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Welcome to the Miner Music web site!

I'm collector, recording artist and "armchair musicologist" Gregg Miner - proprietor of this site.
On it, you can visit my private museum of rare stringed instruments...

and also purchase recordings of music made with these instruments - many rarely, or never, heard before on CD!
This page will inform you of my latest updates.

11/22/04: Back from the 2nd Annual Harp Guitar Gathering, and have started a new page on the event HERE
Also - a Merchandise page for you harp guitarists!

11/7/04: I'm extremely proud to present the first-ever Harp Guitar Compilation CD, Beyond Six Strings! Co-produced with top harp guitarists Stephen Bennett and John Doan, and available now -  read about it HERE!

7/1/04:, my new public site goes live! The Knutsen Archives are relocated there.

3/14/04: Added a full Site Map. Start your browsing!

2/1/04: Added a Leadbelly page and MP3 download of rare Dolceola recordings to The Dolceola Pages

11/5/03: Just back from the first ever Harp Guitar Gathering!

9/26/03: Took all new photos of my Char resophonic guitar - after retrofitting it with new gold-plated, custom-engraved hardware!

9/4/03: Obtained the critical Washington Phillips session info for The Dolceola Pages. More clues....

7/8/03: New CDR single on the Knutsen Archives!

5/5/03: NEW! The Dolceola Pages! A detailed section in three parts: The rare Dolceola, the Washington Phillips connection, and a brand new treatise on fretless zithers!

4/23/03: Added some new Links, and some "In Print" appearances to my Appearances page (so people know I'm still kicking).


Violin-shaped mandolins now featured on my Mandolinettos historical page.8/6/02

And still more mandolinettos! 6/22/02

The 100 instruments of A Christmas Collection now online! 4/03/02

More instruments and updates! 4/03/02

The Knutsen Archives are online! 6/22/02

Sewing Machine Mogul - 
or Mandolinetto Maverick?
Finally - the Great Elias Howe Mystery revealed! 03/01/02
New Acquisition 10/01/01
Finally - my own MP3 sound files!
You'll find a link at the bottom of each Instrument Page, or Click Here for main Music Clip index
New Wholesale Distribution!
Another rave review for A Christmas Collection (6 years later, it's nice to continue being discovered by new critics and fans!) 10/01/01
Back in stock! 
I Am the Great Sun - an incredible Celtic Compilation - 2 CDs for less than the price of 1 at your local store!

Paypal now accepted is a completely free service that lets users send money to anyone with an email address. Sign up TODAY with a credit card and PayPal will automatically send you $5! 

More strange instruments! 3/18/01 More Links
A few more harp guitar - related links
Another embarrassing interview . . .
To promote my Caltech 2000 Holiday Show. 1/7/01
New Web Site design
Yes, I got bored once again and re-did the layout of my site to try and make it more attractive and fun. 10/1/00
  New Recording! 10/1/00

Plus -
Celtic Music Compilation
now available!

New & Improved Photos
Photos are now larger and sharper! Also, some more photos from the CD booklets which you should have by now! 10/1/00
A special page tucked away here and there...11/1/00



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