Otters -- you have forgotten otters
with sleek tube torsos and
stubby little legs with handy clenched
claw-paws more like tiny black child fingers
agile fairy hands fickle pink-tongue satin
or more a wet sea towel
arch of brown fur slinky serpent-silly
tumble down slick slopes landing
rose-nose silly whiskered in cushion-couch
of neon ferns inaudible spirit giggles
heard by wilderness ears and
open closet hearts -- and you
oh vampire necrophiliac always in black
dangling cigarette
and you reluctant tongue for giggles easy
to curse and curse and spit at
silly things like burrs and thorns and mud
that annoy but are easily removed if
you swim hard enough for a little while
and you dark leather handcuff chain serious --
i see you have forgotten otters.