This page contains edited letters on Milam Family Research.  I have deleted all my incorrect assumptions so as not to confuse you.  I have left all that is of importance in your MILAM Research such as CONTACTS and MILAM FAMILY HISTORY and SOURCES.  These letters are in Chronological order.  If you have the FIND feature, hold down the control key and the "F" key at the same time and type in the name you are searching in the box and press find, that will make up for the fact that this large page has no index.




Tue, 25 Mar 1997
To: milam@earthlink.net
From: Bill Douglas <douglas@icanect.net>
Subject: Re: MILAM Family History

Michael:  It is a must for you to get in touch with John Milam.  He is from the Kentucky area and has done extensive research on the Milam family.

You can contact him at jmilam@asu.campus.mci.net

Keep in touch......Bill

 Tue, 25 Mar 1997
From: Presley Smith <psmith@dink.rsn.hp.com>
To: milam@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Milam Family History

The addresses for Robert Wilbanks are:
e-mail  rmwiv@getnet.com
web site:  http://www.getnet.com/~rmwiv

Robert M. Wilbanks  7625 E. Camelback Road 111A
                                   Scottsdale, AZ 85251-2107
                                         (602) 990-7914
Good luck.

I have been trying to find Milams in Tennessee.   My g-grandmother was Mary Ann MILAM Shipley.  She was born in  Pikeville County,  Tenn on 22 Sept 1863. The 1880 census for Tennessee lists John A. Milum in District #2 of Bledsooe County.  He is age 52 and born in Tennessee.  His wife is Martelia M. Milam aged 39 also born in Tennessee.  Their children, all born in Tennessee, are:  William P.-age 17, Mary A.-age 16, Lillia May-age 7,
CharlesH.-age 4 and Alice Lee-age  2.     John died 29 May 1886 and Martelia(Mary Robins?) died 28 Feb     1885. Mary Ann married Thomas A. Shipley on 10 Sept 1882 in Hamilton, Tenn. She died 28 May 1953 in
Delta,  Colo. My grandmother Agnas Minnie(Marie) Shipley was born in Pikesville, TN. 29 Aug 1905.

Any help you could give would be appreciated.

Dianna Watson Sheldon
dsheldon@juno.net  or rsheldon@gj.net

Wed, 26 Mar 1997
From: "William H. Douglas" <douglas@icanect.net>
Subject: Re: George Milam
William H. Douglas wrote:

  Mike: Try LDS Microfiche 6010879.  I looked at the index and there are three George Milam's in it.  Hope one of them is yours.........Bill
 Go to your local Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints Family History Library and order the fiche.  They are fifteen cents each.  Bargain!

Wed, 26 Mar 1997
From: Michael Milam <milam@earthlink.net>
To: Robert Wilbanks rmwiv@getnet.com
Subject: Re: Milam Family Research

Hi Mike,
Good to hear from you again.

The William who was a son of Thomas who died in 1775 in Bedford   County,   Virginia, is very well researched.  He was born circa 1746 in Orange County, Virginia to Thomas and he married, lived and died by 1791 in Bedford County, Virginia.  His children are proven through several documents, including the will of his wife which names all of their children. All of the children settled in western North Carolina.

Talk at you later,

Robert M. Wilbanks IV

I am not including the papers Robert Wilbanks graciously sent me as it would take too long to type the information contained on them.  I am also not including over 200 pages of gedcom information that John Milam e-mailed to me.  My e-mail collection is about 850 pages long and half is John Milam's information.  The following letter from John is filled with Milam family information from many sources and is only about 50 pages long.

Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 15:35:04 -0700
From: JMilam <jmilam@asu.campus.mci.net>
To: milam@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Milam (Mileham family research)

 This information has been gleaned from over 20 years of doing research on my Milam family line and thus I believe that it may be of interest to you.  In my mind the only way to verify something is to have documentation I.E. a birth certificate, death notification or other proof of validation.  The information I am including is what has been verified.

                       The Origin of the Name Milam
The spelling of the name, be it Milam or Milum, was derived from the original surname of Mileham.  The Mileham name originated from a large manor located seven miles Northwest of East Dercham, England on the road from Northwich to King's Lynn, England.  In this manor are the remains of an ancient castle, and prehistoric mounds with horseshoes out-works, probably Roman.

The name "Mileham" was probably given to this manor by the Anglo Saxons in the 10th Century.  The name was probably derived from the Anglo Saxon "Mylen", a mill.  Records show that the name Mileham existed in the year 1100.  Within this manor was the Mileham castle and a church called "St. John The Baptist".

Records show that in 1377 there was anciently a family who took their name from the town.  George De Mileham had lands here about the 5th year of the rein of Edward III.  He also had a brother named William.  William Mileham left a daughter and heir named Margaret, who married Nicholas Atte-Church.

From many of the old records and oral communication of our ancestors came this caveat of information.  One branch of the Mileham clan came from Wales and then migrated to Yorkshire, England to Boston, Massachusetts and then to Virginia.  This information is in line with the fact that the Mileham heraldry is
that of a knight or soldier.  Wales was conquered and settled by the English in the 13th and 14th centuries.  There were many great castles and garrisons built in Wales to house the English soldiers left to defend the land.

On coming to America the name was shortened to Milam, Milum and Mylum due to lack of education.  In early days written documents frequently were prepared by other individuals who could read and write.  As early as 1716 the name Mileham was often shortened to Mileam, Milum and Mylum.  Legal documents would often have last names of brothers spelled differently.

Within the United States today there exists many persons, all related to some degree with the name Mileham,
Milam, or Mylum.
 John and Humphey Milam were brothers who landed in Boston, MA.  in 1623.  Both men by trade were coopers, builders of barrels.
Humphrey Milam married Mary Gore, daughter of John Gore of Roxbury Mass in 1648.  They had 5 daughters.  A will was filed by Humphrey on 14 Feb 1667.
John Milam was probably the oldest, for on 25 May 1636 he was listed as a free man.  Most of the incoming immigrants were poor and often indentured themselves in order to pay off their passages to the New World.  John, also a cooper, marred a girl named Christian, prior to 1636.  They lived in Boston, Suiffold Co. Mass. and had nine children.  On 3 Nov. 1635 John and his wife Christian joined The First Church of Boston.
On 9 Sept 1643 John was granted "Liberty to Wharf" before his property, and made agreement with William Franklin to pay certain tolls for vessels coming up the stream for his use and for  use of the mill.
In 1648 and 1650 John sold several pieces of property to various individuals.  Other records show John buying a house on 14 Oct 1651.  John was active in the Coopers Trade, for he joined Thomas
à?Verner and other Coopers of Boston and Charlestowne in forming a ?"Meets Together", an incorporation guild for mutual protection against trade abuses.

From the children of John and Christian Milam very little data can be traced.  One son Ebenezer (Egan) witnessed a will in Maryland on 26 Feb 1675.

One son, Joseph Milam was born on 26 Feb 1652 and married Harrah (Heriah) King on 31 Oct 1688.  They belonged to The Old South Church of Boston, Mass.  From this marriage was born three children, Joseph Jr., Mark and John.  A will dated 14 Aug 1730 ?was left by Joseph who died on 6 Mar 1737.  The will named all
three sons and his wife, with Mark and John as executors.
When the Milam family settled in Indiana the called their town Carlisle after their home in England.
Jo ter, Lime, and Grain.  It is located 40 miles SW of Carlisle and 320 miles NW of London.  When the Milehams came to Va., they  changed their name to Milam, than  they migrated first to Ky. than to In.  In Indiana they first settled in a village that they called Carlisle after their home in England.

                     Samuel Milam (Milam) Line
In the early years of 1600 to 1800 families would use a common name down through the ages.  In the Mileham line of ancestors, the most common name passed along from father to son was the name of "Samuel".

The Mileham brothers Samuel and John came from England.  They changed their name to Milam.  This is documented in William and Mary College Quarterly, See Virginia Magazine- Vol. 6 page 104.

Samuel Milam married Martha Gardner on 8 Sept 1724 in Va.  Children born to this marriage were:  John born in 1725, Thomas born in 1727 and Archibald born in 1729.
As you can see from the following chart my family line travels from Samuel to Thomas to Moses to Jarvis to John F. to James H. to Ralph than to Me (John J.).

I would appreciate any and all family data that you would like to share with me.
John J. Milam
82015 Iran Ave
Mesa, Az. 85208

                      The Linage of John J. Milam

1-John J. Milam b. 14Dec. 1939 Newport In.  m. 1 Feb 1970 Tomi Yamada  Children  1. Aimee 2. Janet

    2-Ralph Milam b. 8 Jun1904 Vigo Co. In  m. 10 Aug 1935 Nina Pollard  d. 27 Aug 1976
            Children  1. Stanley  2. John  3. Marvin

        3-James H. Milam  b. 10 Nov 1857 Sull Co. In  M. 1893   Effie B. Smith  d. 1905 Terre Haute In.
            Children  1. Owen   2. Ward   3. Mabel  4. Ralph  5. Pearl  6. Helen  7. Donn
            4-John F. Milam b. 1830 Sull Co. In  m. 29 Jul 1851 Pelinah Jones
                Children  1.Joseph  2.Solomon   3.Stephen  4.Isobel  5.Rufus  6.James H. 7.John  8.William
                5- Jarvis Milam  b. 1800  Ky    m. 12 Jan 1823 Roseannah Mason d. 1847
                     Children  1.Sarah  2.Andrew  3.John F.  4.Mary  5.Susan  6.James A.  7.Anthony
                                      8.William A.

                    6- Moses Milam  b. 1770   Va. d. 1847 m. 28Sept 1790 spouse Edith Fuqua
                        Children 1.Jarvis   2.John   3.Ambrose   4.William

                        7- John Milam b. 1752  Va spouse Mary Ann Jackson    Children 1.Moses  2.Jarvis  3.Francis
                              4.Polly 5.Eleanor  6.Steven

                            8-Thomas MIlam b.1727 Va  m.1746 Va d.1775 Va.  spouse Mary R.Adams Children
                                 1.Ben  2.Eliza  3.Jordan  4.Will  5.Solom  6.Rush


1.  SAMUEL MILEHAM1 was born about 1699 in Wales, British Isles.

He was married to MARGARET GARDNER on 8 Sep 1725 in Lancaster Co., Virginia.2  Samuel and Martha Milam were married in Christ Church, Christ Church

Parish, Lancaster county, Virginia  MARGARET GARDNER was born in 1703.  Children of SAMUEL MILEHAM and MARGARET GARDNER were:





2.  JOHN MILAM (MILEHAM) was born in 1725.

  JOHN MILAM (MILEHAM) and JUDITH B. COLE had no known children.

3.  THOMAS MILAM (MILEHAM) was born about 1727 in Lancaster Co., Virginia.  He died in Mar 1775 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  He had an estate probated in Mar 1775 in Bedford Co., Virginia.3


+8 iv. JOHN MILAM.
+10 vi. RUSH MILAM.

4.  ARCHIBALD MILAM (MILEHAM) was born in 1729.
  ARCHIBALD MILAM (MILEHAM) and MARY WILSON had no known children.

5.  BENJAMIN MILAM was born in 1748.  He died on 19 Jun 1781.  Benjamin Milam died as a prisoner of the British during the Revolutionary War.


11 i. SOLOMAN MILAM was born on 14 Mar 1775 in Bedford Co., Virginia.
12 ii. JOSEPH MILAM was born on 30 Apr 1779 in Bedford Co., Virginia.4
13 iii. BENJAMIN MILAM was born on 27 Jan 1781 in Bedford Co., Virginia.

6.  JORDAN MILAM was born on 26 Feb 1750 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  D.A.R. No. W25709

He was married to MARY PEACOCK on 2 Aug 1792.  JORDAN MILAM and MARY PEACOCK had no known children.

7.  WILLIAM MILAM was born in 1751.

He was married to SUSANNA HILLY on 15 May 1793 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  WILLIAM MILAM and SUSANNA HILLY had no known children.
8.  JOHN MILAM was born about 1750 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  He died in 1780 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  He had an estate probated in Nov 1780 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  John Milam died in Bedford County, Virginia of wounds he received in the Revolutionary War.

He was married to ANN JACKSON in 1768 in England Virginia.  ANN JACKSON was born about 1749.  She died in Madison Co., Kentucky.  Children of JOHN MILAM and ANN JACKSON were:

+15 ii. MARY MILAM.
+17 iv. MOSES MILAM.

9.  SOLOMON MILAM was born in 1757.

He was married to NANCY PHILLIPS on 23 Dec 1818.  SOLOMON MILAM and NANCY PHILLIPS had no known children.
10.  RUSH MILAM was born on 20 May 1779 in Bedford Co., Virginia.5

He was married to ELIZABETH FOWLER on 16 Jul 1783 in Bedford Co., Virginia.6  Children of RUSH MILAM and ELIZABETH FOWLER were:

19 i. JOHN KELLY MILAM was born on 20 May 1779 in Bedford Co.,    Virginia.


She was married to WILLIAM EMBRY on 18 Jan 1786.  FRANCES MILAM and WILLIAM EMBRY had no known children.


She was married to THOMAS TERRY on 24 Feb 1789.  MARY MILAM and THOMAS TERRY had no known children.

She was married to JAMES SPENCE on 1 Oct 1794.  ELEANOR MILAM and JAMES SPENCE had no known children.

17.  MOSES MILAM was born about 1770.  He died in 1839 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.  He entered the military Sep1812 to Oct 1812 in Kentucky State Mounted Malitia.  Cpl. Moses Milam served in Capt. William Keller's company, Second Regt. of the Kentucky Mounted Malitia.

He was married to EDITH FUQUA on 28 Sep 1790 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  Children of MOSES MILAM and EDITH FUQUA were:

+20 i. JOHN MILAM.
23 iv. AMBROSE MILAM was born on 28 Jan 1831.7

18.  JARVIS MILAM was born on 24 Mar 1779.  He died on 4 Jul 1849 in Bedford Co., Virginia.
He was married to SUSANNA WOODS on 27 Apr 1801.  JARVIS MILAM and SUSANNA WOODS had no known children.

20.  JOHN MILAM was born about 1792 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  He died in 1850 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  He entered the military Nov 1814 to May 1815 in Kentucky State Militia.  Pvt. John Milam was a member of Capt. Robert Thruston's company, Kentucky Detatched Militia, comanded by Lt. Col. John Davis, War of 1812.  He was paid by david Hunter to take his place in the militia. For his service he received bounty land in Clinton county, Mossouri. He was living in Shelby county Kentucky in 1815.  He entered the military Sep 1812 to Oct  1812 in Kentucky State Mounted Malitia.  Pvt. John Milam was a member of Capt. Jacob Ellerston's company, in the third regt. of  the Kentucky Mounted Militia, War of 1812

He was married to MARGRET BASHAM on 18 Aug 1817 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  MARGRET BASHAM was born about 1798 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  Margaret's name is spelled "Margreth" in somee sources.  She died in Aug 1850 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  Children of JOHN MILAM and MARGRET BASHAM were:

+27 iv. CELIA MILAM.
35 xii. JANE MILAM was born in 1844 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She was born in 1844 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

He was married to FANNY SPENCE in 1818 in Shelby Co., Kentucky.  JOHN MILAM and FANNY SPENCE had no known children.


24.  HENRY BASHAM MILAM was born in 1819 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
He was married to MARY TATE on 12 Jul 1853.  HENRY BASHAM MILAM and MARY TATE had no known children.
25.  WILLIAM H. MILAM was born on 12 Oct 1818 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.8  He died on 30 Mar 1891 in Grayson Co., Kentucky.  He was buried on 12 Oct 1891 in Shrewsberry Cemetery, Grayson County, Kentucky.

He was married to JULIA A. ANDERSON in 1840.  JULIA A. ANDERSON was born in State of Virginia.  Children of WILLIAM H. MILAM and JULIA A. ANDERSON were:

36 i. OBIDIAL MILAM was born in 1841 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
37 ii. MARGARET MILAM was born in 1843 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
38 iii. CHARLES ANDERSON MILAM was born on 10 Feb 1845 in    Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  He died on 6 May 1872 in Breckinridge Co.,    Kentucky.  He was buried after 6 May 1872 in Whittinghill Cemetery, Ohio    Co., Kentucky.
39 iv. MARCY ELIZA MILAM was born in 1847 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
+40 v. JOHN M. MILAM.
41 vi. STEPHEN MILAM was born in 1853 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
42 vii. CELIA MILAM was born in 1854 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
43 viii. GODFREY MILAM was born in 1856 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.
44 ix. JAMES MILAM was born in 1858 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

26.  OBADIAH MILAM was born on 31 Dec 1820 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.9,10  He died on 26 Mar 1903 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  He was buried on 27 Mar 1903 in Cherry's Chapel Cemetery, Warren Co., Kentucky.  He appeared on the 1860 Census in Warren Co., Kentucky.11  He appeared on the 1870 Census in Warren Co., Kentucky.12

He was married to CHARLOTTEE CHERRY on 17 Mar 1842 in  Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.9  CHARLOTTEE CHERRY was born on 30 Sep 1820 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She died on 11 May 1899 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She was buried on 12 May 1899 in Cherry's Chapel, Warren Co., Kentucky.  Children of OBADIAH MILAM and CHARLOTTEE CHERRY were:

45 i. WILLIAM S. MILAM was born on 10 Nov 1842 in Warren Co.,    Kentucky.13
47 iii. JOSEPH A. MILAM was born on 13 Apr 1846.
49 v. STEPHAN MILAM was born on 20 Apr 1850.
53 ix. HEZAKIAH CARR MILAM was born on 10 Aug 1862.

He was married to HESTER ANN JOHNS on 12 Jun 1899 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  Children of OBADIAH MILAM and HESTER ANN JOHNS were:

55 i. NO ISSUE.

27.  CELIA MILAM was born on 21 Oct 1822 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She was born on 21 Oct 1822 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She died on 26 Jan 1913 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She died on 26 Jan 1913 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

She was married to KELLOG NORTON on 28 Mar 1839 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  CELIA MILAM and KELLOG NORTON had no known children.

28.  POLLY ANN MILAM was born on 10 Sep 1825 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She was buried on 11 Sep 1825 in Thomas Cemetery, Grayson Co., Kentucky.  She died on 14 Feb 1911 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

  POLLY ANN MILAM and JOHN HENRY SMITH had no known children.

29.  STEPHAN MILAM was born in 1828 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  He was born in 1828 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

SARAH MARGARET MILAM was born on 27 Jun 1859.  STEPHAN MILAM and SARAH MARGARET MILAM had no known children.

30.  BARTLETT MILAM was born in 1831 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.  He was born in 1831 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.  He died in 1901 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.  He died in 1901 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.

He was married to MARGARET SMITH on 27 Aug 1856.  BARTLETT MILAM and MARGARET SMITH had no known children.

31.  ELIZA JANE MILAM was born in 1833.  She was born in 1833.  She died in 1854 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.  She died in 1854 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.

She was married to LITTLEBERRY TATE on 1 Mar 1853 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.  ELIZA JANE MILAM and LITTLEBERRY TATE had no known children.

32.  THEODOCIA MILAM was born in 1835 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She was born in 1835 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

She was married to ANDREW MILAM on 21 Sep 1854 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  THEODOCIA MILAM and ANDREW MILAM had no known children.

33.  BARBARA ELVIRA MILAM was born on 4 Sep 1839 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She was born on 4 Sep 1839 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She died on 26 Mar 1885 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She died on 26 Mar 1885 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

She was married to LITTLEBERRY TATE on 10 Oct 1854 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  BARBARA ELVIRA MILAM and LITTLEBERRY TATE had no known children.

34.  MARGARET MILAM was born in 1842 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

She was married to ROLAN WILSON on 8 Dec 1864.  MARGARET MILAM and ROLAN WILSON had no known children.


40.  JOHN M. MILAM was born in 1849 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  He died in 1899 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

He was married to MATILDA RENO on 13 Jan 1870 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  MATILDA RENO was born in 1851 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  She died in Jan 1930 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  Children of JOHN M. MILAM and MATILDA RENO were:


46.  JOHN RICHARDSON MILAM was born on 20 Oct 1844 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.14  He died on 6 Jan 1910 in Warren Co., Kentucky.

He was married to MISSOURI EXONA MORGAN on 24 Nov 1868 in Warren Co., Kentucky.15  MISSOURI EXONA MORGAN was born on 8 Oct 1850 in Cumberland Co., Kentucky.16  IN 1871 CLAY COUNTY WAS ESTABLISHED BEFORE THAT TIME IT WAS OVERTON OR
JACKSON COUNTIES.  She died on 6 Oct 1921 in Warren Co., Kentucky.17  JOHN RICHARDSON MILAM and MISSOURI EXONA MORGAN had no known children.

48.  SOLOMON NEWTON MILAM was born on 14 Jan 1848 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  He died on 30 Aug 1909 in Warren Co., Kentucky.

He was married to ELIZABETH ANN DOUGLAS on 21 Jul 1870 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  The marriage took place at the home of William B. Douglas at Lost Creek.  ELIZABETH ANN DOUGLAS was born on 6 Jul 1849 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She died on 25 Jul 1901 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  Children of SOLOMON NEWTON MILAM and ELIZABETH ANN DOUGLAS were:

61 v. THOMAS KIRK MILAM was born on 19 Sep 1882.
+62 vi. OBE MILAM.

50.  CELIA FRANCIS MILAM was born on 27 Apr 1852 in Warren Co., Kentucky.18  Celia was the sixth of ten children.  She died on 18 Jan 1936 in Warren Co., Kentucky.19  Celia Douglas died of pneumonia.  Her great grandson, William B. Douglas, remembers driving to her funeral in a blizzard from Jeffersonville, Indiana.  She was buried on 19 Jan 1936 in Cherry's Chapel, Warren Co., Kentucky.20  Cherry's Chapel Cemetery is a well m,aintained cemetery today.  It was recently charted by the D.A.R. and the tombstones are in very good condition.  She had an Obituary in The Park City Daily News on 19 Jan 1936 in Bowling Green, Warren Co., Kentucky.21

"Mrs. Douglas Dies This Morning"  "Mrs. Celia Francis Milam Douglas, 85 years old, died at five o'clock Saturday morning in the Richardsville Riverside section following an illness with pneumonia.   Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at Cherry's Chapel with burial following in the church cemetery.  The services will be in charge of the Rev. W.A. Sanders.
   Mrs. Douglas was a native of Warren County.  She is servived by one son, H.G.Douglas Rich Pond, A daughter, Mrs. Lottie Martin of Richardsville, a brother, K. Milam of Morgantown; and a sister Mrs. Mattie Glenn of Richardsville."  She went by the nickname of "Sis" "Sis" frm 1862 in Warren Co., Kentucky.22  She went bymthe nickname of "Sis" to her friends most of her ligfe.

She was married to JAMES THOMAS DOUGLAS on 9 Jan 1868 in Riverside, Warren Co.,
 Kentucky.23  James and Celia were married at the home of, the brides father,  Obdiah Milam in Riverside.  JAMES THOMAS DOUGLAS was born on 3 Feb 1848 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.24  James was the the first born of his father's second marriage to Martha E.  Alford.  He was on the Tax Rolls in 1869 in Warren Co., Kentucky.25  "James T. Douglas, no male over 21, 1 enrolled in the malitia"  He is a Tobacco Farming in 1869 in Warren Co., Kentucky.26  Great grandson William B. Douglas remembers helping in the harvest when he was a small child  He was on the Tax Rolls in 1870 in Warren Co., Kentucky.25  "James T. Douglas, 1 horse ($75), total value $75, 1 male over 21, 1 enrolled in the malitia, 100 bu. corn"  He appeared on the Soundex in 1880 in Warren Co., Kentucky.27  The 1880 census of the Greencastle district, Warren County, is badly faded and is almost unreadable, therefore the Soundex was u!sed to determine his children.  He was appointed the Postmaster on 22 Jan 1902!
 in Long, Warren Co., Kentucky.28  He only served for a little over a year before resigning as Postmaster.  He signed a will on 9 Dec 1920 in Warren Co., Kentucky.29

                                                                                        Will of James T. Douglas

   "I James T. Douglas of the County of Warren and the state of Kentucky, being in ill health but of sound and disposing mind and memory calling to mind the fraility and uncertany of human life, and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs and directing how the estates with which it pleased God to Bless me, shall be disposed of after my decease, while I have the strength and capacity to do so, do make and publish this my last will and testament and first I commend my immortal being to him who gave it, and my body to the Earth, to be buried with but expense or ostentatiopn by my executor here in after named, and as to my wordly estate, and all my property, real , personal, or mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my deceasde.  I devise , bequeath, and dispose of in the manner following, to wit: Imprimis. My will is that all my just debts and funeral charges shall by my executor hereinafter named, be paid out of my es!
tate, as soon after my decease, as shall by them shall be found convenient.  Item. I give and devise and bequeath to my wife Celia Francis Douglas, all my real and personal estate including moneys, notes, rents and income, of all kinds whatsoever during her natural life, and at the death of my wife, all the said property remaining on hand, shall be divided equally among my children, to wit: Harison greely Douglas, Lottie Bell Norris and George W. Douglas, deceased, whose share shall be divided equally among his heirs at the time of my wifes demise.

And lastly I do nominate and appoint my said wife Celia Francis Douglas to be the executor of this my last will and testament contained on Oposite sides of this one sheet of paper and to this side thereof I have subscribed my name and affixed my seal this ninth day December one thousand nine hundred and twenty.

                                                                                           J.T. Douglas (Seal.)

The above instrument containing of one sheet was here subscribed by James T. Douglas the testor, in the presence of us, and at the same time described by him to be his last will and testament and we, at his request sign our names hereto, as attesting wittnesses.

                                                                                           J.H. Douglas
                                                                                           B.F. Miller
                                                                                           A.A. Cherry
                                                                                           H.G. Cherry
                                                                                           Obe Milam
State of Kentucky
County of Warren Sct.                          May Term 1922

   The forgoing will of James T. Douglas was on this day produced in open court and offered for probate and proven by the oaths of J.H. Douglas and B.F. Miller, subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded which is done.

   Given under my hand this 22 day of May, 1922

                                                                                            H. Lee Kelley, Clerk"
It should be noted that he named his only surviving son ,  Horace Greely Douglas, "Harison Greely Douglas"    He died on 9 May 1922 in Long, Warren Co., Kentucky.30  Died of Nephritis complicated by senilety  He was buried on 9 May 1922 in Cherry's Chapel, Warren Co., Kentucky.31  See obituary, the cemetery is well maintained even today.  He had an Obituary in The Park  City Daily News on 9 May 1922 in Warren Co., Kentucky.32

                                                                                    "James Douglas"

   "James Douglas, 75 years old died near Long, this county, last night at 11 o'clock of a complication of diseases, after an illness of eight months.

   The furnel services were held this afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Cherry's Chappel by Rev. J.D. Lindsay the Pastor.  The internment was in the church graveyard.

   The deceased was born and reared in Warren County and engaged in farming until his health failed him.  He leaves a widow, two daughters, several nephews and nieces, He was a member of the Christian Church."

It should be noted that he only had one surviving daughter and son.  His other daughter died before her tenth birthday.  He appeared on the 1900  Census in the Greencastle Dist., Warren Co., Kentucky.33  This 1900 census reveals that James and Celia had five children.  Only four can be accounted for, therefore one must have died at birth oe shortly after.  He appeared on the 1910  Census in the Greencastle Dist., Warren Co., Kentucky.34  This census shows their grandson, Burleough living with them.  His great grandson William B. Douglas remembered him as being very eccentric in his later years.  He would sit on his front porch and yell at people passing by who he didn't like.  His comments were mostly political as James Douglas was a staunch Federalist, Warren County was a Federal County in the Civil War.


66 iii. CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS was born on 20 Jul 1874 in Riverside, Warren                                       Co., Kentucky.35  She died about 1878 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.

51.  MARTHA WASHINGTON MILAM was born on 4 Jul 1857.

She was married to GEORGE GLENN on 21 Jun 1877.  MARTHA WASHINGTON MILAM and GEORGE GLENN had no known children.

52.  SARAH MARGARET MILAM was born on 27 Jun 1859.

STEPHAN MILAM was born in 1828 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  He was born in 1828 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.  SARAH MARGARET MILAM and STEPHAN MILAM had no known children.

54.  WESLEY J. MILAM was born on 18 Nov 1865 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.  He died on 17 Apr 1904 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.  He was buried on 18 Apr 1904 in Riverside Cemetery, Warren Co., Kentucky.

He was married to FANNIE BELL LAMASTUS on 6 Apr 1887.  FANNIE BELL LAMASTUS was born on 14 Jun 1872 in The Wilderness Road in route to Kentucky.  She died on 24 Jun 1953 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.  She was buried on 26 Jun 1953 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.  WESLEY J. MILAM and FANNIE BELL LAMASTUS had no known children.


56.  WAVIE MILAM was born on 20 Aug 1874 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.36  He died on 22 Dec 1952 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.36

LULA ELLEN SHARTZER was born on 14 Jan 1880.  She died on 21 Dec 1947.  Children of WAVIE MILAM and LULA ELLEN SHARTZER were:



  ROBERTA MILAM and ALBERT WETZEL had no known children.

59.  MARTHA FAYE MILAM was born on 12 Jul 1874 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She died on 22 Sep 1948 in Warren Co., Kentucky.

She was married to ROBERT GUESS on 10 May 1899 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  ROBERT GUESS was born on 20 May 1877 in The Wilderness Road in route to Kentucky.  He died on 24 Oct 1934 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.  Children of MARTHA FAYE MILAM and ROBERT GUESS were:


60.  JOHN WESLEY MILAM was born on 5 Mar 1879.  He died on 6 May 1956.  He was buried.
He was married to MAGNOLIA (MAGGIE) RICHARDS on 27 Dec 1899.  JOHN WESLEY MILAM and MAGNOLIA (MAGGIE) RICHARDS had no known children.

62.  OBE MILAM was born on 18 Jun 1885.  He died on 7 Dec 1929.  He was buried on 10 Dec 1929.

OBE MILAM and LIDIE UPTON had no known children.

63.  MARY MARGARET MILAM was born on 28 Dec 1889.

  MARY MARGARET MILAM and WILLIAM RUSSELL had no known children.

64.  GEORGE WASHINGTON DOUGLAS was born on 5 Dec 1870 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.37,38  He is a Farmer Planter in 1910 in Warren Co., Kentucky.39  He died on 9 Apr 1915 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.40  He was buried on 10 Apr 1915 in Riverside Church Cemetery, Warren Co., Kentucky.41  He appeared on the 1900  Census in the Greencastle Dist., Warren Co., Kentucky.42  He appeared on the 1910  Census in the Greencastle Dist., Warren Co., Kentucky.43  George Douglas was known as "Big George Douglas".  He was a giant of a man for his time, standing about 6'10" tall and weighing around 280 pounds.

He was married to HELEN N. MORGAN on 4 Feb 1891 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.44  The Marriage Bond was issued on 30 Jan 1891 in Warren County. George and Helen were married by Mr. C.H . Lewis J. P. Warren County.  HELEN N. MORGAN was born on 9 Feb 1871 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.45  She died on 5 May 1892 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.46  She was buried on 7 May 1892 in Riverside Cemetery, Warren Co., Kentucky.47  Family lore says that Helen Morgan was struck by lighting and killed near her home.



He was married to NANCY E. BRATCHER on 28 Sep 1892 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.48  NANCY E. BRATCHER was born in Aug 1872 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She died on 22 Sep 1930 in Warren Co., Kentucky.49  Children of GEORGE WASHINGTON DOUGLAS and NANCY E. BRATCHER were:

71 i. ETHEL DOUGLAS was born in Jul 1893 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.
72 ii. WILLIAM T. DOUGLAS was born in Feb 1895 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.  He died on 3 Sep 1925 in Warren Co., Kentucky.50
73 iii. EDWARD R. DOUGLAS was born in Jun 1897 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.
74 iv. PIMIA D. DOUGLAS was born in Jan 1899 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.
75 v. ALLEN DOUGLAS was born in 1901 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.
76 vi. ALLIE B. DOUGLAS was born on 12 Jan 1903 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.
77 vii. JUEL DOUGLAS was born on 19 Apr 1904 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.51
78 viii. AUBRY DOUGLAS was born in 1906 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.
79 ix. VIRGIL DOUGLAS was born on 7 Jul 1911 in Riverside, Warren Co.,    Kentucky.  He died on 15 Aug 1912 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.52

65.  HORACE GREELY DOUGLAS was born on 12 Jul 1872 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.53  He died on 22 Nov 1961 in Rich Pond, Warren Co., Kentucky.54  He was buried on 24 Nov 1961 in Woodburn Cemetery, Warren Co., Kentucky.55  He signed a will on 1 Dec 1961 in Warren Co., Kentucky.56  Horace Greely Douglas was refered to in his father's will as Harrison, perhaps a nick name.  He taught school for many years in Warren County.

He was married to DAISY D. WALKER in Warren Co., Kentucky.  DAISY D. WALKER died on 12 Jan 1965 in Warren Co., Kentucky.57  Children of HORACE GREELY DOUGLAS and DAISY D. WALKER were:


67.  MARTHA BELLE DOUGLAS21 was born on 20 Jan 1875 in Riverside, Warren Co., Kentucky.58  She died on 27 Nov 1937 in Butler Co., Kentucky.59  She was buried on 28 Nov 1937 in Old Riverview Cemetery, Morgantown, Kentucky.60  According to census records, Lottie lost two children before 1910.  Her husband apparently died before 1936 for at her mothers death her name was Martin.

She was married to J. R. NORRIS in Jul 1891 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  J. R. NORRIS61 was born on 26 Jul 1868 in Butler Co., Kentucky.62  He is a Blacksmith in 1888 in Butler Co., Kentucky.63  He appeared on the in 1910 in Butler Co., Kentucky.39  He died on 27 Jul 1924 in Butler Co., Kentucky.64  He was buried on 28 Jul 1924 in Old Riverview Cemetery, Morgantown, Kentucky.65  Children of MARTHA BELLE DOUGLAS and J. R. NORRIS were:

85 i. FINNIS NORRIS was born in Apr 1892 in Butler Co., Kentucky.
87 iii. POLLY NORRIS was born in May 1893 in Butler Co., Kentucky.
88 iv. EARNEST NORRIS was born on 7 Aug 1896 in Butler Co., Kentucky.  He    died on 7 Mar 1916 in Butler Co., Kentucky.  He was buried on 8 Mar 1916    in Old Riverview Cemetery, Morgantown, Kentucky.
89 v. UREY NORRIS was born in 1898 in Butler Co., Kentucky.
90 vi. ROBERT NORRIS was born on 1 Jun 1900 in Butler Co., Kentucky.  He    died on 15 Aug 1900 in Morgantown , Kentucky.  He was buried on 16 Aug    1900 in Old Riverview  Cemetery, Morgantown, Kentucky.
91 vii. CLIFTON NORRIS was born in 1907 in Butler Co., Kentucky.
92 viii. BEULAH MURRELL NORRIS was born on 18 Apr 1912 in Butler Co.,    Kentucky.  She died on 8 Jun 1913 in Morgantown , Kentucky.  She was    buried on 9 Jun 1913 in Old Riverview Cemetery, Morgantown, Kentucky.


She was married to C.L. MARTIN on 14 Dec 1927 in Butler Co., Kentucky.66  C.L. MARTIN was born in 1873 in Butler Co., Kentucky.  Children of MARTHA BELLE DOUGLAS and C.L. MARTIN were:

93 i. NO ISSUE.


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954 583 5228

In more recent times, another Milam that became famous was my brother Marvin.  His
story was published in the December issue of The Readers Digest, and is reprinted

                                TWO MEN ON A ICE FLOW

   High above the freezing waters of a branch of Alaska's cook inlet, Marv Milam, a 36 year old Surveyor, was piloting his Cessna 180.  Beside him sat his boss and close friend, Key Broussard, 32.  The two men were returning to their offices at N. L. Sperry-Sun in Anchorage after having lunch at Big Lake Lodge, 24 miles north.  They shared a passion for hunting, flying and the wild, awesome beauty of the Alaskan bush, and they had discussed plans for a moose hunt up north.  Now, looking out the window, Ken marveled at the sight of the Chugach Mountains, their flowing snow-capes fringed with faded emerald forests.  It was still winter - March 5, 1981 - but spring wasn't too far off.

   "Should be great hunting this year," Ken called above the Cessna's roar.  But Marv was suddenly distracted by the sound of the engine.  He checked the instruments. "We're losing altitude," he said.  Marv radioed Merrill Field.  "We're five miles north, altitude six hundred feet," he reported.  "We're going down in the inlet.  Need

   He looked for a place to land.  Off to the left, among chunks of ice the size of army tanks bobbing in the restless waters, was a sand bar.  Within seconds, the plane touched down on the soggy mud flat, shuddered, slid, then lurched to a stop.  "Elmendorf Air Force Base is only four or five miles away," Marv said.  "They'll have
a chopper here soon."

   A small splashing sound startled the two men.  From the crack between the door and floor, a tiny serpent of dirty water uncoiled toward the center of the cabin.     "Oh no!" Marv said as he felt the plane starting to pitch.  "Tide's coming in.  We' ve got to get out of here - fast." He knew that Cook Inlet had one of the world's
highest tides; which created powerful currents and a dangerous undertow.  Normally a man could survive in its 28-degree water little more than 30 minutes.
He grabbed two small emergency locator transmitters (ELTs).  One was a cheap model he had bought 15 years before and planned to throw away.  Probably doesn't even work, he though, but flipped it on and stuffed it into Ken's parka pocked, slipping the newer ELT into his own.

"These will send a signal to the rescue plan," Marv explained to Ken.  "But don't let the transmitter get submerged.  It's not waterproof."    Ken kicked the door open, and the men stepped out.  Ken was wearing gloves; Marv had left his in the office.  Then a wave engulfed the plane, and Marv's legs buckled
in the undertow.  Ken fell backward into the icy water.  Moments later, he bobbed to he surface flailing his arms.
"Marv!" he sputtered, his lungs fighting for air.  "So cold!  Can't get my breath..."  His words choked off in a spasm of coughing.    "Don't swim," Marv called.  Grab that ice floe.  Try to pull your body out of the water."  The water was waist-high now and churning like a wild animal.  Marv could feel his boots sinking into the mud.  Suddenly he knew.  Quicksand!  Like a steel trap, the powder-fine glacial silt held him motionless.
He hauled at one foot.  It wouldn't budge.  Frantically, he strained and yanked until it slipped free of the boot.  He strained at the other foot.  Finally, it too popped out of the boot.    Now the water was chest-high, and he dived toward Ken, extending his arms across the ice block.    "Your hands!"  Marv commanded.  "Reach!"  Wearily, Ken pushed his arms across the three-foot ice floe.  "Grab my coat collar and I'll grab yours," Marv yelled.  "We'll    lock arms over the ice.  That'll keep us afloat and partly out of the water for a while.  It's our only chance."  Their lives were literally in each other's hands.  Ken Broussard knew his friend was tough and had hired him as a surveyor two years ago.

Marv had come to Alaska from Arizona in 1976 - worked as a ship's engineer, a construction worker and a bush pilot.  He'd had his share of flying adventures in the far north.    "Maybe the tide will push us to shore," Ken shouted.  Marv knew otherwise.  "Just keep holding tight," he said.  "Repeat after me:  I'M holding.  Steel-tight...Steel- tight."  "I'm... holding," Ken began, his teeth chattering.  "Steel...tight."

The Air Rescue C -130 "Kingbird" was on a routine training mission when the Elmendorf Rescue Coordination Center in Anchorage, 110 miles to the northeast, ordered the plane to the scene.  "Cessna with two on board down somewhere in the inlet," Elmendorf radioed.  "They'll last only a few minutes."    As Capt Frank Mason, Jr., the Kingbird's pilot, turned the plane and barreled back toward Anchorage, his radio operator began picking up an ELT signal.  The kingbirds's specialized tracking equipment could pinpoint the men for the rescue chopper Elmendorf would send.  But will they still be alive? Mason wondered.

Tremors rippled through Marv's body.  He stiffened his jaw against the cold.  The tide twisted and pulled him while huge chunks of ice thumped against his body.  Floating up to their armpits, their arms locked across the ice raft, he and Ken might survive 20 minutes -- maybe 25, Marv figured.  He peered into Ken's eyes.  They were glassy, and his lips were purple.  The men had been in the water for only minutes.  It felt like hours.

Through a haze of pain, Ken thought of his wife, Dee, a 26 year old elementary- school teacher, who had gone to college in his home town, Lafayette, La.  When Ken left that morning, Dee had been planing a party to celebrate his birthday.  And in only three weeks, they would be off to Hawaii on a vacation they had been promising themselves for almost two years.  Hawaii!  Oh God, he wondered, will I ever be warm again ?  The ELT antenna sticking out of his pocket was dipping beneath the surface. Have to get it out of the water, Marv though.  Holding on to Ken's collar with his left hand, he reached for the antenna with his right.
   "You're ...l-letting go, "Ken stammered.  "Don't let go!"
   "Got to lift the antenna..."
   "Hang on," Ken said weakly.  Our only hope... is each other."

   At the Helicopter Launch Base of Elmendorf's 71st air-rescue squadron, the operations officer quickly briefed a flight crew and dispatched them to a chopper. Minutes later, the chopper chattered upward.

   Marv's eyes ached.  He could feel the current sweeping them up the middle of the water.  Suddenly the ice floe tilted sharply, and the sea and sky began to teeter- totter wildly.  Ken gagged and coughed.  Marv strained for a better grip.  Then he searched the horizon and, high overhead, spotted a plane.  But it kept on going.  Marv
looked over at Ken - he, too, had seen the plan.  Marv struggled for words, working his mouth and grimacing, but nothing came out.  By now they had been in the water, Ken guessed, for 20 minutes.

   Capt Buster Hampton took his rescue chopper down to 300 feet.  Below, cross- currents crashed into each other, creating fierce, swirling eddies.  What a terrible way to go!  he thought.  He looked ahead for the C -130 Kingbird.  It would be homing in on the signal.  Hampton needed directions.  In the quiet, close cockpit of the C -
   130, naviagator Lt Col. Walter Stevenson felt hot and tense.  "Air force Rescue 807, this is Air Force Rescue 986," he spoke sharply into the mike, calling the chopper.  "we show the ELT to be farther west of your present position.  You guys are too far east."
   "Roger," came the response.  "We're heading that way.  We'll be there in a couple
of minutes."

   Marv looked across at his friend.  Mustering all his strength, he shook Ken's collar.  There was no response.  Ken's eyes looked dim and lifeless.  Then a movement above caught Marv's attention.  A plane!  He tightened his grip on Ken's collar and gave a small shake.  Ken blinked his eyes.

   In the chopper's cargo bay, parajumper Alex Wassuta tried to peer through the emergency-escape window.  To get a better view, he popped the window open.  Bracing against a freezing blast of air, he pushed his head out.  "Right below us," he called.  "What's that ?"
"It's them!" Hampton yelled.  "Two men!"

Flight engineer Tsgt Bob Hoak, in charge of the rescue hoist, knew that the powerful blasts from the rotor blades could push the pair off the ice raft.  The trick was to position the chopper directly above the men.  This would minimize the turbulence.  Hoak realized they would have to do it right the first time.    "Lower Five," he called to Hampton at the controls. "Right  Five..." Crouched beside Hoak, Wassuta pointed to the men in the rolling slush.  They were motionless.

   "God, they look bad," Hoak said.  "Get to them Fast.  Forward ten. Right Fifteen." Everyone tensed.  "Hold hover," Hoak called.  With a thumbs-up signal, he signaled Wasssuta out the cargo door.

As he neared the thrashing sea, Wassuta slipped off the hoist seat and splashed into the water.  Neither of them looked at him.  Quickly he hooked a safty line to Marv.  Next, straining in the cold, Wassuta maneuvered Ken into the hoist seat.

   "Okay," Wassuta yelled above the roar of the chopper.  "We'll haul you up one at a time."  He gave Hoak a thumbs-up sign.

As the hoist seat jerked upward toward the chopper, Ken slipped off it -- just three feet from the cargo door.  Held only by a thin chest strap, he dangled like someone on a gallows.  Maybe we're too late, Wassuta thought.  But grabbed by the shoulders, Ken was dragged inside the chopper.  Heating pads were stuffed in his armpits and along his groin.  Then Marv was hauled in and placed near the chopper's heaters.

"Two survivors aboard!"  Hoak called jubilantly into the intercom.  On the trip to Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Marv suffered violent tremors and Ken drifted in and out of consciousness as oxygen was administered.  Marv's body temperature was 94 degrees Fahrenheit at the hospital, Ken's, 90 -  a hairsbreadth from coma.  The harrowing ordeal in the icy waters had lasted 42 minutes.

Miraculously, neither suffered long-term injury, and both left the hospital after only three days.  Later, they would learn that the new ELT had gotten wet and stopped working.  It was the battered old ELT that actually signaled their position.  Every year on March 5, the two men and a group of their friends gather for a "survival party," and toast the ELT that hangs from the ceiling of Latitude 62 Lodge, the hotel Marv and his wife, Jane, now own.

They look back on their experience with awe.  "Alaska is a tough land that teaches you how to be strong and independent,:  Marv Milam says.  "But then you run into something like Ken and I did, and you learn all over again that, no matter how tough you think you are, there are always times then you need someone else.

On 5-23-90 Jane wrote the following letter to my mother

Dear Grandma,

Hope all is well with you.  Wish you were here. Just a short note to tell you what we are up to and to bore you with a few stories about our adventure.

We are at the Norton Sound ... near Nome, Alaska.  We are surrounded by big icebergs and it is very cold.  We had a helicopter go ahead of us to point out a route mostly ice free.  The sea is very calm and we are easing our way Northward.  We had taken lots of photos and videos of the ice.  Each is a unique sculpture, making us feel so small and fragile.  The cracking and moaning sounds as if we are becoming an anchor. Little time is spent on deck as the temperature is freezing.  Aileron (our dog) runs from the wheel house where he quickly learned is the center of all excitement to the anchor, barking out at the ice, birds and waves.  Never a dull moment.  As the seas go rough, I go HORIZONTAL.  I am not the sailor as Marvin is, but still must keep to my duties.  I had rather be in the engine room rather than the galley.  Night never comes to the North so our watches in the wheel house are no longer dark and lonely.  Sea life abounds and we are never far from running to the wheel house or to the upper deck for viewing and video taping.  Marv will bore you with lots of new Alaska VCR tapes. Marv has said many times "I should be paying someone to allow me to do this".  We are having a ball and each moment is an ADVENTURE. Birds are so abundant here, reflecting on the life cycle supply of the food chain.  When the herring catch is great so are the number of birds.  A heavy vessel with lots of birds as escort tells everyone that
one fisherman is happy with his catch today.  My favorite birds never tire of entertaining us.  Several are so filled with the abundant bounty of the fish that their bellies will not allow them to become airborne.  Wings turn into flippers as they rapidly row to freedom out of the path of our boat.  We are their fan club, we often bet on their ability to get to safety, but none have failed yet.  Eagles served  as our sentries in Prince William Sound, as
we sat at the site of the 89 oil spill.  Our very first opening found us overflowing with fish... 90 tons.  What a way to start the 90 season.  The season was only 20 minutes lone.  These guys wait all year for 20 that minute opportunity.  One of our guys had 90 tons in his net only to have it snagged on a rock, as soon as an opening appeared in his net the fish played follow the leader and within ten minutes his net was empty; so sad.

Excitement is thick in the air; each fisherman secretly runs to his pre-selected fishing area and slides his/her nets into the cold Arctic water... praying for the biomass to be deep and mature.  The eggs are the source of great demand by the Japanese market, so each school is tested before the nets are set in place.  This is
to insure that the eggs are at the height of their maturity, but not too mature.  This is the $64,000 question.  Are the Herring ready?  Not to early, not too late.  We move with the weather, as the herring return to shore rocks and kelp to deposit their fragile eggs.  We hope for deep water as the rocks are dangerous to the vessel.  If
deep water is not in our favor, we hope for sand or mud. Several hours we have rested on the sand bar, waiting for the tide to come in and raise us, to float again. Patience and the resulting sensation of gradually floating again, until we can move under our own power.

Once the fish are in the boat, the work becomes and we forget that our feet ache or that sleep is something in the distant past.  The job is always wet, the deck is covered with water.  Rain gear is a our business suit that we wear.  Often it is the weather that we are hiding from.  The Arctic snow and rain are bone chilling.  On
other days we are bored and so retreat to our VCR, movies or light reading. Newspapers are non-existent; radio programs are rare and than full of static.  All vessels welcome the rare opportunity to stop in and chat or come over for coffee. This life is not unlike a big family back when communications were treasured.  Our
floating fish processors are like a big city to us; we see many new faces within 200 feet of us.  Our floating city is composed to mostly happy people who share in each others success or failure.  One second we are celebrating a once in a lifetime catch; and the next second everyone is sad over a snagged net or a dropped anchor.  At sea everyone is equal, the feeling of family is unique out here.  The voice of the weather lady is a constant source of information, not only about the weather but with the results of a fish catch in other regions.  Then we start wondering,"Should we have gone there instead of here"?  We are constantly waiting out the storms, but this gives us the welcome opportunity to visit and have coffee with the others in our floating city.  On sunny days and calm seas, we take our skiff to the beach and comb its shores.  Aileron loves to slide in the snow.  We love to get out feet on solid ground, to look for treasures lost by the Japanese fishing vessels and by our fellow herring

National Geographic should be paying us as we explore this beautiful land and sea area.  Today we eased the vessel into the ice pack to peep at over 100 walrus.  Their heavy tusks just turn to stare at us as if to say, "What are you doing in our sunroom"?  Their hind flippers often reach up to stretch their tough, wrinkled skin.  I long for a good telephoto lens so that I might take some good pictures of them.  The ones that show any fear of us are the smaller ones.  When they caught sight of us they would slide into one of the many pools in the ice pack and then would bobb their heads to keep track of us.  The five mile ice pack that surround this santuary insures that
not vessel will get very close to them.  Some of these islands are so populated with walrus that special permits are required to travel even three miles from it.  Our ship (the Triton) sometimes nudged the ice into a massive spinning island.  Sometimes it yielded to us, but most times we respectfully gave it the right of way.

I will not talk long of the days when the ocean is showing its strength.  These days only aid in our appreciation for the lake-like days that we thrive on; well, must get to work.  Will get this on the helicopter to take to shore.
(We are at Latitude 64.. Arizona is 32... quite a difference?)


                                                              Marv and Jane
Grandma wrote this postscript

   Marvin called me on 6-6-90 and said that they hauled 600,000 pounds of fish; that he was as far North as he could go, that it would take him 5 days to travel back to Bristol Bay; that he would wait for the Salmon run to start about 6-20-90.
              INDIANA  CENSUS RECORDS  FROM 1790 TO 1910

Indiana was included in the 1790 Ohio Territory Area.  Indexes exist
for 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870

1790 Kentucky Census

Moses Milam             Fayette County
     1800 Kentucky Census

Ambrose                           Madison
Archibald Milam (Mileham)         Woodford County
George                            Shelby
Jarvis                            Madison
Moses                             Franklin
Stephen                           Madison
Thomson                           Nelson
              1810 Kentucky Census

Ambrose Milam           Benjamin            Jarvis
Moses Milam             John

              1820 Kentucky Census

Ambrose Milam           Benjamin            Jarvis

              1830 Kentucky Census

Benjamin Milam                    Ld-Ga
George                            Shel
Ambrose                           Cumb

                          INDIANA 1830 CENUS

NAME                              COUNTY

Anthony Milam                     Green
George                            Green
George                            Owen
Jarvis                            Sullivan
John                              Green
Zachariah                         Ripl
WILLIAM       (Born 1794)         Sullivan

                          INDIANA 1840 CENUS

NAME                              COUNTY

Anthony Milam                     Green
George                            Green
George                            Owen
James                             Monroe
Jarvis                            Sullivan
R.                                Jefferson
Sarah                             Crawford
Walker A.                         Sullivan
Zachariah                         Dear
WILLIAM                           Sullivan
Edward Milan                      Warren

Film 442951 p. 298 Gill Township   1850 Indiana Census

John F. Milam           age 26              born at Virginia

Obediah Milam               29                      Kentucky
Mary                        25                      Virginia
William B.                  8                       Kentucky
John R.                     6                       Kentucky
Joseph                      4                       Kentucky
Soloman A.                  2                       Indiana
Stephen                    6/12                     Indiana
Varmuel                    22                       Indiana

         INDIANA 1850 CENUS

NAME                              COUNTY
Alvira Milam                      Mcnr Beaufat Dear
Francis W.                        Green
George                            Green
George                            Owen
George                            Owen
George                            Monroe
Harry                             Sullivan
Harry                             Sullivan
Hirum                             Sullivan
Jarvis                            Sullivan
JOHN                              Sullivan
John                              Green
John                              Dear
Margret                           Fela
Mary                              Fela
Miller                            Sullivan
Nancy                             Kacx
Chadiah                           Sullivan
Thomas                            Oven
WILLIAM                           Kacx
WILLIAM                           Green
WILLIAM                           Flcy

                    1850 CARROL CO.  ARKANSAS

Samual Milam            age 58                        born S. Car
Burrus                      28                             Tenn
Edward S.                   35                             Tenn
Brice                       26                             Tenn


NAME                    NAME

John Milaham            William   Milaham
Alfn Milam              Benjamin C. Milam
Dicey Milam             James W. Milam
John Milam              John K. Milam
Lindsey                 Mary
Moses                   Rachel
Simeon                  William
William H.              Harrison Milam
John Milan              Margaret Milan
Mary Milam              Robert Milan
William Milan

                         1860 Indiana Census

John MIlam              Wabash Co. P. 168   Noble Township

William                 Tippecano p. 913    Lafayettee TnSp

                        1860 Franklin Co. ARk

Thomas E. Milam         age 50              born  S. Car

                         1860 Illinois Census

Film 803200   William Milam       Logan Co. p. 291  Elkhart Prec.
Film 803229   John MIlam          Shelby Co. p. 409 O'Conner P.O.

                        1860 Texas Cenus

B. Milam                Travis Co.          Austin Tx
B. B.                   Young               Fort Belnap
Ben                     San Augus           San Augustin
Colin                   Montague            Montague P.O.
E.                      Fannin              Garnett Blu
Eliza S.                Grayson             Sherman P.O.
Elizabeth               Andersun            Magnolia P.O
John                    Andersun            Magnolia P.O.
M.L.                    Fannin              Bonham P.O.
Napoleon                Montague            Montague P.O.
Robert A.               Grayson C.          Sherman P.O.
S.A.                    Bexar               San Antonia
Avery                   Van Zandt           Edom
W.H.                    Cass                Hickory Hill
William                 Fannin              Bonham P.O.
R. C.                   Marion              Hickory Hill

                          INDIANA 1860 CENUS

NAME          COUNTY                   NAME           COUNTY

Henery        Sullivan                 James         Sullivan
John          Bartholom                John          Green
JOHN F.       Sullivan  (born 1824)    John S.       Green
John W.       Monroe                   Louisa J.     Monroe
Rosan         Sullivan                 Samuel        Sullivan
Susannah      Monroe                   Walker S.     Sullivan
Bridget       Jefferson                H. B.         Crawford
Patrick       Spencer                  Anna          Wabash
Joel          Wabash                   John          Wabash
Joseph        Wabash                   Issaac O.     Allen
John          Benton                   Michael       Boone
William       Tippecano                A. S.         Sullivan
Andrew        Sullivan                 Bluford       Sullivan
Bluford       Bartholom                Bridget       Floyd
Elijah        Sullivan                 F.  W.        Monroe
George        Sullivan                 H.  L.        Sullivan

1860 Indiana Census film 803298 p. 806

John F. Milam           age 36              born at Indiana
Perlina                     27                      Indiana
Rufus                        8                      Indiana
Isobel                       6                      Indiana
John P.                      2                      Indiana
Julia Parks                 17                      Indiana
James H. MIlam               3                      Indiana

Rosan MIlam                 57                      Kentucky
Rebecca                     26                      Indiana
William                     18                      Indiana
Andrew                      12                      Indiana

Samuel Milam                36                      Indiana
Caroline                    24                      Indiana
William Henery               4                      Indiana
John S.                     21                      Indiana
Austen Lake                 12                      Indiana
Henery Milam                30                      Indiana
Erminina                    22                      Indiana
S. S. Milam                 21                      Indiana
Martha                      18                      Indiana
Andrew MIlam                30                      Indiana
Theodoria                   25                      Indiana
Herery                       2                      Indiana

1860 Census Marion Co. Ark.

B. Milum                age 38 born Tenn.  Elizabeth 38 Tenn
Thomas D.                   18                   Ark
Huldy                       16                   Ark
Nancy                       14                   Ark
C. Milum                    48                   Tenn
Sussana                     47                   Tenn
Calvin                      18                   Tenn
Bartly                      17                   Tenn
Amando                      13                   Tenn
Mariam                      13                   Tenn

Book 1860 Christian Co. Illinois

     Henry Milam        age 40 born Ky
     Mary E.            age 26
     Emily                   3
     Susan                   1
     Nancy              age 50

                   INDIANAPOLES INDIANA 1870 CENUS

NAME                              COUNTY

John S. Milan                     Marion

1880 Indiana Census - Various Counties - Milam Line  Two cohort gps

Name                    age       county

William                 29        Sullivan
John                    52        Sullivan
Charles                 36        Clark
John W.                 25        Knox
William                 52        Cook - Illinois
Fred                    58        Allen
Henery B.               53        Sullivan
Jarvis                  23        Sullivan
Noah                    25        Jennings
Humphey                 54        Harrison
William H.              37        Hendricks
John F.                 55        Sullivan
John P.                 22        Sullivan
Rufus O.                28        Sullivan
John S.                 22        Sullivan
Rufus M.                18        Sullivan
James                   13        Sullivan

1880 Census shows two Cohort groups

A  (35-60)              B (13-34)

Fred          1822      William   1851

John F        1825      Rufus O.  1852

Humphry       1826      John W.   1855

Henery B.     1827      Noah      1855

William       1828      Jarvis    1857

John          1828      John P.   1858

William H.    1643      Rufus M.  1862

Charles       1843      James     1867

                          1880 Chiago Census

Film 1254188  William Milam  p. 508

                        1900 Soundex. INDIANA

Pearl Milam born 1891, age 9                Sullivan Co.

R. M. Milam born 1836, age 39
  Wife: Anna born  1865, age 34
  Son: William D. born Dec 1886 age 14
  Dau: Carsue Cloe born 1888 age 11

W. H. Milam born 1856 age 43
   Wife: Susan born 1872 age 28
   Son: Huley born 1899 age 1

Film 1374003            1910 Ind. Census

Stephen Milam from Shelby Co. Ky; Marrried Martha (Nash) Milam
  Settled in Indiana in 1815, had seven children, both died in 1822
Elija, son of Stephen was born in January 1809 in Shelby Co. Ky
  Settled in Sullivan Co. Indiana, Married Ann A. McCandless
  on 16 Feb 1837, they had ten children

              Greenup A.                    Elija A.
              Elizabeth H                   Joseph P.
              Livilla D.                    Jennie
              Margaret                      Charles T.
              Ida                           Jacob B.

              HISTORY OF TEXAS; Film M-309 p. 708-709

Jefferson Milam born in 1802 in Ky, and died in Texas in 1844, Married
   Eliza McKinney

Scott son of Jeffererson was born in Bowie Co. Texas on 8 January 1840
   married Bettie Knott on 24 December 1868

     Pearl married William Fejden

Book - History of Sullivan Couty: 1884 by Thomas J. Wolfe
   (not found yet, need for reference)

                           Indiana History

Humphery Milam born 14 February 1566 died 1 May 1667
   Wife: Mary
Children:  Mary, Constance, Sarah, Abigail, Hannah

1800 Indiana Territory was organized.  The first counties to be
organized were Knox, Harrixon, Switzeland and Clark.  Settlers came
from Virginia, Kentucky and North and South Carolina.

Sullivan County Historical Society
P.O. Box 326
Sullivan Co. In. 47882

Green County Historical Society
265 E. Mechanic Street
Bloomfield, In. 47424

Book - Milam Bible Records in Kentucky

Benjiman Milam Born 27 Jan 1781 at Logan Co. Ky.
died 11 Nov 1866
Married Charity Milam - died 12 Aug 1831
Jan born 18 Oct 1803 died 11 Nov 1866
Jervis born 26 Dec 1805 died 23 Dec 1878
Clavin born 19 Sep 1808 died Dec 1879
Elizabeth born 14 Feb 1811 died 14Sep 1835
William born 25 Jan 1813
Jessie born 30 May 1815 died 11 July 1853
Nancy born 23 May 1817 died 20 Nov 1891
Lucy born 21 June 1819

Cemetary Records Sullivan Co. Indiana

Elijah W. Milam died in civil war in Tenn. on 7 Mar 1857 age 33

John H. Milam born 2 Nov 1802 died 13 April 1851

John N. Milam born 1 Oct 1801 died 1 Sept 1887 age 34

Charles Milam died 3 March 1883  26 years old.

Ben Milam born 6 Aug 1913 died 11 March 1945
Killed in Action  age 26

John E. Milam died 15 Jan 1945  Killed in action

Film M 0309   Milam Family of Ky P. 708 - 709
              (noone in family line found)

Book - Dallas Texas Records

W.B. Milam died in 1866
Married Elizabeth Harless
Nancy A
John born in Tenn

 Book - Knox Co. Indiana

B.Y. born in Tenn
B.Y. son of W. B. Milam
married Joicie Parker in 1871
Nancy and Charles H.
John W. Milam born 1 March 1855 died 9 Sept 1897
Ida C. Milam born 7 Feb 1855 died 6 July 1897
Ida May  dau of J.W. and Ida Milam died 21 Mar 1889
Raymond Milam died 10 Sept 1881 age 2 years


Film 541,322                                October 91
Elijah Milam  b. 1809 Sullivan Co. In.

History of Green and Sullivan Co. In. p. 755

Book - Milam family U.S. B 2 5              October 91
Family migration as shown by 1860 census
Marion Co., Arkansas   Ancestral notes, vol 6, no. 5  p. 120

Book - Milam Family U.S. B 2 5              October 91
Family migrations as shown by Census records.
Ancestral notes, Vol. 7, no. 4  p. 95

Book - Milam Family U.S. B 2   2 6          October 91
Humphrey Milam, of Boston, Mass.  Will 1966
New England Historical and Genealogical Register
vol. 15, p. 326; vol. 16, p. 56-57

Book - Milam Family M 682  Bk 56  Sec 7     October 91
John Milam, b. abt. 1725, of Fairfax Co. Va.
and some descendants.  and a ancestral line.
book 56, sec7, p. 8-15

Film M0 309                                 October 91
Milam family of Kentucky
History of Texas p. 708 - 709

Book - Milham (Milam) family  FH M59H       October 91
Jordan Milam (Milam) and the descendants of
his son - John Milam 1978  Research by Hockey, Eynice Chandler
for South Carlina, KY, and Texas

Book - Milam Family C 12M                   October 91
Milam Family in Texas and Mo.

Book - Milam Family U.S. Ken Y 2  5         Ocotober 91
Kentucky pioneers and their deceadents
p. 105 - 107
Book - Milam Family U.S. Ken V 29 1         October 91
Milam family Bible records Kentucky
vol 10 p. 7-8

Book - Milam Family U.S. Texas D3 4         October 91
Biographies from lone star state p. 443

Film M - 0155  Perrin W. H.                 October 91
Kentucky data p. 818 - 819  box 8 p. 514

Pamplett - Milam (Mileham) Family F.H. M59W  Oct. 91
Research by Wilbansk, Rober M. IV  49 pages
The history of a southern family

DESCRIPTION OF SOURCE                                 DATE OF SEARCH

Film 177 History of Kentucky 1887                     October 91

Ben C. Milam born 1 July 1821 at Franklin Co. Ky.
Married Martha Shockley born 20 November 1848
John W. born 1859

Father: John Milam from Virginia
Mother: Lucy Bradley from Scott Co. Ky.  John T. Milam born 17 March
1832 at Benson or Franklin Co. Ky
Married Elizabeth
died 5 November 1875 age 43
John M. Milam, son of J. T. MIlam and Elizabeth
born at Jeffersonville, Ia on 26May 1856
Married Katie M. Moore on 24 Oct. 1882
died 22 Sept. 1903  age 47
Ben Tecumseh Milam, son of J.T. Milam and Elizabeth
born 20 Nov. 1875 at Oldham Co. Ky.
died 13 June 1915

Fish 139,5759  Batch 8466003 Sheet 05                 October 91
William Milam  born 22 April 1832 in Green Co. In.
Married Elizabeth Case

Computer File - IGI                                   October 91
John F. Milam born 2 Sept. 1862 at Marion Co. Grant Indiana
Married Pelinah Jones.
sources: film 1881, 1969, 1956. 195, 1959. 17772, 17786
Computer file - IGIA                                   October 91
Archibald Milam born in Herderson Co. Tn. 1850

Computer file - IGI                                   October 91
William Milam is listed in Knox, Floyd and Green Co. Indiana

Book in Section Texas                                 October 91
Thomas Monroe Milam son of James L. Milam
Born 22 June 1875 at Rock Springs Texas Died 8 June 1942 at Ft.
Stockton Texas

Book - U.S. Ind. Knox Co. V 2 2 1 Cemetary records    Oct 91

Book - Ind x 2 1  1820 Knox Co. Census                Oct 91 Film 1881
Oct 91

Film 1969                                             Oct 91

DESCRIPTION OF SOURCE                                 DATE OF SEARCH

Fiche - 6017912  Sullivan Co.  Ind. Cemeteries        Oct 91 Fiche -
6046736 4 ea  V-2 Sullivan Co. Cemeteries     Oct 91

Film - 1392,993  Sullivan Co. Ind. Probate Records    Oct 91
Film - 588952 Protestant Church Records               Oct 91

Film - 1, 266, 797 item 8 Marriage Green Co. Ind.     Oct 91

Film 541, 322 First Weddings in Green Co. Ind p. 186  Oct 91

Film 1, 266, 794 Death Records in Green Co. Ind.      Oct 91

Film 849, 929 item 3 Death Records in Green Co. Ind.  Oct 91

Fiche 604,6717 2 ea Marriage Records Sullivan Co.Ind. Oct 91

Death         Division of Vital Records
Birth         State Board of Healths
Marriage      1330 W. Michigan Street     copies cost $4.00
Records       Indianapolis, In. 46206

Film M0309 Milam Family of Kentucky

Archibald Milam - Grand Father

Child - Jefferson b. 1802 Ky  D. 1844 Tx
        m. Eliza Mckinney Fa. Collin B. 1766 Del.  D. 1861 Tx
Jeff and Eliza had Ten Children

Child Dr Scott Milam B. 8 Jan 1840 Bowie Co. Tx
       M. Betty Knott 24 Dec 1868
         Lue Book:

   Sullivan Co. Ind., Early Marriage Records, 1815-1857
   By Charles M. Franklin  Pub: Indianoplis Ind. Ye Olde
   Genealogy Shopee C. 1984

   Fiche 6331353; 6046718; 6046609; 6017587l 6051134       Nov 91
      Biographies and Vital records of Indaiana

Fiche 6331353 Early Settler in Knox and Sullivan Co. Ind
      need to order from Salt Lake

Film 07642  William Milam Hancock Co. P.175
          (wrong age)

A S I  Search for William Milam  for 1810  (all had wrong age)

Wilkes Co. N.C. P. 280
Laurens Dist S.C. p.023
Madison Co. Al
1840 Hancock Co. Il. p. 175 (This William in Hancock IL is the same one who lived in Greene Co Indiana 1830)
Franklin Co. Ky p. 300
Marshall Co. Va. p. 256
Laurens JCo. S.Co. p. 018 Film 207694
Ind. Bible Records Nov 91
Film 599834             Ind. Cemetary Records
Film 207694             Ind. Cemetary Records
Film 1303021            1900 Ind. Census

William Milam 1850 Census
Film 029710 Berkley Co. Va P. 349
Film 444860 Henderson Co. Tn. p. 215
Film 444944 Kanawho Co. Va p. 079
Film 70065  Fayette Co. Ga. 009
Film 444860 Henderson Co. In. p. 291
Film 444863 Wayne Co. Tn.  p. 237
Film 442871 Laurrance Co. AL. p. 389
Film 444944 Kanawho Co. Va. p. 126
Film 444860 Henry Co. TN. p. 403
Film 44818 Laurence Co. S.C. p. 240

 1860 & 1870  Search for John Milam
Film 805246 Davidson Co. Tn. Nashville p. 371
Film 830430 Scott Co. Mn. Spring Lake p. 07
Film 805256 Henry Co. Tn P. 403
     Gideon age 61
     Susan  age 57
     G.B.   age 30
     Eliza      30
     James      40
     Mary       36   and 10 kids
Film 541,3227  Indiana Vital Records
Film 139,2993  Indiana Vital Records

                  Films completed on 13 Nov 91
599080  Church Records in German - can't read
540238 History of Vigo Co. Ind.
207694  Blackfoot Co. Ind. History
873778  Early Ind.  Marriage Records
 FISHE 604,6717 Marriage Records of Sullivan Co. Ind.  1850-1902

30 June 1894  - Samuel Brown and Carrie Milam
10 Oct 1850 - John A. Milam and Adaline Correli
15 March 1851 - Samuel D. Milam and Caroline Hollenback
29 July 1851 - JOHN F. MILAM  and PELINA A. JONES by C. R. Busk M.G.
              Grandfather Milam the father of James Harvey Milam
9 Feb 1852 - Elisha Milam and Nancy Jane McClellan
28 Nov 1891 - Jan N. Milam and Rosella Riggle
27 Mar 1892 - Wm. H. Milam and Susannah Hyatt
28 Feb 1896 - Elmer Milam and Clara McCammon
Charles H. Milam        Mary E. Spencer     17 July 1896
George W. Broderick     Josephine Milam     24 Jan 1896
William H. Milam        Susannah Hyatt      27 Mar 1891
Ulyses G. Milam         (can't read)        3 Nov 1891
Jas. N. Milam           Rosella Riggle      28 Nov 1891
Joh W. MIlam            (the clerk)         Aug of 1891
Rufus Milam             Anna Mason          27 Mar 1886
Hammet H. Milam         Rlora R. Clark      20 Aug 1883
Ellie R. Milam          Rena Catlin         11 Apr 1883
John F. Bledsoe         Anna Milam          17 Aug 1881
Geo D. Rader            Anna Gerdink        18 Sep 1880
John P. Milam           Josephine Scott     8 Jul 1878
Charles P. Milam        Ursula J. Shawn     10 Feb 1877
Henery R. Milam         Josephine Webb      19 Dec 1873
William Milam           Sarah I. Weir       17 Dec 1873
Rufus O. Milam          Mary E. Scott       3 Jan 1871
Anthony S. Milam        (the clerk)         Dec of 1870
John E. Milam           Mary Sousman        1 Apr 1866
Anthony S. Milam        Lucretia Rose       10 Mar 1866
William Wilam           Rhonda Chinweth     10 Oct 1865
James A. Milam          Caroline Milam      3 July 1865
Joseph Carmen           Docia Milam         24 Sept 1863
Henry R. Milam          Armina Webb         14 Feb 1857
Anthony S. Milam        Martha E. Webb      29 Oct 1859
Andrew Milam            Theodora Milam      21 Sept 1854
Durham Milam            Elizabeth South     14 Nov 1853

                     Kentucky Marriages

John Milam              Fanmny Spence       24 Dec 1811
Henry Milam             Luretta             24 Feb 1842
Obediah Milam           Cherry Charlotte    14 Mar 1842
Capt Ben Milam          Martha Jane Shockly 21 Nov 1840
Arichibald Milam        born 12 Apr 1808

1900  Indiana Census Milam Line  (Soundex M450)

Allen Co.

Frederick     Christina

Elkhart Co.


Green Co.


Knox Co.

Medis G.      Murial    Otto      David     Clyde     Emma J
Frederick     Ira       John      Lee       Lucy

Lake Co.


Marion Co.

Meda          C.B.      George    John

Madison Co.

Minnie        Julie

Mason Co


Owen Co.


Jackson Co.


Sullivan Co.

Pearl         R.M.      Bettie    Charles   Frank     Henery B.
John S.       Jonathon  Joseph

Spencer Co.


Switzerland Co.

James P.

Vigo Co.

Elmer         James Harvery

Wabash Co.

Noah          Catherine           Levi      Joel D.   Elizabeth

Vanduburg Co.

Amando        Caroline            Idie

A History of Sullivan Co.  by  Thomas J. Wolfe

Another prominent family whose residence was in Kentucky prior to the settlement in Sullivan County was the Milams.  Henry R.. Milam  is one of the conspicuous and aged representatives of this family still living in Gill Township.  Several heads of families bearing that name came from Kentucky to the vicinity of Carlisle about the close of the war of 1812-1815, and the family relationship has always been large in the county.

Henry R. Milam, the oldest member of the Odd Fellows Lodge at Carlisle, and a farmer lives in Gill Township and is a native of Sullivan Co.  He was born 27 Feb 1826; he is the son of Ambrose Milam and Sarah Mason.  Ambrose was born in Kentucky but Sarah was a native of Sullivan County.  Henry became a farmer and he owned several hundred acres.  He married three times; his first wife was Armina Webb and they had two sons, both died in their infancy.  By his second wife he had two sons, one of them was Josephus C.  On 5 Feb 1874 he married his third wife, Josephine Webb who was born in Gill Township, Sullivan Co. on 2 August 1851.  She is the daughter of Mathias A. Webb, who was born in New York in 1814 and died here on 1 Sept 1892, and Caroline Fairchild who was born in Sullivan Co. Gill Township on 10 Feb 1825 and died her on 5 Sept 1904 .

Henry and Josephine had the following children.

Charles H. born 7 Nov 1874
Robert M. born 20 Oct 1876 died 9 May 1893
Carrie E. born 17 Jan 1874
Webb born 11 Jan 1881
an infant born 8 July 1885
Bonnie born 27 Aug 1888
Hattie J. 4 Apr 1891 died 24 Mar 1897.
Will of WILLIAM MILAM found in Final Probate  - Sullivan Co. In.
Court "A" Aug 1845 -Nov 1857 page 73

Jarvis Milam - Inventory

Rosan Milam - Widow
John E. Milam - Witness
signed 23 Nov 1855
 Names mentioned in Will
    Roseann Mason, James M. Mason
    Henry R. Milam
    Robert Massey, William Hollenback
    Milams were: John, Andrew, Samuel, Anthony, James, Stephen, Henry

    Dec 1855 Disbursement Jarvis Milam

Estate of William Milam
 Order Book A  page 27, 29  Feb 1850-Mar 1853 Sullivan Co. In.

"Western Sun" earliest newspaper Vincennes In.
    Estate of Stephen Milam  George Boone, Administrator
    John N. Milam, Lee Milam, James Dooley and James Lane: guardian of Elijah Milam    signed 28 Nov 1828

Children of Jarot Booker and Elizabeth Crist

Deed bk K-10 page 423, Sullivan Co. In, received for record, 5 May
This indenture made this fourth day of Feb 1828 between Edmund Bokes and Anna his wife of Sull. Co., of the one part and John A.  Booker, Mary Mathews, James B. Booker, Catherine Ingle (husband John), Susanah Milam, Keziah Menefield, William J. Booker, Nancy Milam, Albert Booker, Levine Booker, Levena JBooker, herin at law of Jarot Booker, late of same county......
John Milam writes:
I believe Susannah Milam is wife of John Milam who is son of Stephen;
I believe Nancy is wife of Lee Milam who is the son of Stephen

Sun, 13 Apr 1997
To: milam@earthlink.net
From: rmwiv@getnet.com (Robert M. Wilbanks IV)
Subject: Re: Milam Family Research

Hi Mike,

Great to hear from you again.  Will try to quickly respond to your e-mail:
(Mike's letter)
Dear Robert:
I am writing to update you on some things I have located and get your feedback on what I have so far.

I am investigating the fact that William may be correct on the names of his grandparents.  So I am hunting up a William Milam who could be the father of George and an Anthony Crafton who could be the father of Jane
Crafton.  My little paragraph taken from Joseph Holbrook Auto, 68:1  says:  "I William Milam, son of George Milam, son of William Milam, my mother's name as Jane Crafton, daughter of Anthony Crafton, was born in
Spencer County, Kentucky March 18, 1789...."

I found a couple of possibilities and the most likely I located in William and Mary Quarterly,  second series, volume 1 page 131 and volume 2 page 86.  W.S. Morton writes "Charlotte County Virginia Revolutionary
Officers and Soldiers ...1777   The following made application for supplies, represented as 'being very poor;-' ...  6.  Mrs.Milam, the wife of a poor soldier from this county in the continental service."v1 p 131 and "1779...20.  William Milam, a soldier in continental army, had recently died, --his widow, Margaret, was furnished with supplies."

I am researching him as the most likely candidate for William's grampy because I found a record in Some Virginia Marriages 1700-1799, book 18, page 14, listing George Milum and Jinsey Crafton, 18 Nov 1795, Charlotte County VA.

Margaret either died or remarried quickly because I do not find her on tax lists.

I need to go to Laguna Niguel to check the Revolutionary War Pension films as the Santa Monica library is missing films for both Milam and Crafton.  Am I the lucky one or what?

I found an abstract on an Anthony Crafton: "S 16351, VA Line, appl 10 Sep 1832 Spencer Cty KY aged 85, sol lived in Lunenburg Cty VA at enl, sol was b 1747 in King William Cty VA & moved to Lunenburg Cty VA in
1771 & in 1784 sol moved to state of SC & later moved back to Charlotte Cty VA in 1785 & lived there until 1796 or 1797 then moved to Ky & lived there in Lincoln, Nelson, Shelby & about.  Mar 1832 moved to Spencer Cty Ky."

I want to see if this Anthony had a family in those places if they are not listed in his pension file.  He is in the right places at the right time.  It looks like a marriage at age 85 is listed but it might not be a first marriage and maybe his children will be listed in his file but the abstract probably would list them..

I found two Anthony Craftons in the 1820 Shelby Ky census that list one male over 45 and one female 10-16, one female over 45.  The other Anthony is 16-26 and is alone.

TLC Books of Miami lists a 1760 Virginia reconstructed census published 1996.  I am going to look for Milams in that book and hope it give some info about the illusive William and Margaret.  I have ordered deed, will
etc books for Charlotte Cty VA on film and they will slowly appear at the local family history library and that will probably give similar info.

I found another William Mileham, "S41878, PA Line, appl 27 Feb 1819 Dauphin Co PA aged 61. sol  had enl Philadelphia PA, in 1820 sol had a wife Anna aged about 59 & 4 daughters all married;  Mary 35, Sarah 31,
Ann 29, & Jane aged 23 & 3 sons; Joseph 30, William 26 & John aged 22.  No George here and George is in his mid-fourty's, so this William  is not William's grandpa."

On goes the search.  John is still the father I have listed for George, but I am exploring these other options.  Thank you for any advise or assistance you can give me.

The best to you and yours,

Michael D. Milam
 Robert continues...

You sure bring up some good points, new information, and new possibilities.  You seem to be on a very plausible track and I would definitely encourage  you to go with it.  When I have time, I will sift through my information, and see what I have that may be of help to you.

If George was the son of William Milam, and if Jane was a Crafton and not a Crampton, it could really through a wrench in the works.

I can tell you right now that there is no pension application for a William Milam who served in Revolutionary War from Virginia.  But if you can find an application for Anthony Crafton, it could prove most helpful.  The abstract
you found for Anthony Crafton shows a pattern similar to the Milams, as they too were in Lunenburg County, Virginia for awhile, as well as the record of a William Milam and a couple of others from Charlotte County.  Also, the Milams were in Shelby County, Kentucky.

The William Mileham of Pennsylvania is of a different clan altogether and not connected to our Milams of Virginia.

Good luck on your search, and I greatly look forward to hearing about anything that you find.

Most Sincerely,

Robert M. Wilbanks IV

Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 05:44:06 -0700
To: milam@earthlink.net
From: Mark and Jacki Riffey <Mark_Riffey@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: Milam Search

Mark and Jacki Riffey wrote:

 My Milam search has dead ended in the 1800's in Pittsylvania County,  VA.   Do you know of John Thomas Milam b c 1860-70 in that area?


Jacki Riffey

Good to hear from you.  My direct Milam line left VA about 1796-7 for KY and 1819 went to IN.  Here are some real Milam experts that have very kindly assisted me in my Milam search:

        Presley Smith  psmith@dink.rsn.hp.com

        "William H. Douglas"  douglas@icanect.net

        Robert M. Wilbanks IV   rmwiv@getnet.com

        John Milam  jmilam@asu.campus.mci.net

 I had to include this letter.  Not on the Milam line, but unforgetable.  From  Alexis Kinney Carrington
E-mail: alexiskc@tnp.com

Coordinator of the New York City GenWeb site of the World GenWeb Project

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.  ---G. B. Shaw

 From: "John Wilcox" <jwilcox@viaduct.custom.net>
To: <milam@earthlink.net>
Subject: Milams in Greene and Owen Co., Ind.
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 07:27:05 -0400
Deb and Mike,

 In the book I told you about, pg. 54, when they were building a church in Highland Twp. in Greene Co, it seems they purchased 2 gas lights at Owe and Milam store in Worthington for $9.00 each. I didn't find reference to A.L. Milam on this page except for the Milam name on the store.  I need to talk to some people, I think that should be Owen and Milam Store.  The date of the purchase was April 7, 1920.

 page 65- Hazel Milam was the first librarian @ the Worthington Library, June 1913-May1914.
 *Need to check the Worthington Cemetery listing for the name as well as Lyons and Western Greene Co., Ind.

 Page 328- There is a write-up of Elisha Thomas Mills b. 1796 and his descendants.  His wife Diana Wyatt b. 1796 both born in Halifax Co., Va. came to Owen Co., Ind. 1824, about 4 miles south of Spencer.  Son John
Yancey was born 1824 and he cleared land where Spencer now stands and helped build the first courthouse there.

 In 1847, John Y. Mills married Sarah Jane Milam born 1829, the d/o George Milam, Jr., b. 1805 and Mary Baird Chipman b. 1808.

 George Milam, Jr. and Sr. came from Ky. in 1819 clearing and settling 160 acres in Northeastern Greene Co., (Beech Creek Township, I think).   There is more to this with a picture of the son of this John and Sara Jane
Milam's Mills and his family.  I can take this book to the library and try to get a copy.  Also I can look up the Mills and Milams in the Owen and Greene Co. cemetery books.  I have the Owen and Eastern Greene Co. cemetery
books at home, but would need to check the rest of the cemetery books in Greene Co.   This son married his bride on horseback in front of the Adel Church in Owen Co.  That means they are located in the same area as my Vandeventers and I had 2 of them marry Mills, one married the sister to his sister's husband.  Anyway, in looking up your Mills, I found a little more on mine.

Also I need to check with my 94 yr. old cousin and see if he can remember any of these people.  I haven't seen him since last fall, and need to hurry.

 We are having a storm- got to get off and unplug.

From: "John Wilcox" <jwilcox@viaduct.custom.net>
To: <milam@earthlink.net>
Subject: History of Greene County 1885-1989
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 10:20:19 -0400

 Name of the book in subject, it was published by the:  Greene County, Indiana Historical Society
P. O. Box 301 Bloomfield, Indiana 47424-0301
 I got my copy from them for $35 last summer, and I don't know if they have any more or not.  I have no idea how much the postage would be, it is a good size book.  I looked for the name Mills and Milam in the phone book
and found no Milams and very few Mills.  Seems like there was one in Linton and the rest were in Owen Co. and one in Bloomington.  I didn't find the name Zebulon Hogue in the index, but I have seen or heard that name in my
search of the many records I have poured over in this county.





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