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I'm working as an editor of academic papers in applied math at the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Most of what I use there is for in-house purposes only though. But I recommend this site for those of you who might appreciate a good math joke! (For general geeks, I provide this link to a Roman Numeral Calculator... :)

a New Yorker cartoon about what cats think...
Before that, I spent many years doing science. In memory of those days, I'll keep a couple of plugs here for things I valued (or might feel nostalgic for): the great neuroscience graduate program at Washington University; the departmental page for my most recent place of employment, the Raper lab at UPenn; and the Mfold server, which determines the probable secondary structure of RNA molecules -- well designed and user-friendly! And the cartoon that used to summarize my lab life was this one from the New Yorker.

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