for the soul of Tibet
		"they've stolen our silence" -Dali Lama

	a little further into the woods
	seeking that quiet place
	that I once knew so well --
	even the meadow seems to be
	teeming with a hundred thoughtless insects
	their buzz a constant pounding against my ears

	but the forest brings no solace:
	the wind bends the trees against each other
	creaking and groaning their ancient height
	birds seem to laugh at my wanders and
	even my boots throw up defiant stones

	where is the ripple-less pond?
	will the frogs never cease their din?
	all silence seems to have fled
	to some other time, some other world
	the ten-thousand things assault us
	dragging us where we will not go
	and even emptiness is denied

			-acm   (1/98)

[*Note: "the ten-thousand things" is a reference to the Tao de Ching; a way
of referring to all the unenlightened parts of the world]