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The Artist

". . . his versatility and virtuosity
are nothing short of amazing."
- Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen

  • Grew up on the Monkees, thinking they were a real group.
  • Played rock guitar throughout High School -- crudely, and too loud.
  • Sang in Madrigals and Barbershop Quartet ("blends well", said teacher).
  • Later studied classical guitar ("doesn't practice"), then jazz guitar ("unable to play fast").
  • Fooled around with lutes, mandolins, and whatnot, against teacher's recommendations.
  • Began acquiring stringed instruments of every size and description.
  • Composed and recorded original instrumental music long before it became fashionable.
  • Took up the pedal harp and freelanced for awhile, including stint as L.A.'s first street harpist.
  • Played guitar in comedy Oldies band, The Pretensions -- until the members became too pathetically old themselves.
  • 1991 - 1995: Completed life's work of playing every instrument in the collection (~100 at the time).
  • 1996-2000: Promoting "A Christmas Collection." Figuring out how to play some of these instruments live. Becoming enough of a computer nerd to maintain this web site.
  • 2000-?: Working on next "secret project." Packaged some of my original tunes for my patient fans.
  • 2002-indefinite: Created a whole new web site devoted to the harp guitars and other instruments of turn-of-the-century builder Chris Knutsen.
  • 2003 and on: Continue research, writing and exploration into all sorts of wonderful, forgotten instruments....
  • 2004-forseeable future: Created, the largest, most complete Internet resource on a single musical topic that I am aware of.

circa 1999

* No glasses (LASIK surgery - which totally screws up my logo)

* the "Van Dyke" (for my wife)

* the "receding hairline" (genetic)

I'm holding my favorite instrument -
 a 1920 Dyer harp-guitar

I'm basically your typical part-time musician, though with unusually diverse musical experience, and a rather passionate interest in stringed instruments of every description. I label myself a collector, recording artist, and "armchair musicologist" -- which means that, without leaving my house much, I've managed to become a world-renowned expert on the entire realm of stringed instruments (at least if my mom should ask).

I currently divide my time between the arts and sciences, and in the past have worked as a free-lance harpist, zookeeper, animation art dealer, and rock & roll comedian. Then, for five years, my entire being went into the Christmas-themed Miner Museum book and recording project, which I consistently strived to imbue with my eclectic brand of humor, passion, and wonder.


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