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Nov 13 & 14, 2004: 
I will once again be performing and "lecturing" at the 2nd Annual Harp Guitar Gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia. We've also produced the first-ever compilation CD of new harp guitar music to coincide with the event!

August, 2004: 
    I created theme music for a new National Geographic cable channel series, The Dog Whisperer - about local L.A. dog trainer Cesar Milan, and produced by MPH Entertainment. The "world" version will be used as title music on the DVD and foreign airing. The "heavy metal" version was at Nat Geo's suggestion. Short sections of it will be heard within the episodes as "Cesar entrance" music. For the Title music for the States, N.G. "went in another direction." 

The Dog Whisperer "World" version (30 sec Download)

The Dog Whisperer "Heavy Metal" version (20 sec Download)

As usual, there seem to be MP3 download glitches. If audible gaps occur, wait until entire segment is downloaded and play file again from the top.

Lap steel, ocarina melody, fretless bass, Autoharp, acoustic rhythm guitars, drum machine and live percussion. Same, edited - with my friend Doug Latislaw playing the lead guitar. More drum machine and electric rhythm guitar.

Nov 1-2, 2003: 
    I gave a presentation on The Knutsen Archives and performed at the first ever Harp Guitar Gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia, put together by Stephen Bennett. It was an incredible event!

April, 2003:
    These days I seem to be spending (for better or worse) the majority of my musical moments in research and publishing on various historical instruments (someone's got to do it!).
    On the web: In addition to the several-hundred-page ongoing Knutsen Archives, I've added an exhaustive study of the Dolceola and gospel singer Washington Phillips to this site.
    In print: My Harp Ukulele article appears in the Ukulele Occasional issue #2, out sometime in 2003, and I was featured in the May, 2003 Acoustic Guitar Magazine article on the harp guitar revival.

Winter, 2002: 
    The WB network licensed my recording of Jingle Bells for their Dec. 5th episode of "Do Over."
    My English friend, David Clifton, just released his own Christmas album, called Christmas Carols & Songs. It's predominately a vocal album, with choir and instrumental backup - but he included my Irish harp piece Of the Father's Love Begotten, with some new synthesizer backing. On his own label, distributed in Europe by Sony - hopefully someday in the States!

Sorry - no local appearances scheduled. I'm trying to concentrate on my next couple non-seasonal recording projects, while I also dedicate a lot of time for instrument research - especially the monumental Knutsen Archives project. Not to mention creating and maintaining the brand-new - perhaps the biggest musical site on the Internet! Then there's my wife, our dogs, the house, the museum room, my other hobbies, and of course, my Engineering day job! Thanks for your interest!

     In 1999 I put together a new Holiday Show with a great trio. I bring a dozen instruments from the Museum (see photo), my indispensable associate, Dave Marchant, playing guitar, banjo, mandolin and uke, and upright bassist Tim Christianson. By necessity, we sometimes play slightly different (if not entirely new) arrangements of the tunes. I talk a bit about the instruments, hand out Gregg Miner Coloring Books to the kids, and generally have a good time with the group and the audience.

Contact us for future bookings (Southern California area or International Tours only).

Past Live Appearances:

2000: Caltech Folk Music Society, Dabney Hall, Caltech
Boulevard Music, Culver City, CA

1999: Smokin' Johnie's, Studio City, CA
Palos Verdes Public Library

1995-98: Borders Books & Music (thoughout Southern California)
Tower Records
Hollywood Christmas Parade


2004 Theme music for The Dog Whisperer, for MPH Entertainment and National Geographic (see top of page for downloads!)
Winter, 2002 The WB network licensed my recording of Jingle Bells for their Dec. 5th episode of "Do Over."
1996 CNN "Showbiz Today": 4 minute spot ran twice a day for a week - seen in the States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe (They came to my house - I had a horrible cold but you can't really tell. If everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, these guys way overdid mine!).
A & E: "Breakfast With the Arts" (1 minute of clips from my promotional video).


1995 Airplay on KUSC, KCRW, KPCC (Doug Johnson was wonderfully effusive on his great, later-cancelled "D-Tuning" show), & KPFK (My good friend and Weissenborn guitar historian, Ben Elder, gave me a lot of coverage).
1 hour live interview with Bonnie Grice, KUSC (My first and favorite public broadcast. Bonnie was already my favorite DJ and she proved to be even better in person. We had a blast! She was later unceremoniously fired due to pressure from a coalition of classical music snobs. A huge mistake).
1 hour live interview with John Schneider, KPFK (John is a fellow instrument scholar and eclectic classical guitarist.)
1996 Live telephone interviews: "Voice of America" (Europe) and New York (There was something very surreal about speaking into the phone in my office in my bathrobe, and being heard throughout Europe).
Recommended on NPR (Also used for incidental music).
Rotation on numerous public radio stations throughout the States.
1997 -
Additional airplay: public and commercial radio - mostly Folk and American programs (CD promotions at WBAI [N.Y.] & WHFR [M.I.])
If you have a radio station in mind that would love my stuff, please let me know - I'll send them a set right out - if they play it, I'll send a set to you too!


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