fuel shortage / snapped strings

cars run on gasoline
drivers on faith
a willing suspension of disbelief
in the laws of physics
and an obliviousness to metal, encasing
knights on their errands

car dealers run on charm, sublimating rust.
this does no harm unless you actually trust
them.  we, consumers, run on greed.

the olympics run on the official
olympic shoe, and drink
the official olympic soda pop,
fly the official olympic airline.
in the end, olympics go to an official olympic heaven
(where they don't take american express).

the earth runs on gravity, throws it around the sun
a yo-yo on a string that never breaks.

i run on cups of coffee
and my ability to take one step
and then the next.  one step at a time.

each step seems logical
but if i turn to look at the integral path
the string might snap

and i could stop running altogether.

                 Marie Coffin / Marek Lugowski
                     27 July 1992