Seduction or How I Fucked the Goddess and Went Blind

Sex enters.
It always does.
And she really
didn't know what
he was doing till
he was doing it
and then it hardly
seemed the time to
say stop - nineteen
and not innocent but
sophisticated in
the wrong way, knew
all the words but
not the music, had
seen the movies, knew
everything there
was to know but
didn't _know_ anything.
And him much older,
entranced, telling
himself he wasn't
doing what he was
obviously doing, caught
up in some mad
statement of the flesh
that didn't belong to
the flesh at all and
later, lying spent
together, her touching
herself and finding
blood and saying Oh
in a small voice
and looking to him
then for comfort, not
quite realizing that
he couldn't play
both parts and him
looking at her now
and seeing not what
he _had_ seen but a
very young, puzzled
woman, bleeding slightly,
no golden haze around
her, only a haze of
bewilderment and loss,
feeling his age now,
feeling the burden of
his illusions on him
like a mortal sickness,
sickness unto death,
then both of them
looking at each other
as though only now
looking at what
had been done

and both starting to cry
at the same time.

                Albert Huffstickler