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I actually spend a fair amount of my time reading and critiquing poetry/haiku on three different mailing lists with a variety of talented characters. Additionally, I edit Acorn, a small biannual (print!) journal of contemporary haiku. And, yes, I write both haiku and longer poetry, although I have hardly developed a big head about either. A few links to interesting pages with various types of poetry, and also to my archive of poems, are included below.

photo of a sculpture of entwined lovers

Haiku links and information sites.
My Poetry Pages
You can find in the ACM pages an archive of selected poems, including a growing assortment of my own poetry, a lot of goodies gleaned from internet poetry groups, and a few favorites from the masters.
Other Poetry Centers
Much good writing is to be found on the following, as well as links to other pages and publications:

I have decided to forget my goal of compiling a list of small presses here, in favor of pointing the way to the Small Press Bulletin Board hosted by ZeroCity, which is much better connected than I!

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