I Want A Blue Man 

   I want a blue man
   Unafraid to write my name
   Or handle my body
   Or sense my spirit

   Whose shoulders are broad enough
   That he can share his power with a confident ease
   Whose arms gather inward
   Instinctively gentle with sorrow
   Whose hands have eyes of their own

   I want a man who recognizes me
   Whose insights can pierce my self-deception
   Hearing the words I cannot speak
   Going places I have taken noone else

   I want such a deep blue man
   Blue feast for mind and senses
   Not this hungriness I have
   For arms that seem to hold me away
   And the hesitation to see my name
   Written with yours

		-acm (March, 1995)
		**first 2 lines taken from Jan McLaughlin**