Super Marionation Mini Metals

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All artwork seems to have been done by G. Bleatham, of Pop Art Design

SMM1--Supercar (61mm)
Dated Sept 1988
-SMM1 Supercar package-
-SCI Supercar package- (original packaging)
-Supercar diorama-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Red, White, Cream, Sky Blue, Silver"

SMM2--Fireball XL5 (92mm)
Dated Sept 1988
-Fireball XL5 package-
-Fireball XL5 painted-
-Fireball XL5 and Space City diorama!-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Aluminium, Red, Yellow"

SMM3--Stingray (57mm)
SMM3--Stingray (76mm)
Dated Sept 1988
-Stingray package (57mm)-
-Stingray figure-
-Stingray and Terror Fish diorama-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Silver, Yellow, Sky Blue, Dark Blue"

SMM4--Terror Fish (38mm), from Stingray
SMM4--Terror Fish (76mm) in two parts, from Stingray
Dated Nov 1988
-Terror Fish packages (38mm+76mm)-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Dark Green, Yellow"

SMM5--Thunderbird 1 (50mm), from Thunderbirds
Dated Nov 1988
-TB1 package-
-TB1 and TB2 Built-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Red, Aluminium, Blue"

SMM6--Thunderbird 2 (83mm), from Thunderbirds
Dated Jan 1989
Can be built as a flying or grounded version
-TB2 package-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Green, Red, Yellow"

SMM7--FAB1 Lady Penelope's Rolls Royce (58mm), from Thunderbirds
Dated Jan 1989
-FAB1 package-
-FAB1 parts-


SMM8--Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (48mm), from Captain Scarlet
Dated Feb 1989
-Pursuit Vehicle package-
-CS1 package-(original packaging)
-Pursuit Vehicle parts-


SMM9--Angel Interceptor (58mm), from Captain Scarlet
Dated Feb 1989
-Angel package-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: White, Dark Blue, Red"

SMM10--Skydiver (88mm), from UFO
Dated Mar 1989
-Skydiver Package-
-Skydiver diorama-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Silver, Bronze, Gun Metal, Black, White"

SMM11--Lunar Module (76mm), from UFO
Dated Jun 1989
-Lunar Module package-
-Diorama of the Lunar Module attached to S.I.D.-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Dark Orange, Silver"

SMM12--Moonbase Interceptor (80mm, incl. 25mm missile), from UFO
No date visible
-Moonbase Interceptor package-
-Moonbase Interceptor 6 parts-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: White, Red, Black"

SMM13--Eagle Transporter (60mm, 1/350 scale), from Space: 1999
Dated Jun 1990

Comes with etched brass accessories and is in scale with the 10 inch Alpha Moonbase Launch Platform made by WARP.
A small Transporter comes with the WARP Launch Platform. While it is the in the same scale as the Comet version and comes with the same etched brass parts, it is not the same model, and comes in several pieces. I'm told the Comet version is better.

-Eagle package-
-Eagle Transporter on Moonbase Alpha launch pad-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: White, Red, Black"

SMM14--Thunderbird 3 (56mm), from Thunderbirds
Dated 1992

Comes with brass accessories and is in scale with IMAI's Thunderbird 5 model.
Only 100 Thunderbird 3's were ever produced. making them very rare.

-Thunderbird 3 package-

"COLOURS REQUIRED: Orange, Black, White"

SMM15--SHADO Mobile, from UFO

(no UFO craft was ever actually produced)

Note: I acquired a couple of Gerry Anderson Mini Metals from Mexico. Instead of the display card used in the United States and England they had this card, with no mention of Comet, which model it was, and no other information on the back.

-Generic Gerry Anderson display artwork from Mexico-