Star Wars Mini Metals

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I'm told that the Star Wars models put out by Comet were actually recasts of Japanese Tsukuda models made in the 1980's. This may explain why I have never obtained, or even seen, any illustrated display cards with a Comet logo for any of the Star Wars Mini Metals. In fact, for a time I was uncertain if Comet had really made these models at all. The models that I have, and some of the photos below, all came from two sellers on eBay.

SW01-- AT-AT (82mm long) and Snowspeeder (19mm)
-AT-AT and Snow Speeder parts-

SW02-- Millennium Falcon (67mm) and Slave I (23mm)
-Millennium Falcon package-
-Millennium Falcon + Slave 1 package back-
-Millennium Falcon + Slave 1 parts-

SW03-- Snowspeeder (25mm) and AT-ST (50mm)
-Snowspeeder and AT-ST package-
-Snowspeeder and AT-ST-

SW04-- Tie Fighter (40mm) and X-Wing Fighter (40mm)
-Tie and X-Wing package-
-Tie and X-Wing package back-
-Tie Fighter-
-X-Wing Fighter-

SW05-- Imperial Star Destroyer (125mm) and Millenium Falcon (15mm)
-Star Destroyer package-
-Star Destroyer-
-Star Destroyer parts-

SW06-- Imperial Droid Probot (75mm)
-Droid Probot parts-

SW07-- Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (40mm) and Y-Wing Fighter (75mm)
-Tie and Y-Wing package-