My Favorite Vices:

Bridge (a long-term addiction) painting by William Tolliver, entitled 'the card player'
I primarily play bridge with my friends, live -- check out the web site for the Center City Philadelphia Bridge Club! Those who prefer to avoid human company can also get a bridge game in real-time (with real players) on the Internet on OkBridge. The American Contract Bridge League has just started a general ACBL Homepage, with lists of clubs, tournaments and other events, current Laws, and pointers to many other resources. And for those who already play, an assortment of bridge problems and jokes are assembled on pavlicek's page.

Go picture of a go board/game
Go is a wonderful Asian board game, which combines strategy on a par with chess (at least) with wonderful spatial and aesthetic features. I myself am still mastering the basics, but I can tell that another major addiction could in the making, if I ever find myself among local players. For pictures of go boards and explanations of why it's such an addictive game, as well as much other information, try jandersteen's go pages; alternatively, Ken has compiled virtually all web Go-links on his page. And for descriptions of the Internet Go Server (IGS) and various interfaces for playing there live, try the IGS Homepage (there are more links and essays on Ken's pages as well).

I don't think you can cook over the Internet yet, but all kinds of recipes, book reviews, and general information of a epicurean nature (including a wealth of interesting links) can be found at the electronic Gourmet Guide (eGG). I also recommend my new discovery:Epicurious, a collection of everything about "eating, drinking, and playing with your food", which includes entertaining 50's-style graphics and a ton of recipes from back-issues of Bon Appetit and Gourmet. Mmmmmmmm.

is also hard to appreciate over e-space, but sharing of opinions is much easier to accomplish: Wine Week offers a lot of reviews and other tips (it took over American Wine on the Web). One other great site is The Wine Page, where you can even register your kudos or complaints for Robert Parker's rating system! As for my tastes, I'm currently plugging Cabernet from the Silver Oak winery, which I think is the best I've ever had out of California, although it is unfortunately not yet available everywhere.

Is politics a vice? Have become engrossed in following national news, issues, candidates, etc., in the blogosphere since about 2001, and in local (PA/Philly) issues and politics since fall of 2004. Both interests lead to all kinds of time-wasting and trouble-making, most visible in the following:

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