of Charlotte County Virginia 4th Virginia Regiment

WILLIAM MILAM of Charlotte County Virginia was the son of John MILAM of Halifax VA spouse Judith Bartlett Cole.  William was not listed in John Milam's will because he predeceased his father.

William was born circa 1750, married Margaret _?_.   Margaret's possible surname may be Gill or Rutledge.


GEORGE MILAM, Jack Neff writes of George Milam, "I believe that George was the eldest son and that he probably worked "out" to provide for the family when he was very young, possibly early teens.  So far we do not see him "bound" out with William and Jeane but Jane ( a paid researcher at the National Archives in Washington D.C.) believes she has found some proof for this.  If so this would tie him directly into the family.   I think he was born ca 1772-1773.  Note that he was taxable in 1787 in Halifax Co which suggests some means of independence even though under age."

William MILAM  William married Millender Loggins on 17 Feb 1800 in Charlotte County Virginia.  He signed a will in 1803.  Charlotte County  Will Book 2, page 261 records John Rawlins, Will, 1802, Probated 5 Dec 1803   William Milam was a witness.

Jeanne MILAM  Jenny Milam married Richard Rutledge on 4 Jan 1799 in Charlotte County VA.  She signed her guardian's will: Charlotte Co Will Book 2, 1791-1805 records the will of Michael Gill.  Jenny Milam is listed as a witness.   Date of Will,  12 Nov 1796, Probate:6 April 1801.    Jack Neff states, "She should have been at least 21at the time of witnessing the will."

Jack Neff guesses that Margaret's surname may be Rutledge because  the Rutledge's are involved in most Milam legal matters.  No known Rutledge's in the Milam ancestry.  If you find Margaret's surname, please e-mail Mike Milam milam@earthlink.net please include your sources.


"CHARLOTTE COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Revolutionary Officers and Soldiers. Contributed by W.S. Morton, Charlotte C. H., VA. 1777 The following made application for supplies, represented as "being very poor;-- Ö6. Mrs. Milam, the wife of a poor soldier from this County in the continental service."
William and Mary Quarterly Second Series, Vol. 1 page 131

A list of Pay due Deceasíd officer & Soldiers of the 4th Virginia Regiment in the Hands of Moses Hunter Late Payment of the Regiment.

Of Captain Beallís Company
Edward Conner
Thomas Lannum 
Thomas Speady
James Winkfield
Abner White

Of Captain Brentís Company

Robert Smith, T
Barnet Moon P
William Templeton
John Dunford
James Baughan
Thomas Tirpin
 Vaydan Comer
Isaac Clackston
William Adkins
Thomas Eubands
Thomas Atwood
Travis Gill (Milam kids adopted by Michael Gill)
Thomas Buckner
William Green
Moses Sally
John Robison
William Lunderlin
John Lunderlin
James May
Thomas Hazlewood
John Sally
Jacob Coal
Dabney Pathes
Benjamin Kern
Jacob Buxton
William Milom
Temple Taylor

List from National Archives Washington D.C.

William Milam deceased 1778 4th Virginia Regiment. His widow, Margaret, received 6 and 2/3 dollars, six dollars and sixty six cents in soldierís pay for Williamís service. William MILOM 4th Virginia Regiment Private card #3119 National Archives film # 972-978 (found May 1997 in the National Archives at Laguna Niguel)

William fought under Captain Brents. There are two dozen Brents listed in Virginians in the Revolution on page 91. The following is the only one mentioning the 4th VA Regiment: Brent, John, Major 4th VA Regiment, oath 4 Oct 1777; Captain 23 Feb 1776; resigned 4 May 1778; on bounty land list, mss. WD. Of Charlotte, E."  The War of the American Revolution was fought for five years after Captain Brents resigned.

Order Book No. 4 Rev. Soldier 1778 "William Milam and widow Margaret Charlotte County VA"

Military Records 1779 "20. William Milam, a soldier in the continental army, had recently died, -his widow, Margaret, was furnished with supplies." William and Mary Quarterly 2nd Series vol. 2 page 86


Margaret Milam must have passed away some time after her husband and left George alone making his own living but to young to be tithed (taxed) and William and Jeane (Jenny) to be adopted by Michael Gill.

"Charlotte Order Book #7 (1786-1789)" 4 Dec 1786 "Overseers of the Poor to bind out the following orphans, to wit; Rebecca Hamblin to George Moseley Jr., Nancy Ale to William Ale, William Ale to Stephen May, Letty Hughes to Joseph Hughes, William Milam and Jeane Milam to Michael Gill. Betsey Roberts to Francis Lindsay, Bartelett James to Stephen May, Loyd May to David May, Edmund Land to Benjamin Malone and to Stephen May." Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, page 22 Eighteenth Century Charlotte County Children

Halifax County Personal Property Tax 1787 Ė List A George MILAM; charged with tax: self [not tithable, may be under 21 years of age.]

Richard Rutledge married Jenny Milam 4 Jan 1799 Charlotte County Virginia Marriage Bond. Bondman John Rutledge. Married 10 January by Rev Edward Almond. Page 275 Some Virginia Marriages vol 3 page 13 Charlotte County Marriages, page 74

William Milam marries Millender Loggins 17 Feb 1800 Bondman James and Ann Loggins, Parents Surety John Glazebook. Page 295

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