Norman Parks in his book entitled Ole Man River says of Thomas Crafton:

"Thomas Crafton born in England arrived in Jamestown in 1634. He died in1649 in Surrey County, Virginia. Thomas’ wife, Mary, was born in England. His son, Michael, was probably also born in England.

Thomas' passage to America was paid by a Parson Wilkinson to obtain a headright. There was an Alexander Crafton that passage was paid for by another planter in Jamestown. It is surmised that Thomas paid for his wife Mary and son Michael, this conclusion made because no records have been found to the contrary. Some think Alexander was the older son of Thomas. There has been no records found on Alexander as far as I know. Thomas was evidently not an indentured servant because a few years later he paid the passage of 13 English migrants. With the headright of these 13 people he acquired 670 acres in Surry County Virginia, and named his holdings 'Upper Chipokes Plantation.' Not too long after acquiring these holdings, Thomas fell sick and died in the later part of 1649. He sold off a lot of his property before he died. Mary apparently added additional land in 1665 and she died around 1667." Ole Man River by Norman Parks

Note: Norman's information which is not supported by documentation should be considered speculation.  If you find sources for his undocumented statements please share them with me.  Mike Milam


Here is what I and other Crafton researchers have found on Thomas Crafton.  Two records for Thomas immigrating to America

Tho. (Thomas) Craftin, 1635, by William Wilkinson (minister)

Tho. (Thomas) Craftin, 1637, by William Wilkinson, New Norfolk Co

Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666, Baltimore Gen Publishing Company, 1960, by Greer page 81

SURRY COUNTY RECORDS. Surry county was formed from Isle of Wight in 1652. The earliest entry in the first book of records is dated 1650. The first three clerks were: Robert Stanton, from 1652 to 1653; George Watkins, from 17 Nov to 20 Nov 1652 and William Edwards from 1652 to 1697. Book 1 [the first entry] 3 Feb 1650. Convy. from Mary Crafton, relict of Thomas Crafton, to John Cooper. Virginia County Records page 27

1 Jan 1655. Conveyance from William Rose to Mary Crafton. Wit.: William Browne, John Fitch Virginia County Records page 159

"COL AUGUSTINE WARNER 10,100 acres in Rappa and Kent Counties ....8 Oct 1762 ...Trans of 202 persons. ...Tho Crafton…" Cavaliers and Pioneers page 110 Patent Book No. 6.

Alexander CRAFTON Captain John West received 1,000 acres for transporting Alexander Crafton.

Patent Book No. 6 1672 CAPT JOHN WEST 1000 acres N'ampton Co. at Gingoteage; adj. Capt Richd, Hill & Capt Danll. Jenifer; 3 Oct 1672, p. 423. Trans of 20 pers: Wm Hamptom, Tho Draiton, Jno Wigg, Hen. Wageman, Peter Plover, Arth. Brightwell, Mary Phillis, Ann Tracey, Geo Trigg, Peter Hacker, Jno Thackray, James Veysey, Peter Hardman, Tho. Fisher, Jno Randall, Alexr. Crafton, Nic. Trevitt, Jno. Armorer, Jno. Brooman, Edward Coomes. Cavaliers and Pioneers page 115

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