Just a typical kind of day

waiting in line for coffee
hoping there's something decent
none of that Butter Pecan baloney
like drinking peanut butter
maybe an innocuous Sumatra
or even hazelnut is fine

I'm eying the cinnamon buns
and can already tell
that the guy ahead of me
in the dreadlocks and chains
is taking the last big one --
I hope he chips a tooth
on an overcooked pecan

the woman at the front of the line
doesn't understand the coffee options
"what is the difference
between cappucino and latte again?"
and twenty pairs of eyes roll
wondering where she has hidden
for the last ten years,
all desparate for that first
hit of caffeine and sugar

behind me there's a woman
with a pile of blue curls
polishing the ends of
her jet-black nails
three men in business suits
already sitting over the Wall Street Journal
admire her long fish-netted legs
she'll order a double espresso for sure

my poetry notebook hangs useless
by my side, as I begin to realize
that my allowed composition time
is drifting away in the
haze of coffee-maker steam
but what was I going to write about anyway?
nothing interesting ever happens
in my typical day.

        -acm (for kim hodges, 5/96)