L.A.Court Rule

Los Angeles Superior Court Rule 5.22 states:

    (a) Filing Of Petition. A petition for the confirmation of a minor's contract under Family
Code section 6700 et seq. must be filed in Department 2. The contract for which confirmation is
sought must be attached as an exhibit to the petition. The petition must be accompanied by a
separately filed proposed order.
    (b) Compliance With Family Code Section 6752(e). A proposed order confirming a minor’s
contract must direct petitioner, through his or her counsel, to file a declaration under penalty of
perjury evidencing: (1) compliance with Family Code section 6752(b), and (2) that petitioner
forwarded a copy of the order to the minor’s guardian ad litem with a cover letter which included
the language under Family Code section 6752(e).
    (c) Continuing Jurisdiction. Department 2 has continuing jurisdiction over the petition and
any funds blocked pursuant to court order until the funds are released. A petition to amend a prior
order pursuant to Family Code section 6752(b)(7), or a petition for withdrawal of funds from blocked
account pursuant to Family Code section 6752(d)(5), must be supported by adequate declarations
setting forth the reason and necessity of the requested action.
    (d) Application For Release Of Funds. Applications for release of funds to the minor after
reaching majority must be accompanied by proof that the minor has reached the age of eighteen or
is emancipated.
    (e) Fees. The clerk will assess a fee for processing applications for release of funds from
blocked minors accounts.

(Rule 5.22 [7/1/2011] amended and effective January 1, 2012)