Find Bond Owners

The Los Angeles County Superior Court is trying to locate the former child actors and recording artists listed below.  During their minority, bonds were purchased from these individuals' earnings and deposited with the Court pursuant to statutory authority (commonly known as the Coogan Law).  However, the following individuals have not claimed their bonds:


The List

Anthony Paul Byrne - 1967 recording contract with musical group "Patrick and Paul"
John L. Clark, Jr. - 1967 recording contract with musical group "The Little Bitty Soul Babies"
Franca Faldini - 1951 acting contract for motion pictures
Bridget Margaret Hayes, professionally known as Victurina Hayes - 1958 acting contract with Warner Brothers Pictures
Pamela Smith, professionally known as Pam Smith - Starred in the 1961 film "Misty"



If you have any information on the location of an individual listed above, please call: (213)633-0410 or email