The Fall
    I won't carry your cross anymore
    I'm tired of splinters
    and my shoulder is aching
    I can barely see for all this blood
    in my eyes
    Don't say you didn't judge me
    when you know you did
    then walked to the water bowl
    to try to wash the stain
    from your hands
    It didn't work, did it?
    My blood is thick as tar
    sprinkled on this road
    we walked together for a time
    before the cock crowed
    and you declared "I never loved you."
    I hear you laugh
    Easy isn't it
    when the story is rigged from the start?
    You brought me into being just for this
    Gave me the lead part to play
    But I'm no lamb, white and bleating
    and the serpent is my friend
    He beckons from the shadows
    an apple in his hands
    He knows my thirst is great
    He'll paint my face with kindness and carbon
    and give me some of his dark defining light
    It burns in me now
    singes the wings off angels
    One by one I'll take them to my breast
    One by one I'll nourish their slumber
    They're touch is gentle
    as they pluck
    the splinters from my hands
     	Jennifer Ley (8/96)