the rock you ask about... >

        I went for a long walk yesterday
        and it's still there --
        you know the place I mean
        where the heavy limestone bends
        low over the earth
        forming a sort of shelter which
        kept the raindrops from our heads.
        I sat there for a long time
        listening to the sighing
        of the wind in the thick pines
        and smelling the sharp sting
        of sun-baked soil.
        Didn't there used to be
        wildflowers around there?
        I have visions of you
        pressing them in your pocket
        but maybe I am confusing memories.
        I couldn't stay in that place --
        it felt too empty with just
        the echo of my footsteps
        against the rock walls --
        but I brought home a small piece
        of that ancient stone
        to keep here on my desk.
        It still feels warm from the sun.
        I hope you are well.