A few sexku

                  there among your friends
                I tease where they can't see it
                     with wandering hand

   feeling in control
 then I am shown otherwise
 one touch turns the tide

                      remembered pleasure
                   mapping planes and warm curves
                       your skin and my lips

                                     I know all your wires
                                  a flicking tongue can hold you
                                     helpless in its grasp

            savor curving lines
            a momentary softness
            followed by hard need

                          the cold air strikes sharp
                          against the heat of bodies
                              noone seems to mind

     tracing skin so smooth
   I watch you in the moment
     having had my way

                            your breathing calm now
                       a few last shudders pass through
                               followed by my hands

   morning sun finds us
 lying spent among the sheets
       a finger traces