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      Welcome to The Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic & Just Plain Unusual Musical Instruments! I'm collector, recording artist and "armchair musicologist" Gregg Miner, and I'll be your host for this unique tour of my private collection.
     Over the last twenty-five years, like many musicians, I often picked up the occasional odd instrument I stumbled across -- I just happened to stumble across a lot of really cool instruments.

"What a fantastic, wonderfully brilliant way to present an exotic collection of plucked stringed instruments!"
- John Schneider, KPFK



Eventually I started upgrading and filling in the gaps, focusing on acquiring an example of all the string groups -- guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, zithers, harps, lutes, Dobros, exotics, ad infinitum. I consider my specialty the harp-guitar family and the many "hybrid" instruments (combinations, logical or otherwise, of two different instruments) -- the "just plain unusual."

The 100 Instruments of "A Christmas Collection"

Recent Acquisitions

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