lost and found

and so perhaps I
should say farewell.
not without a certain
sadness, but with
acceptance too.
do not interrupt me
to say you are not going:
the pit of my
stomach knows better.
there are those times
when I misplace
something important
a watch, perhaps, or keys -
I never wonder
whether or not they
will resurface:
I already know.
some distant instinct
reassures me that
that ring will be in
a pocket months later;
or a chill of certainty
lets me know that it
will never be seen again.
the latter brings
a kind of dread
or simple resignation;
enough either way
to know when to
give up the battle
and accept a loss.
and so I have learned
to listen to what
my stomach says.
it registers the distance now
where once was closeness
and tells me not to
try to search for
something that isn't there.
I will only watch you go
to places unknown 
and wish you well.

        -acm (4/96)