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Welcome to my web pages! This is the Welcome Page and Index -- many other pages can be reached from here by way of the list below.

I don't claim to be the information central for anything: this is just a bunch of links that I use, and some that I recommend to visitors who might share my interests. For each topic/section I have tried to pick the most useful and/or spiffy links to give, rather than compiling comprehensive lists of all related pages -- there are plenty of additional pointers to be had on each of these references. In addition, I have a lot of original poetry collected on my Poetry Pages, both mine and others'; I am starting my eighth year as the editor and publisher of Acorn, a journal of contemporary haiku; and I collect news, philosophy, and miscellaneous amusements on my weblog, Just Between Strangers.


link to blueribbon campaign for Internet free speech
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