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Go to List 89 issued in Early October 2017. 1385 Items. Emphasis on firearms, edge weapons, arms and armour, Uniforms, World War I American forces. Books from the collection of Ted Gewirz: Sometime president of the Company of Military Historians and long time dealer in antique arms.

Go to List 88 issued in Early July 2017. 530 items: emphasis on Warships, WW II German, Military Aviation. All sorts of other stuff....Books from the collections of Samuel L.Morison, George Peterson, Erik Schliffka and others.

Go to List 87 issued in Early February 2017. 887 items: emphasis on uniforms (especially American), WW II German, American Colonial, Arms and Armor, Military Aviation. WW II Aviation Manuals. All sorts of other stuff....Remainder of Paul Braddock's books & more from Col. Zedler and others. These are all the books cataloged since list 86.

Go to List 86 a small but high quality List with only 279 items issued in early October 2016. Entirely on British Victorian 1840-1900. Collection of Ron Van Sickle. Almost all original editions in collectable grade condition. 93 Regimental histories (many cover from 1600 through World War I), 36 items on the Crimean War, 90 on the British army in India including the Mutiny, 25 on Afghanistan in the 19th Century, 28 on African Wars: Zulu and Gordon Relief Expedition. Some extremely scarce items. 98 published before 1900, 61 published 1900-1921, 64 published 1921-1966, only 44 since 1965.

Go to List 85 with 895 items issued in early July 2016. Almost entirely books from the collection of Llewellyn Lord, early member of the Company of Military Historians, plus a smattering from LT Gen. Richard Thompson. Emphasis on Napoleonic uniforms, Other uniforms. US Marine Corps especially World Wars I and II. British Army in the 19th Century and its colonial adventures. Great War aviator's accounts. Several US Navy ship histories from WW II.

Go to List 84 with 747 items issued in early February 2016. Emphasis on German WW II especially SS divisions, WW II Soviet operations, WW II American paratroopers, Pennsylvania National Guard & Militia 1600-1950. Plus the usual smattering Manuals, Military Aviation, Warships etc. From the collections of Brig Gen. Lawrence Caruthers, Col. Don Zedler, Erik Schliffka, Greg Harding, Paul Baddock and others.

Go to List 83 with 999 items issued in Early November 2015. These are items added to Lists 65 to 82 following the posting of their static pages and thus have not previously appreared on a static list. Emphasis on German WW II, Manuals, Military Aviation, Warships etc. A real hodge-podge.

Go to List 82 with 602 items issued in Early July 2015. Emphasis on Napoleonic uniforms, Small Arms manuals, Napoleonic wars, World War I both British & German forces, US Marines in Vietnam & Iraq, World War II German, Warships, Military aviation etc.

Go to List 81 with 494 items issued in Early February 2015. From many sources. Manuals (especially WW II), AAF Silk Escape Maps, British WW I, US Army Signal Corps. Biographies of World War II British Generals, Military Aviation, etc.

Go to List 80 with 1450 items issued in Early October 2014. Books on this List are from collections of Books from the collections of Col. Sonny Laine, USMC, Marius Peladeau, Dudley Mecum, Simpkin, Wm Canfield, Tim Reese, Sheldon Goldberg, Bud Gamble, Charles Fultz. A little bit of everything but with emphasis on 19th Century Civil War biographies & references, Early British Regimentals, Manuals, American & German Tanks.

Go to List 79 with 849 items issued in Early April 2014. Books on this List are from collections of David Potter, James J. Stevens, John C. Reilly, Tom Daveney, Charles Futlz, and others. Emphasis on Small Arms, British Army, British Army in India, Napoleonic, World War II etc.

Go to List 78 with 1492 items issued in Early October 2013. Books on this List are from libraries of Dale Biever, Radford Gamble, Sheldon Goldberg, Air Force official historian, and others. Emphasis on Ordnance, Uniforms, Military Manuals including Army Air Force manuals, Military Aviation, Warships, British Army, World War II, etc.

Go to List 77 This catalog has 1465 old, used, unusual and rare books from the
collections of Radford Gamble, Sheldon Goldberg, an Air Force official historian, and others. Issued in Late February 2013.

Go to List 76 This catalog has 741 old, used, unusual and occasionally rare books from
libraries of Radford Gamble, James Sawicki and others. Emphasis on British & American Military Aviation, Warships, British Army & Navy, Military Manuals. Less so for Ordnance, Uniforms, American Army & Navy, World Wars I & II etc. Three quarters have not appreared on earlier lists.

Go to List 75 with 913 items issued in Mid July 2012 Books on this List are from libraries of William Brown, National Park Service historian, Radford Gamble & Others. Emphasis on American Colonial, American Revolution, 18th Century British Army, Warships, Military Aviation. The great majority of the titles on this list have not previously appeared in any prior List.

Go to List 74 with 813 items issued in Mid February 2012 Books on this List are from libraries of William Emerson, Sheldon Goldberg, Air Force official historian, Radford Gamble et al.
Emphasis on British Army, esp. Indian Army & Scotch regiments, Military Manuals including one from 1661, Tanks & Armored Fighting Vehicles, Military Aviation, Warships.

Go to List 73 with 1074 items issued in late October 2011 Books on this List are from various sources including William Barsch, WW II aviation historian & Maj. Gen. Ted Atkeson.
Emphasis on WW II Military Aviation, WW II in the Pacific, Warships, British & European Small Arms, Tanks & Armored Fighting Vehicles, American Revolution.

Go to List 72 with 1090 items issued in late June 2011 Books on this List are from the library of Major General Bruce Jacobs, National Guard historian.

Go to List 71 with 739 Items Issued January 2011. Books from the collections of Peter Copeland, Charles Fultz & several others. Emphasis on Civil War Small Arms, WW II American Unit Histories, Warships, Naval Americana, etc.

Go to List 70 with 938 items issued Early July 2010. Books from collections of Dean Boorman, Peter Copeland, Charles Futlz, & several others.

Go to List 69 with 1060 items issued Early February 2010. Books from collections of Peter Copeland, Edward Ryan, Futlz, Harry Beeson & several others. World War I Railway artillery, Small arms, Uniforms, Napoleonic, World War II East Front & US Unit Histories.

Go to List 68 with 1095 items issued Early October 2009. Second half of books from collections of Gen. Charles West plus books various other sources. Emphasis on Uniforms, 19th Century British & Pre-Civil War American Military History as well as Warships, Aircraft & Small Arms & Tanks.

Go to List 67 with 971 items issued in Mid April 2009. Books mostly from the library of Charles Pritchard, ordnance expert.

Go to List 66 with 1157 items issued in early January 2009. Books from collections of Gen. Charles West & Radford Gamble. Emphasis on Uniforms, 19th Century British & Pre-Civil War American Military History as well as Warships, Aircraft & Ordnance.

Go to List 65 with 970 items issued in early October 2008. First installment of the library of Radford Gamble. Emphasis on Warships, Aircraft, Ordnance, Uniforms & British Military.

Go to List 64 with 767 items issued in late June 2008. The collection of antique arms & militaria collector Don Heckaman.

Go to List 63 with 866 items issued in early February 2008.

Go to List 62 with 890 items issued in Late September 2007

Go to List 61 with 954 items issued in early March 2007

Go to List 60 with 889 items issued in late September 2006

Go to List 59 with 705 items issued in late June 2006

Go to List 58 with 1141 items issued in late January 2006

Go to List 57 with 1142 items issued in late September 2005

Go to List 56 with 810 items issued in early July 2005

Go to List 55 with 1013 items issued in early February 2005

Go to List 54 with 792 items issued in early November 2004

Lists from 32-53 are at


The books on each List are different copies though some titles may be the same.

Please inquire about your specific wants.
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Featured Non-military book:

SpecLogix Compendium of Paper and Printing. Published 2002. 9780981562803

New in shrink wrap. 2 vols. In publisher's loose-leaf binders. About 100 pages per vol. Many pages are folding with physical examples of papers & printing techniques. Examples of all commerical fine printing techniques: Digital, Flexography, Rotogravure, Paper on Press, Thermography, Engraving, Letterpress, Foil stamping, Embossing & Debossing, Die cutting, Laser cutting, Screen-process printing.

"This two-volume set provides an accessible, hands-on approach delivering not just the knowledge, but the practical know-how. Actual demonstrations of everything from specialty and process color printing, varnishes and coatings, to an overview of envelopes all reconnect designers with the physical elements of their end products. The SpecLogix Compendium is the ultimate sourcebook that can be used for personal reference as well as an integral part of any graphic studio or scholastic program's library." Endorsed by AIGA. (Note: this item is not returnable if the shrink wrap is removed). Multiple copies available. Discounts available on large orders.
Inventory ID: nm3622 $95.00

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