A letter to George
 	sorry it's been so long --
 	life has seemed very dense
 	despite there being
 	little new to report.
 	am happy, hectic, have friends.
 	my fellowship was funded
 	which means I can continue
 	to try to do something useful.
 	nice to know the effort paid off.
 	I fell for a Scotsman,
 	and then sent him on his way
 	when his time ran out and
 	job interviews beckoned.
 	the fall continues --
 	leaves drift over the
 	weathered remains of pumpkins.
 	the sun still shines.
 	my cat sends his greetings.
 	hope things are well in Hawaii
 	and the sky still free
 	of volcanic emissions.
 	dip a toe in the waves for me.
 	love to you and Peter
 		-A.C.M.  (11/97)