Science Fiction Mini Metals

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MM01--Nautilus (88mm), from Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I calculate the scale to be about 1:616
The rudder seems to be connected on some models and not on others.

-Nautilus packages-

"Suggested color scheme: Rusty brown overall, Portholes - luminous green"

MM02--Spindrift (70mm), from Land of the Giants
MM02--Spindrift (53mm), from Land of the Giants

Made in two different sizes for some reason.

-Spindrift packages-
-Spindrift painting instructions-

MM03--Flying Sub (35mm long, 38mm wide), from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
-Flying Sub package-
-Flying Sub painting instructions-

MM04--Cylon Raider (30mm long, 33mm wide), from Battlestar Galactica
-Cylon package-
-Cylon painting instructions-

MM05--Orion Space Shuttle (70mm), from 2001:A Space Odyssey
-Orion package-
-Orion Built-

"Color scheme: White overall"

MM06--El Dorado (70mm), from Buck Rogers (not the TV show)
-El Dorado package-
-El Dorado painting instructions-

MM07--Seaview, from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (76mm)
-Seaview package-

MM08--Galileo 7 (42mm), from Star Trek TOS
-Galileo 7 package-
-Galileo 7 painting instructions-

MM09--Jupiter 2 (50mm dia), from Lost in Space

A fellow named Steve Platt, of Holly, Michigan, tells me that he sculpted the original of this model for Comet back in 1988.
Illustration by "POP ART DESIGN!"

-Jupiter 2 package-
-Jupiter 2 painting instructions-

MM10--Liberator (73mm), from Blake's 7
-Liberator package-
-Liberator painting instructions-

MM11--Anastasia (73mm), Dan Dare's Ship
-Anastasia package-
-Anastasia painting instructions-
-Anastasia Built-

MM12--Invaders UFO (38mm) (but with only 4 lights?)

The first version of this model had all four landing gear in one single piece. A later version had four individual pieces. All versions retained the original assembly and painting instructions though.

-Invaders packages-


MM13--Colonial Viper (38mm), from Battlestar Galactica
-Viper package-

MM14--Moonbus (59mm), from 2001:A Space Odyssey

Illustration by "G. Bleatham" of "POP ART DESIGN!"

-Moonbus package-
-Moonbus painting instructions-
-Moonbus Built-

MM15--Luna (60mm), from Destination Moon

Illustration by "G. Bleatham Feb 88"

-Luna package-
-Luna parts-


MM16--C-57D Starcruiser (50mm dia), from Forbidden Planet

The drawing on the front of the card holding the C-57D, in the lower right, has what I thought was a signature, but under magnification, turned out to be - " BYE BYE, PADAP! ". What could that possibly mean?

-C-57D package-
-C-57D painting insructions-
-C-57D parts--

MM17--Proteus (48mm), from Fantastic Voyage

Illustration by "G. Bleatham Mar 88"

-Proteus package-
-Proteus built-


MM18--Battlestar Galactica (78mm)
-Galactica package-
-Galactica from all sides-
-The 3 ships of Battlestar Galactica Built-
-My Galactica Built-

MM19--Dark Star (60mm)
-Dark Star package-

MM20--Special Edition! NASA Space Shuttle with transporter and full stack, and one Space Shuttle in flight (28mm shuttle)

Illustration by "G. Bleatham May 88"

-Space Shuttle package-
-Space Shuttle painting insructions-

MM21--Spinner Car (74mm), from Bladerunner
-Spinner package-
-Spinner Car painting insructions-