Well, one kitten is just a recipe for torment of the older cats, so we quickly sobered up and went looking for a pal. But we didn't want a matched pair, but maybe something complementary...
Here are the pictures that we saw of this little girl (a seal mink snow bengal) on the web:

baby cake

just a few days old

So of course we had to go and see for ourselves...

I think we have a winner!

5 weeks

What an adorable kittypile!

The breeder sent us one picture meantime, so we could see her growing up (about 6-7 weeks):

[ A couple of more teaser photos can be found on my blog here and here ]

Finally, we get to bring her home!

Hard to tell here, but her eyes are blue!

10 weeks

Trying to pretend she's not tiny!
(This gives a good sense of her color at this age.)

[ Some other welcome-home photos can be found on my blog here and here, and see also this shot ]

Glamor shot! (pardon my focus...)

14-15 weeks

She's quite a bit darker, and the spots have shifted
from greyish toward brownish. Not a toddler no more!

[ Some other photos from 3-4 months of age can be found on my blog here (in play with Pixel) and here, here, and here (solo) ]

There are those blue eyes (and ever-darkening markings)...
(6 months)

5-7 months

Again getting darker -- 7 months
hope the next shot will be better...

[ Some other photos from this period can be found on my blog here and here (snuggling with Pixel), here (solo), and see also these two older shots ]

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Created 8/31/05
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