fuck you, my sister said

you can just stop
talking about it
I'm not gonna leave him
         he's all I got
         I'd never leave him

but the son of a bitch hits you
         I tell her      again
christ I can't protect you
from your own         husband
you can't let him hit you

that's just what I do
she says, I     let him hit me
          he           has to
he's gotta hit something he's
          not strong like you
                         or me

and his life is hell and if he don't
hit somebody now and then I dunno
          I think he's gonna die.  But
down at the bar, they beat
          the shit out of him.

I'm gonna make his life better,
you'll see    and then my life will be
better too
               and what about
the kids
          fuck you, I'd
          never leave him.

and he can't hurt me anyway,
he hits like a little
girl          besides,
              I love him

the two of us, we're
all we've      got.