Music in American Life
Side 1: Part 4, The Good Life (pt. 1) [24'29]
Side 2: Part 4, The Good Life (pt. 2) [9'24]
Part 5, The Information Age (excerpt) [17'07"]
Photographs by Andrea Siegel.

Thanks to: Gilbert Marhoefer, Manny Theiner, Bryan Welcker, Elisa Salasin, Crag Hill, Bill DiMichele, Powder French, Algebra Suicide, Claeric Red F, The Patients, Jon Bailiff, The Fair Oaks Multi-Media Project, Steve Knopoff, WRCT.

Part 4 was performed at the Sonic Temple, in the Wilkinsburg, PA Masonic Temple in June 1989.
Part 5 was performed at FourFiveFiveTenthStreet in San Francisco, CA in conjunction with slide projection by Andrea Siegel, January 1990.

Jason Gibbs - Solo Bassoon - Nexus 5