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This page contains edited letters on Milam Family Research.  I have deleted all my incorrect assumptions so as not to confuse you.  I have left all that is of importance in your MILAM Research such as CONTACTS and MILAM FAMILY HISTORY and SOURCES.  These letters are in Chronological order.  If you have the feature, hold down the control key and the "F" key at the same time and type in the name you are searching in the box and press find, that will make up for the fact that this large has no index.




MILAM E-MAIL dated 1-19  APRIL 1998

Subject:  Milam Family
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 21:35:42 -0600
To: <>
 I am researching D. Take "Tobe" Milam (1850-1927) and Sara Armenda? Milam (1854-1929) who are buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Nevada County, AR.  They had at least 4 sons, Willie (White Church C.), Hooper Denman (P. R. Cem.--my great-grandfather), Monroe N. (P.R.C.) and Andrew (Mt. Ephesus), all in Nevada county.  I am wanting to find their ancestors and believe they lived in AR/MS.   I like your web page!

Subject:  Milams in Halifax County, VA
Date:  Fri, 03 Apr 1998 13:24:16 -0400
From: Eric Rodenburg <>
I found your name on the Roots Surname search engine.  I am researching the name of Milam.  It appears that one of my ancestors was Celia Milam who married Joseph M. Wiles in Halifax County Va in 1826.   She was dead before 1846 when Joseph remarried Mary Mylam.  Do you know anything about Celia?  Who might be her parents?  Do you know anything about the name Mylam.  Are they, in fact, related to the Milams?     Any onnectionof these searches to your own research?  I would be happy to share anything I have dug up with you.
    Best Regards,
    Eric Rodenburg

Subject: [MILAM-L] Milams
Date:  Fri, 3 Apr 1998 19:53:40 EST
From:  Cam111 <>

 Hello all,
I love these mailing lists!  And now we have a MILAM list!  Yea!  Thanks Rootsweb.

I have been able to trace my Milams back 7 generations for sure, and probably 9.  I have quite a bit of info on my Milams, and some other lines, and will gladly share what I have.  Just ask, someone on here will know something.

My line goes like this:
        1  John of Virginia Milam
          2     Thomas Milam  (reported father of Coleman)
...         3 Coleman Milam
......  4 Thomas Ferrill Milam, Sr
........          5 Thomas Ferrill Milam, Jr
...........         6 Alonzo Isaac Milam
..............  7 Lonzo Shipman Milam  (my father)
.................         8 Lonzo Oliver Milam  (me)
...................   9 John Oliver Milam  (my son)

My current research objectives are:
1. Add to knowledge/data on my Milams.
2. Verify Coleman Milam's father.
3. Verify the existence (or non-existence) of the connection between the
Boston Milams (ca 1635) and the Virginia Milams (ca 1715).
4. Verify the existence or non-existence of Archibald Milam, possibly the
third brother of the Virginia Milams---John and Thomas.
5. Connect as many Milam lines as possible into one stupendous, magnificent
6. Share my data with other Milam researchers.

I would be interested hearing about the other Milam lines that are represented by members on this mailing list.  Please share the basics of your lines and who/what you are searching for.

Thanks for any help you can provide, Oliver Milam.

Subject: [MILAM-L] Milam
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>
Does anyone have Milams from Northwest Arkansas (especially Franklin Co., AR), Hardin/Franklin Cos., Tenn, or Laurens District, SC?  Thanks, Oliver Milam.

Subject:[MILAM-L] Thomas Milam
Date:  Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>

Hi Chuck,
I'm still looking for info on your Jefferson Milam.  You mentioned Thomas had a 2nd wife.  I wasn't aware of that.  Please fill me in.  Here's what I currently have on Thomas, son of John of Virginia:

Descendants of Thomas Milam
        1       Thomas Milam    b: Abt. 1757 in Virginia                d: 1823 in Stockbridge, Henry
County, Georgia;buried Old Concord Cem
.               +Elizabeth Talbert              m: June 12, 1786 in Halifax County, Virginia
        2       [1] Coleman Milam       b: 1787 in Virginia             d: Abt. 1869 in Hardin County,
....            +Elizabeth Leak         m: Abt. 1808 in Laurens District, South Carolina        d:
Abt. 1837 in Tennessee
                *2nd Wife of [1] Coleman Milam:
....            +Julia A. White         m: Aft. 1833
                *3rd Wife of [1] Coleman Milam:
....            +Jane Harris    b: 1817 in Tennessee    m: 1842 in Tennessee
        2       Wiley Milam     b: Abt. 1788 in Halifax County, Virginia; or Laurens Cty, 96
Dist, SC
        2       daughter1 Milam b: Abt. 1789 in Halifax County, Virginia; or Laurens Cty,
96 Dist, SC             d: Abt. 1895 in Laurens District, South Carolina
        2       daughter2 Milam b: Abt. 1790 in Halifax County, Virginia; or Laurens
County, 96 District, SC
        2       John Milam      b: 1790-1800 in Laurens County, 96 Dist, SC
        2       daughter3 Milam b: Abt. 1795 in Laurens District, South Carolina
        2       daughter4 Milam b: Abt. 1795 in Laurens District, South Carolina
        2       Thomas F. Milam b: Abt. 1797 in Laurens District, South Carolina
....            +D. ? Milam     b: 1805

Subject:  Re: [MILAM-L] Milam
Date:  Sat, 4 Apr 1998 10:43:02 EST
From:  CMILAM06 <>
 My g-g-grangfather, Jefferson Milam, was born in Franklin Co., TN circa 1820. I have confirmation of my clan since then thru MS & the Civil War to Neveda Co., AR in 1880by my g-g-grandfather Daniel Theophilus (Tobe) Milam.

I believe Jefferson's father was John Milam ( of Franklin, Coffee, & later Giles Co., TN).  I believe John to be a half brother of Coleman, by Thomas' 2nd wife Elizabeth Talbert, who Thomas wed circa 1786, in Halifax, VA.  I have not been able to definitly tie John to Jefferson, other than by process of elimination according to census reports from TN in 1830, 40, & ,50, I believe the above to be the case.  Someone must have a list of issue of Thomas & Elizabeth that would be helpful.  There must also be a Milam who could shed some light on John's (Jefferson's sisters) five daughters, Sally, Malinda, Mary, Saminda,& Margaret.

Have you run across any possible tie?
CMILAM06@AOL.COM (Chuck Milam)

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Jefferson Milam
Date:  Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From:   LonzoMilam <>
Hi again Chuck,
The only Jefferson Milam I can find right now is Thomas Jefferson Milam, nephew of Benjamin Rush Milam.  He was born 10-15-1802 in Madison Co., KY. I'm going to keep looking for you Jefferson because his name rings a bell.  Maybe someone else here can help?

Do your Mississippi Milams descend from Jarvis Jackson Milam, and sons Isaac and Benjamin Milam, who served on staff of Jefferson Davis during Civil War?
Take care, Oliver.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Re: Milam's
Date:  Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From:   Cam111 <>
Hi Jerry,
I talked to a Mrs. Donna Phillips last night.  She has been researching the Milams for "19 years."  Her husband is a descendant of James Morrow Milam, Dorcus Rebecca Milam's husband.  Dorcus as you probably recall was full- blooded Cherokee.  She also said that Coleman's first wife, Elizabeth Leak was quarter Cherokee.  Have you ever heard that?  She is sending me some copies of photos and paperwork.  She lives in Catoosa, OK.  These James Morrow Milam descendants settled around Harrison, Ark.  James Morrow was Thomas Ferrill, Sr's younger brother.  Know any of them?  Apparently there are 2 large Milam cemeteries up there too.  She is writing a book on Milams.  She has pictures of James Morrow and Dorcus Rebecca Milam (Cherokee name: "Dark Eyes," according to Donna)

Did you get the invitation to join the new MILAM discussion group on Rootsweb?  You need to do it, you might learn something, and we both know you have a lot to learn. Ha.  There's a picture of your great-grandfather, Lucas Coleman on there today.   I thought you were going to send me a copy the Lows Creek Cemetery listing?  Take care, Oliver.

Date:Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From: (Leroy Milam)
My name is Leroy Milam and I now live in California. My parents, Roy Milam and Mae Oma Milam (Gee), lived in southern Illinois. My father, Roy Milam, was born in Anna, Illinois, in 1901. He had an older sister named Theresa (Ruth) Milam and no brothers. His father was John Milam and his mother was Anna Milam (Coleman). Anna Milam (Coleman) had family living in the Anna-Jonesboro area of southern Illinois. She had a brother named Henry Coleman and a sister named Elizabeth . Elizabeth married a man named Brown at some point in time. I believe that Elizabeth and Henry are buried in the Anna-Jonesboro, llinois cemetary. Anna Milam (Coleman) and Theresa (Ruth) Milam are buried in the DuQuoin, Illinois cemetary, I am told.

   John Milam, my Grandfather, is a mystery to me. I was told by my Mother that she and my Father, Roy Milam, visited John Milam one time in about 1932. At that time, John Milam was working in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. My Mother remembers him to be a large man and elderly. That is the only time any living member of my family remembers seeing John Milam.

   I have a vague recollection of hearing stories of an Uncle Jack Milam. I don't know if Jack Milam was a brother of John Milam or not.

   As you can readily see, I know very little about my MILAM family. If there is anyone out there in Internet land that has information and is willing to share, please notify me.

    Isn't this great ? Sharing with people that we have never met but are from the same family.


Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] Thomas Milam
Date:  Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From: CMILAM06 <>

Hi Lonzo- Better late than never in answering your query.  My records before John (my John) are based upon information furnished me by Dr. Rev.Robert E. H. Peepls from SC who was doing reasearch for his wife who aslpired to become a member of "The Daughters of The American Revolution".  According to his notes,
which start from Samuel Milam & Martha Gardner, there came John in 1725, thomas in 1727, & Archibald in 1729.  From John & Judith Bartlett Cole, there cameThomas in 1757, Cpt. John, Samuel, Bartlett Ferrill, Benjamin,James, Nancy, and Madison.

From Thomas and his 1st wife(unk) Dr Peeples listed John (places & dates UNK) & Coleman with Elizabeth Leake listed as his 1st wife in 1808.  Dr Peeples did not pursue Coleman's 2nd wife, but did list the 3rd, Jane Harris.   He did list offspring with the 1st wife as  Thomas Ferrill, William A., Elizabeth, Martha Luiza.  With Jane Harris he listed Dicey, Amanda, Rachel, & Dorcas.

As previously stated, my John had to be born in in 1795, in VA according to three census reports which remained steady on that point.  His wife Mary, was listed from SC in the same reports.  This would have made Coleman 14 years older than John, or born 5 years before Thomas & Elizabeth were married on 12 Jun 1786.

By the way, I live in North Little Rock, AR. since coming back home after being gone about 44 years starting  with departure to WWII.

Chuck Milam

Subject:  Re: [MILAM-L] Milam
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From:  StuM2522 <>
my paw and maw were born in paragould ark  he was karl leon milam  she frances beauchamp   my granpaw was eugene curtis milam  from out of tenn. my dad had two brothers   Truman and Noble both out of paragould

Subject: [MILAM-L] International Milams!
Date:  Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>

Hey Milams,
We've gone international!  We have an Aussie in our group!  Steve Milam.  I love those Aussies, great people.  Don't you just love to hear them talk? I've been to Perth twice.  Great place.  Making a connection to Steve's family tree may be quite a stretch for us yanks.  I guess we might have to go back to England before the Mayflower.  Maybe he can help us learn more about our pre- colonial Milams.  There is a mountain, in India I if I recall correctly, named Milam.  I've always wondered about that. Maybe we'll get some clues from our
international brothers and sisters.  Welcome Steve!  Keep in touch, Oliver Milam.

Date:Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From: steve milam <>
To:  <>




Subject:  Hello
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From:  CMOsborne <>
Hello. I am new to your list and I know practically nothing about my family tree.  My grandparents are from Arnett, WV.  Arthur and Annabelle Milam.   That's about all I know!  Can anyone shed some light??

Chelle Milam Osborne

Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] Forward Recent Milam Queries-QUERIE TWO
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From:  CMILAM06 <>

Hi Donna:

What you are looking for is the family of Daniel Theophilus (Tobe) Milam who is buried in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery just south of Prescott, AR, along with his wife Sarah Armenda Denman.  The eldest sonwas John William, my grandfather.

I know the history of the family (for sure) back to the birth of Jefferson Milam (my g-g-grandfather) in 1820, in Franklin Co. TN.  I have met family members on a trip thru Charleston, MS, where many of Jefferson's offspring are buried.  I have made contact withseveral others both in MS & TN.

How much do you know of the family?  What do you need?

CMILAM06@AOL.COM (Chuck Milam-North Little Rock-AR).

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Milams
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>
Hi Nancy,
Sorry, but I don't recognize any of the Milams you mentioned.  Hopefully someone else on here can help you.  If not, keep checking back, we are adding new members at a fairly steady rate now.

However, I can give you some help with your other question: "Would anyone know on what side did these descendants serve in the civil war?"  My great-great- grandfather, and his 5 oldest sons, fought in the Civil War.  Four of his sons fought on BOTH sides!  If you want details, look at the Milams on this CW memorial webpage:

I wasn't too interested in the Civil War until I found out recently how many relatives I had in it. (and not just Milams)  I feel confident that throughout the Civil War, many Milams fought on the UNION side and probably just as many Milams fought on the Confederate side.  Take care, Oliver Milam.

Subject:   [MILAM-L] R.L. Milam
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From: Mjmilam <>
We are looking for the father of my daughter's great great grandfather (Thomas Henry Milam a physician who practiced in North Texas early this century).  His father was R. L. Milam and was born in Tennessee probably in the 1830's and was married to Elizabeth Tillery also of Tenn and probably born in the 30's. Any infomation would be greatly appreciated.

Melody Milam Potter and Erin Milam

Subject: [MILAM-L] Milam books
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From: LonzoMilam <>
Hi gang,
I thought it might be worthwhile ask everyone who has knowledge of source material on Milams, such as family tree books, documents, family bible records, etc., to share that knowledge with the rest of us.

I hit the jackpot when I found Vera Milam Ryker's family tree book on Milams who were primarily descendants of Coleman Milam, who was son of Thomas, who was son of John of Virginia.  The Milam descendants covered in Vera's book traveled from VA in 1780's, to SC, to GA/AL, to TN, and ended up in northwest Arkansas in 1859, just prior to the Civil War.  This book is still available from one of Vera's relatives in AR.  If anyone is tracing Milams connected to Coleman or his descendants, this book is a must.  It costs about $16, postpaid.  I can give the address if anyone is interested.  Vera spent nearly 20 years, and reportedly nearly $30,000., researching her Milams.  She died in 1987 before publishing her book, but her relatives have carried out her wishes
and have made it available for a very reasonable price.  (I have no monetary interest in this book).

If you know of other Milam books, or other source material, please share that knowledge.  Thanks, Oliver Milam.

Subject:[MILAM-L] Hello
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998
From:  Dale Morgan <>
Hello all Milam cousins:

I am researching all the descendants and ancestors of Francis Marrion Milam of Tallapoosa Co., AL who m. Nancy Jane Wright and moved to St. Clair Co. AL.  Will share data on his family.  Children of Francis
migrated to OK , TX and CA.

Francis Marrion was the son of Jordan Milam and Elizabeth Bearden of  GA.  His lineage goes back to John Milam, Sr. of VA.
Dale Morgan

Date:Mon, 6 Apr 1998
From:  AslanJ <>

John MILAM, Jr RS b June 12, 1753 Brunswick Co, VA (Lived in Halifax) migrated to Laurens Co, SC 1786, d: Oct 26, 1838 Madison Co, AL.  he married, bef 1789, Nancy CLARDY, b aft 1755 Laurens Co, SC (or VA?) d: aaft 1813 probably in AL.

Their daughter, Dicey MILAM b aft 1774-bef1784 Halifax Co, VA, d aft 1860 (was in Coosa Co, AL in 1860 census, living alone property worth $2000), m bef1800 in Laurens Dist, SC Jeremiah CANANT/CONNANT b bef 1784 in SC.  They were in SC in 1800, 1810 Census, in Erwin Co, GA 1820 census, then in Haralson Co, GA 1830.  he d: Oct 9, 1854 in Tallapoosa Co, AL (he was there by 1850, age 70.  He may be the son of Major Hardy CONANT/CANANT of Laurens Co, SC.

Dicey MILAM and Jeremiah CONNANT/CANANT had 9 children:

Son b bef 1794 Mardocus CANANT b ca 1827  d aft 1850 Tallapoosa Co, AL, married 1-4-1853
Tallapoosa Co, AL, Elizabeth BROWN Caroline CANANT b aft 1800, m Nov 11, 1847 in Tallapoosa Co, AL, Weyman ADAIR William L CANANT b 1802 SC, to GA in 1820, 1830 1845 to AL by 1850  d 11-8-1879 in
AL, married Jul 2, 1823 in Jasper Co, GA, Elizabeth YARBOROUGH
b ca  1805 GA Garrison CANANT  b ca 1810, d bef 1840, m 1-28-1835 Harris Co, GA, Hester
GILLIAM ancy CANANT  b aft 1810, m ____ GOZA  Elizabeth M CANANT b ca 1813, m 3-8-1831 Harris Co, GA, Thomas M TURNER  Hester CANANT  b ca 1820, m 9-1-1840 Harris Co, GA, William HAYS
John H CANANT  b ca 1800

Does anyone have information about this line?  We are researching the CANANT/CONANT families that were in SC  in 1700's.  We have found no connection to the northern CONANT family, and believe that this family may
have emigrated in through MD and gone to SC.  Any help appreciated.

Judy CANANT - Lakeland, FL

Subject:[MILAM-L] oldest Milam ancestors
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998
From: LonzoMilam <>
Hi Milams,
Here is a good suggestion I was given:  Ask everyone to list their oldest Milam ancestor.  That way we can get a better sense of where each one is in their research and possibly find someone we can help, or someone who can help us, in tracing our Milams.  Come on cousins help me out here.

In other words, this is the person who you can trace your tree back to, with absolute certainty and no risk that any errors have been made.  No "probable" connections.  Tell us how many generations back can you trace your Milams and when you get there who is the patriarch/matriarch?  Give as much of the basic data on him/her as you have, ie. date/place of birth, date/place of marriage, date/place of death, spouse's name.

Here's mine: Although it is pretty well accepted that Thomas, son of John of Virginia, was Coleman Milam's father, it is not 100% certain yet.  Therefore Coleman is the farthest back I can go with absolute certainty ( 5 generations).  Here are his stats:

 Descendants of Coleman Milam
        1       [1] Coleman Milam       b: Abt. 1787 in Halifax County, Virginia                d: Abt. 1869
in Hardin County, Tennessee
.               +Elizabeth Leak         m: Abt. 1808 in Laurens District, South Carolina        d: Abt.
1837 in Tennessee
                *2nd Wife of [1] Coleman Milam:
.               +Julia A. White         m: Aft. 1833
                *3rd Wife of [1] Coleman Milam:
.               +Jane Harris    b: 1817 in Tennessee    m: 1842 in Tennessee

Tell us yours, Oliver Milam.

Subject: [MILAM-L] Decendancy List
Date:Mon, 6 Apr 1998 21:29:27 EDT
From:JHEND64 <>
If anyone would like more information please contact me personally at  If any of you know more than I do please pass it along.  Most of this information came from Robert Wilbanks--I have added too some of it.

Debbie Henderson

Descendants of John Milam
Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 MILAM1 was born Bef. 17201, and died Bef. August 28, 1789 in York
County, South Carolina1.  He married JUDITH BARTLETT COLE1 Bef. 1740 in

Fact 1: Presumed that John Milam was her second husband1
Fact 2: Presumed that her previous marriage was to a ? Cole1
Children of JOHN MILAM and JUDITH COLE are:
2.      i.      SAMUEL2 MILAM, b. 1742-1745, Virginia.
        ii.     GRACE MILAM1, b. Abt. 17401.
        iii.    ADAM MILAM1, b. Abt. 17441.
        iv.     JAMES MILAM1, b. Abt. 17461.
        v.      BARTLETT FERRILL MILAM1, b. Abt. 17481.
        vi.     BENJAMIN MILAM1, b. Abt. 17501.
        vii.    JOHN MILAM, JR.1, b. June 12, 17531.
        viii.   THOMAS MILAM1, b. Abt. 17571.
        ix.     MADISON MILAM1, b. Abt. 17581.

Fact 1: Married Nancy ?1

        x.      NANCY MILAM1, b. Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2.  SAMUEL2 MILAM (JOHN1)1 was born 1742-1745 in Virginia1.  He married SARAH KEMP1 Bef. 1764 in Louisa County, Virginia1.
Children of SAMUEL MILAM and SARAH KEMP are:
        i.      DUDLEY3 MILAM1, b. Abt. 17641.
        ii.     JORDAN MILAM1, b. February 26, 17641.
3.      iii.    BENJAMIN MILAM, b. Abt. 1767, Virginia; d. April 1832, Harris County, Georgia.

Generation No. 3

3.  BENJAMIN3 MILAM (SAMUEL2, JOHN1)1 was born Abt. 1767 in Virginia1, and died April 1832 in Harris County, Georgia1.  He married CHARITY/CHARY ?1 Bef. 1790 in South Carolina1.
4.      i.      JORDAN4 MILAM, b. Abt. 1795, South Carolina; d. December 1855,
Tallapoosa County, Alabama.
        ii.     LEWIS MILAM1, b. Abt. 17981.
        iii.    ELIZABETH MILAM1, b. 1800-18041.

Fact 1: December 14, 1820, Married Solomon Chapman in Jasper County, Georgia1

        iv.     NANCY MILAM1, b. 1800-18041.

Fact 1: July 28, 1825, Married Jonathan Cliatt/Clyatt in Jasper County, Georgia1,2

        v.      MARY MILAM3, b. 1804-18103.

More About MARY MILAM:
Fact 1: May 23, 1830, Married James Smith in Harris County, Georgia 3,4

        vi.     BENJAMIN MILAM5, b. Abt. 18085.
        vii.    BARTLETT MILAM5, b. 1810-18145.

Fact 1: March 18, 1836, Married Polly Marks in Harris County, Georgia5,6
Generation No. 4

4.  JORDAN4 MILAM (BENJAMIN3, SAMUEL2, JOHN1)7 was born Abt. 1795 in South Carolina7, and died December 1855 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama7.  He married ELIZABETH BEARDEN7 August 09, 1821 in Jasper County, Georgia7,8.

Fact 1: December 1855, Died in Tallapoosa County, Alabama9
Fact 2: Buried in Darian Primitive Baptist Church in Chambers County, Alabama9

Fact 1: Bef. September 29, 1863, Death Date--Died in Talapoosa County,
Fact 2: Buried in Darian Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Chambers County,
        i.      MARY ANN5 MILAM9, b. Abt. 18229.

Fact 1: December 22, 1840, Married David N. Richardson in Troup County, Georgia9

        ii.     JOHN H. MILAM9, b. Abt. 18239.
        iii.    UNKNOWN MILAM9, b. Abt. 18249.

Fact 1: 1830-1840, Death Date9

        iv.     WILLABY/WILLOGHBY M. MILAM9, b. March 18259.
5.      v.      WILLIAM YOUNG MILAM, b. Abt. 1827, Georgia.
        vi.     THOMAS JEFFERSON MILAM9, b. Abt. 18309.

Fact 1: Married Sarah A. Elizabeth Wright9

        vii.    FRANCIS MARION MILAM9, b. January 11, 18339.

Fact 1: Married Nancy Wright9

        viii.   SARAH MILAM9, b. 1835-18409.
        ix.     JAMES W. MILAM9, b. Abt. 18409.
        x.      MARTHA MILAM9, b. Abt. 18419.

Fact 1: Married ? Dunn/Dumas9

Generation No. 5

5.  WILLIAM YOUNG5 MILAM (JORDAN4, BENJAMIN3, SAMUEL2, JOHN1)9 was born Abt. 1827 in Georgia9.  He married ELIZABETH FRULANDS9 January 30, 1851 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama9.

Fact 1: April 1862, Enlisted Private 31st Reg. Talladega Co., AL, Captain Chapman--Confederate CW9
6.      i.      JOHN LEWIS6 MILAM, b. Abt. 1852, Alabama; d. September 23, 1930, Alabama.
        ii.     UNKNOWN MILAM9, b. 1853-18549.

Fact 1: Married ? Carter9

        iii.    ELIZABETH MILAM9, b. Abt. 18559.
        iv.     DAVID Y. MILAM9, b. Abt. 18569.

More About DAVID Y. MILAM:
Fact 1: April 14, 1874, Married Rachel E. Dunaway in Clay County, Alabama, at
Mildred Pruett's

Generation No. 6

was born Abt. 1852 in Alabama10, and died September 23, 1930 in Alabama.  He
married SAMANTHA JANE BARNES/BARNS10 Abt. 1871 in Alabama, daughter of LEWIS
        i.      SARAH ELIZABETH7 MILAM, b. October 1871, Alabama; d. July 03, 1937,
Talladega County, Alabama; m. SILVESTER V. PETTIS11, 1893-1894, Talladega
County, Alabama.

Fact 1: Died at age 66
Fact 2: Buried at Blue Eye Baptist Church Cemetery Lincoln, Talladega Co.
AL--no headstone
Fact 3: Always referred to Silvester as "Mr. Pettis"

Fact 1: Died at age 87
Fact 2: Buried at Blue Eye Baptist Church Cemetery Lincoln, Talladega Co.
AL--no headstone

        ii.     ARLIVIA MILAM12, b. Abt. 187312.

Fact 1: Married ? Carter

        iii.    WILLIAM MILAM12, b. November 08, 187512.
        iv.     MARION MILAM12, b. May 187812.
        v.      MARIVA MILAM, b. July 1880.
        vi.     OSCAR MILAM, b. April 1892.


1.  Information from Robert M. Wilbanks, IV, 7625 East Camelback Road 111A,
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3.  Information from Robert M. Wilbanks, IV, 7625 East Camelback Road 111A,
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4.  Harris County, Georgia Marriage Book.
5.  Information from Robert M. Wilbanks, IV, 7625 East Camelback Road 111A,
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10.  1880 Alabama Census Clay County.
11.  Information from Seleta Elizabeth Strickland Thomaston 296 Thomaston
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12.  1880 Alabama Census Clay County.

Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] oldest Milam ancestors
Date:  Mon, 6 Apr 1998
From: JGarner253 <>
My Milam ancestors are
Jordan Milam - Mary Peacock

John Bellefield Milam - Livica Louise Hamby

Isaac Bellefield Milam - Rebecca Pickard

Elender Lizinia Milam - Lewis Lafayette Baughman

Joanne Garner
Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] oldest Milam a...
Date:   Mon, 6 Apr 1998
From:Alamokin <>
 I only go back (absolute certainty) as far as my Grandfather and Grandmother

My Father:  Charles Weldon Milam Thursday,Feb 25, 1909 born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Milam, this morning, a 11 lb. son (source: births,deaths,Marriages from The Marshall Messanger 1901-1910).

My Grandparents:
 From Cemetery Index: Milam, Thomas R., 06 March 1877-21 Oct 1915 and Milam, Letha, 31 Jan 1882-28 Dec 1956 both buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall, Texas.  From Obituaries:  Mr. Milam was born in Hanible, Missouri March 6, 1877 and came to Texas with his parents six months later.  He was married
first to Miss Josie York who died some years ago and afterwards married Miss Leatha Galespie, who with four sons and two daughters survive him. His father and mother, five brothers, and four sisters are also living.
Mrs Letha Gillespie Milam died at age 74 and had one brother, H.C. Gillespie, still living in Marshall.

Carole Milam Lipps

Subject:[MILAM-L] Re: geneology
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:27:47 EDT
From:JGarner253 <>

Hello Bonnie,
Nice to receive your e-mail regarding the Milam dates.  I have them in ab Family Tree Maker Version 1 and if there is a way to upload them    I don't know how but here is what I have:

Jordan Milam b. 21-Feb-1750 (Wilbanks says this is wrong) Henry Co., Va. md Mary Peacock 2-Aug-1791 Abbeville SC died 31-Dec-1851 Carroll Co., Ark.

John Bellefield Milam b, 1795 Abbeville SC md. Levica Louise Hamby 17-Dec-1818 Hickman Co, Tenn. died  In Hickman Co., Tenn.  Levica Louise went to Ark with children.

Isaac Bellefield Milam   b. 1-Nov-1820 Hickman Co., Tenn md Rebecca Pickard around 1837 Hickman Co., Tenn d. 12-Jan-1899 Boone Co., Ark.

Ellender Lizinia Milam b. 18-Aug-1838  Hickman Co., Tenn md Lewis Lafayette Baughman 13-July 1853 Boone Co., Ark. d. 24 Jan 1925 Boone Co., Ark.

What is your line:
Joanne Garner

Subject:  [MILAM-L] More!
Date:  Tue, 7 Apr 1998 21:44:43 EDT
From:  CMOsborne <>

Well, I found out a few more things about my family.

My great-grandfather:Thomas Milam b. 1875? (married to Parthena) of Saxson, WV   My grandfather:  Arthur Milam (married to Annabelle) of Arnett, WV   My father:  Richard Milam (married to Mary) of Monroe, NC
ME!  Chelle Milam Osborne

Subject: Fwd: [MILAM-L] Forward Recent Milam Queries-QUERIE TWO
Date:  Wed, 8 Apr 1998
From:  CMILAM06 <>
Page # 137, Tishomingo Co., MS, Census dated 4 Aug 1860-Post Office
"Carolina", listing Household & Family Visitation #904 list-
Jefferson Milam-40-M-Farmer-Tenn
Mary Milam-40-F-TN
William Milam-16-M-Farmer-AL
Charles Milam-14-M-AL
John Milam-12-M-TN
Sarena Milam-12-F-TN
William Milam-10-M-TN
Daniel Milam-10-M-TN  (this is Daniel Theophilus, our great grandfather)
David Milam-6-M-TN
Martha Milam-3-F-TN
Preston Milam-11/12-MS
Sarah Milam-70-F-NC  (I have not been able to identify Sarah)

I do not have Jefferson's 1st wife's name.  Mary was his 2nd wife who he married in Franklin Co ( I have copy of the registery) on 14 Jan 1854, presumeably after the 1st wife died giving him two sets of twins in a row.  I
have a picture of Jefferson and Mary made in "Richards Extra Finish Studio" in Winchester, TN.


Col. (USA Ret.) Charles M. Milam
10 Cherry Tree Court
North Little Rock, AR 72116-5102
(501) 758-4618

P. S.
My records show Hooper was born 15 Jun1886 (six years after Tobe brought the family to AR), in Prescott, Neveda Co., AR.  He died, 5 Aug 1981, in Prescott, and is buried in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery on the Rosston Hiway, where Tobe is buried.  I have a tape of all the tombstones of Milams I could find on the day I visited.

Date:  Wed, 8 Apr 1998
From:  Rebecca Lewis Rowley <>
To:   Michael Milam <>
(Rebecca's ties are the Crafton Family of Jane who married George Milam 1795 in Charlotte County VA.)

Thought you might be interested in the following (notice the very last marriage):

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 15:47:55 EST
From: Lobomoon2 <>

I am new to the list and would like to submit my Lee family's names:

John Lee, b. 1705, Charles City, VA - d. 10 Oct 1770, Goochland Co., VA, St.
James Parish; m. Lucy Page, b. abt 1710
Their children:

Helena Lee b. 1730 in Northampton, Lancaster County, VA - d. abt 1766 in
Bedford County, VA; m. Jarvis Jackson, son of Joseph Jackson and Ann Jarvis.
Their child was:
Anne Jackson who married John Milam (b. 1750)

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Lois in Kansas City, MO
Rebecca Lewis                         

                SIMMONS, SOBLET, TATUM, all variations of TEGARDEN,
Locations:      US:  DE, IN, KY, TN, MD, NC, PA, VA, England, France, Germany and Scotland

Visit the family at:
Orange County, IN Bios:

Subject:  [MILAM-L] John and Anna Jackson Milam
Date:   Wed, 08 Apr 1998
From:  Katrina Wills <>

The data I have about John Milam and Anna  Jackson Milam are as follow; John Milam, son of Thomas, was born circa 1750 in Virginia and married Anna Jackson circa 1768 in Bedford County, Virginia. He had eight
children, from whom many descendants are found, by 1860, in Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Indiana.

I have more data that I'll be glad to share.


 (Later the same day) My great grandfather was Reese Milam son of Russell and Narcissus Sizemore Milam. Russell's parents were James and Margeret (Peggy) Davidson Milam from Tazewell, VA.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Martin Van Buren Milam
Date:  Wed, 08 Apr 1998
From: R. Ludwig" <>


I am the daughter of Charles Robert Milam, who is the son of John Morrison Milam (1877-1928), who is the son of Martin Van Buren Milam (circa 1850 -????). Buren was married to Matilda (Grandma Tildy) Lambert.  Most of the West Virginia Milams seem to be kin of Simeon Milam, Moses Milam,and Thomas Milam, but I cannot connect Grampa "Buern" with any of these fellows.  Any one know?                         Janice Milam Ludwig

Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 00:04:08 EDT

Not sure how this reply process works.  I'm one of the Sullivan County, Indiana Milam's - transplanted to California 40 years ago.  My mother has done a lot of work on our part of the Milam clan.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Joseph W. Milam
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>

Hi Bonnie,
Here's what I have on Pleasant's children.  As you see, I apparently have Joseph's middle name wrong.  Do you see any other mistakes?  Can you send me your line and later generations?  Thanks for any help you can provide, Oliver Milam.  Also, do you know which cemetery in Natchitoches, Pleasant is buried in?

Descendants of Pleasant Coleman Milam
        1       Pleasant Coleman Milam  b: September 19, 1827 in Georgia, Alabama, or
Tennessee               d: March 11, 1903 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
.               +Elizabeth Ann Chambers b: May 28, 1840 in Illinois     m: August 23, 1855 in
poss Missouri   d: in Natchitoces Parish, Louisiana
        2       James Mack Milam        b: November 14, 1858 in De Soto, Jefferson County,
Missouri                d: January 09, 1879
        2       Marcus Chambers Milam   b: November 06, 1861 in Lapile Township, Union
County, Arkansas                d: February 18, 1879
        2       Wylie Coleman Milam     b: November 14, 1864 in Lapile Township, Union
County, Arkansas                d: September 25, 1875
        2       Joseph William Milam    b: October 29, 1868 in Lapile Township, Union
County, Arkansas
        2       Anna Matilda Milam      b: July 29, 1871                d: December 27, 1950
        2       Talitha Jane Elizabeth Milam    b: September 23, 1874           d: December 06, 1953
....            +James Alex Jordan              m: August 28, 1890
        2       Callie Julia Milam      b: February 26, 1878 in Bellwood, Louisiana             d: March
16, 1952
....            +Jonathan Goins

Date:  Thu, 9 Apr 1998 33:48 EDT
From: DocTrek01 <>
This is what I have:  Pleasant Coleman Milam, b in 1828.  (Does anyone have a birth certificate, etc to confirm exact year?)   b in Macon Co, GA.  Died 2/28/1879.  (This date is VERY different from what you have.  Guess we need an exact death date too).  His wife Elizabeth Ann: b in Desota, Jefferson Co, MO; d 3/11/1903.  Re: Joseph William (father of my grandfather, Joseph Walter), d 4/4 1937 in Odessa, Eton Co, TX.  Re: Talitha Jane Elizabeth, b in Union Co, m to James Alexandria Jordan.  Re: Callie Julia, b in Bellwood, Natchitaches Parris, LA.  re: Anna.  I have the spelling as Annie.  My Aunt Veona, who lives in Beaumont TX, did most of this research, and has it entered in the LDS geneology archives.  I am not sure which cemetery they are in.  I will call her and ask her.

Date:  Thu, 9 Apr 1998 12:29:36 EDT
From:  DocTrek01 <>

Couldn't reach my aunt.  I pulled out some old photos of some family burial sites/tombstones.  Most of my father's mother's family is buried in this one, but my grandfather (Joseph Walter) is buried there, too.  All I have is that it is outside of Natchitoches at the "start of the El Camino Real".  Maybe this helps some.

Subject:   Pleasant Coleman Milam
Date:  Thu, 9 Apr 1998 13:33:44 EDT
From: LonzoMilam <>

Hi Bonnie,
I should have dug a little deeper into my data.  I found a couple more of Pleasant's generations in Vera Milam Ryker's book that I didn't have in my computer.  She mentions that she received the data from your Aunt Veona Milam Jarrell.  However, she also says, "the only clue that Pleasant was the son of Coleman comes from the granddaughter of Martha Milam Harris and a statement in my (Vera's) father's family that a relative of the sons of Thomas F. Milam once came to this section of Franklin Co. and visited those Milam brothers and that he was from the South Arkansas area."  "Pleasant was in Union Co., Ark in 1860 census; Thomas F. Milam moved to Franklin Co., Ark in 1859."  "We hope the lineage descent is correct."  "Etta Shaw said, 'Grandma often spoke of Brother Pleas."

Do you know who Etta Shaw and "Martha Milam Harris' granddaughter" are?  What is the Martha Milam Harris proof that Pleasant is a son of Coleman from?  Can you add Joseph Walter's children's lines for me?  Thanks for your help, Oliver Milam.

Based on what you sent me and on Vera's book this is what I currently have:

Descendants of Pleasant Coleman Milam
        1       Pleasant Coleman Milam  b: September 19, 1827 in Macon County, Georgia          d:
March 11, 1903 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
.               +Elizabeth Ann Chambers b: May 28, 1840 in Desota, Jefferson Co., MO.   m:
August 23, 1855 in poss. Missouri       d: March 11, 1903 in Natchitoches Parish,
        2       James Mack Milam        b: November 14, 1858 in De Soto, Jefferson County,
Missouri                d: January 09, 1879
        2       Marcus Chambers Milam   b: November 06, 1861 in Lapile Township, Union
County, Arkansas                d: February 18, 1879
        2       Wylie Coleman Milam     b: November 14, 1864 in Lapile Township, Union
County, Arkansas                d: September 25, 1875
        2       [1] Joseph William Milam        b: October 29, 1868 in Lapile Township, Union
County, Arkansas                d: April 04, 1937 in Odessa, Eton Co., TX
....            +Minnie Brooks
...     3       Hattie Bell Milam       b: in Texas
...     3       Jimmy Milam     b: in Texas
                *2nd Wife of [1] Joseph William Milam:
....            +Josephine Sewell               m: April 02, 1893
...     3       Joseph Walter Milam     b: March 06, 1896 in Victoria, Natchitoches
Parish, LA.             d: April 15, 1959 in Victoria, Natchitoches Parish, LA.
.......         +Vera Julia Noble               m: June 10, 1916
......  4       Noble Milam
......  4       Leslie Milam
......  4       Vernon Milam
......  4       Veonia Milam
..........              +Ben M. Jarrell b: in Beaumont, TX
...     3       daughter Milam  b: Abt. 1894            d: 1896
        2       Anna Matilda Milam      b: July 29, 1871                d: December 27, 1950
        2       Talitha Jane Elizabeth Milam    b: September 23, 1874 in Union County,
AR              d: December 06, 1953
....            +James Alexandria Jordan                m: August 28, 1890
        2       Callie Julia Milam      b: February 26, 1878 in Bellwood, Louisiana             d: March
16, 1952
....            +Jonathan Goins

Date:  Thu, 9 Apr 1998
From:  DocTrek01 <>

My records indicate that Coleman was married twice.  Pleasant Coleman was by his first wife, Elizabeth Leake.  Regarding my father and his siblings:  My father, Willie Noble Milam is the oldest, born 3/1217.  Dad lives in Chandler, AZ now.  Next is his brother, Leslie Earl, born 7/28/18, now living in Lander, Wyo.  Next is his deceased brother, Vernon Elbert, born 10/23/23.  Last is my Aunt Veona, born 5/17/25, now living in Beaumont, TX.  All were born in Provencal, Natchitoches Parish, LA.  While they were still in grade school, they moved to the city of Natchitoches where my grandfather set up all sorts of businesses.  I spoke w my father today.  He said that are at least 2 cemeteries in Natchitoches that he can remember.  My paternal grandparents are buried in one, as are people on my paternal grandmother's side.  My Aunt Veona has written that Pleasant Coleman Milam was born in Macon Co, GA, then moved to TN, then to Missouri.  He joined the Mormon church at that time, and also met and married Elizabeth Ann Chambers there.  Then, they moved to Union Co, ARK, and then to Natchitoches Parish, LA

Date:  Thu, 09 Apr 1998
From:  "Jack F. Milam" <>


Does anyone have any information on a Napolean Milam? Shown in 1860 census in Montague Co., Montague Post Office, TX?

I'm still looking for my Frenchman named Milam who had three sons, one of whom is Lewis Milam, my ggf, born in January, 1860 or 1861 in Cleveland, TN. Married Julia Chapman (1) then Vergie Hightorn (2).

I have much information on the Lewis Milam family/s from 1880 on but cannot go backward.


Jack F. Milam

Date:   Fri, 10 Apr 1998
From:  AU HALO <>


I am searching for the parents of Lewis Milam born in 1796 in Va and married in KY to Nella Couch.  Their  children were Andrew who  married Sealy (?), Mahala, Marinda, Preston, Thomas and William.  I have all the children  being born in KY.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Subject:  [MILAM-L] Fwd: War of 1812 Database Now Available
Date:   Fri, 10 Apr 1998
From:  CMILAM06 <>

For those of you looking for Milams in the subject war, you might want to pull up  There is at least a half dozen Milams listed.


Subject:   War of 1812 Database Now Available
Date:  Thu, 9 Apr 1998 12:22:44 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Elizabeth Roderick <>
To:  Multiple recipients of list <>

Greetings - The Library of Virginia's __War of 1812 Pay Rolls & Muster Rolls__ is now available as a fully searchable database via the Digital Collections home page or directly at:

Previously, this heavily used index was only available as part of the LVA's Electronic Card Indexes.

The War of 1812 database indexes approximately 40,000 names appearing in __Pay Rolls of Militia Entitled to Land Bounty Under the Act of Congress of Sept. 28, 1850__ (Richmond, 1851) and __Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812__ (Richmond, 1852) which supplements Pay Rolls.

The supplement contains the Companies and parts of Companies which were omitted in the Pay Rolls. Both volumes were copied from rolls in the office of the Auditor of Public Accounts in Richmond.

Stay tuned for announcements of the availability of many more new Digital Library resources!

Elizabeth Roderick                              email (
Assistant Director, Library Development         voice (804) 692-3761
  and Networking Division                       fax   (804) 692-3771
The Library of Virginia
800 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23219

                  The LVA Digital Library Project

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Milam Family
Date:  Fri, 10 Apr 1998 20:41:29 EDT
From:   BonBon9394 <>


My name is Bonnie Milam Johnson.  I'm just getting started on my Milam roots so I need lots of help.  This is what I know so far:

    1 Henry W. Milam (1861-1940)
      +Alice Whitlock (1867-1941)
        2 Willard Leslie Milam (1896-1963)
          +Lennie Bostick (1896-1962) married October 21, 1922 in Sullivan, IN
            3 Reba M. Milam (1923-1986)
            3 James Robert Milam (1924-    )  (my father)
            3 Norma J. Milam (1925-1925)
            3 Leslie E. Milam (1927-?)
            3 Alice L. Milam (1928-1994)
            3 Ellen J. Milam (1930-    )
        2 Edith Milam
           +Jack Cline
            3 Ruth Cline
            3 Elsie Cline
            3 Bethel Cline
               +Foster Blizzard
            3 Paul Dean Cline
       2 Fred Milam
          +Stella ?
            3 Leon Milam
       2 Nann (?) Milam
          +Floyd Liggett
            3 George Morris Liggett

I'm not sure of anything before my g-grandfather.  From what my father can remember, he thinks Henry had a brother named Grant Milam that lived somewhere in TX.  He also remembers an Uncle Charlie, but he's not sure who he was so it could be my father's great-uncle which would mean possibly another brother for Henry.  My father also remembers being told that he was related to Benjamin Rush Milam from the Alamo but he's not sure on what relation he was.

My great-grandparents and my grandparents are buried at the Red Brick Cemetery in West Union, IL.  They lived in various locations some being Terre Haute and Sullivan, IN and Marshall and West Union, IL.  I've been sitting back reading all the messages I've been receiving and haven't seen too much on IL or IN.  So, if any of you out there have a connection to my roots I would greatly appreciate the help.


Subject:  [MILAM-L] Alabama Milams
Date:  Sat, 11 Apr 1998 15:47:58 +0000
From: Jim Cain <>

Hello Milams,
    I'm just starting to research the Milam side of my family. The farthest I have at this moment is my great grandmother.."Mother Cain" Her maiden name was Anna Cora Milam. (b 1897 or 8 - d 1988). She was
from the Alexander City, Alabama area with several siblings that I have not been able to identify as of yet. She married Robert Cain in an apparent  family arrangement( read business deal) in about 1913. (he was
much older). She had a relative named called Union Terry Milam although I'm not sure of the relationship. She had 4 Children. One died as an Infant. One son  Robert  Jr. Died in 1957. The remaining son James Milam
Cain died Recently. (1915-1995). He was my grandfather. Her only daughter Marcelle is still living but knows very little of her mothers history.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, James "Jim" Milam Cain III
                Tuscaloosa Alabama

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Stephen J. Milam
Date:  Sat, 11 Apr 1998 17:15:11 -0700
From: Janet Sue Milam <>

I just joined the MILAM list and can hardly wait to see if anyone is researching my line.  Stephen J. MILAM mar Martha (Patsy) NASH in 1799 in Lincoln Co. KY.  They evidently moved to Sullivan Co. IN in early 1800s.  CH:  Polly (mar James DOOLEY), Jarvis, John N, John H. (twins or the same person), Lee, Elijah D., William, Walker, George Washington.  Legal Notice in VINCENNES WESTERN SUN links John N. Milam, Lee Milam, James Dooley, and James Love guardian of Elijah, Washington, and Walker Milam to the estate of Stephen Milam.  Does anyone connect?
Janet Sue Milam  108 W. Ollie Floydada, TX  79235-3847

Milam List
Lee MILAM 1804-1840 born either KY or Sulliven Co. IN mar ca 1824 to Nancy _______. (1808-1855)  CH:
Beauford N.  b. ca 1855  mar Sarah CURRY 1855 Knox Co. IN
William S.  1827-1874  mar Emmaline BECKES 1844
Martha A  b. ca 1830  Never married
John P. b. ca 1832  mar Mary Jane MADISON  1856
Elizabeth  b. ca 1835 mar John W. FITCH  1852
Lee b. ca 1837 in Sullivan Co.  Mar  Rebecca EDWARDS  Mar 2 Martha E.
CURRY  1861
Janet Sue Milam  108 W. Ollie  Floydada, TX  79235-3847

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Milam Story
Date:  Wed, 15 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>

Hi Milams,
I thought I'd pass along an interesting story I came across awhile back.  In Vera Milam Ryker's book, she writes, "I have twelve treasured letters from Mr. Joe Milam, and also letters from June (his daughter)."  This is the source of this story.

Joseph "Joe" Jarvis Milam was an oil executive in Oklahoma City during The Depression of the 1930's.  Joe tried to keep his staff employed during the depression even though he did not have so-called gainful employment for them.  Since he was very much interested in Milam family history, he decided to use
these staff secretaries, etc., to research Milam family trees.  His staff wrote each and every Milam, man and woman, he had ever heard of, or whose name they could find throughout the United States, England, and Australia.  They requested written records of their Milam family trees as far back as they knew.  (Some of your relatives may remember this inquiry)  He had his staff transcribe and catalog all these records.

In 1936, Joe moved from Oklahoma City to Abilene, Texas.  All the Milam records were packed in a very large and securely bound trunk, and shipped to Abilene.  However, the trunk never arrived at Abilene, and all tracing was to no avail.  Supposedly, it was stolen by someone who must have thought the trunk contained monetary type valuables.  When they found only records of no value to themselves, the thieves must have destroyed the trunk and records, for they were never found.

Mr. Joseph Jarvis Milam, was born August 8, 1890 in Tate County, Mississippi.  At age 5, he moved with his family to Abbeville, Lafayette County, Mississippi, and at age 16, in 1906 his family moved to Oklahoma City, OK.  Joe passed away February 13, 1971 at 7:30 p.m., in Abilene, Texas, after he had his dinner.  He was ill two hours.  His body was taken to Fairlawn Cemetery in Oklahoma City where his family was buried.  He only had one survivor, a sister.  He had three children, one of whom was Clay Jarvis MIlam.  A daughter June, wife of Edwin Brown, of San Antonio, Texas, and Little Rock, Arkansas, died young.

Joe was the son of John Jarvis Milam, who was the son of Joseph Randolph Milam.  Joseph Randolph Milam had brothers, Ben, Ike, Jack, John, and Jim, and seven sisters.  Our Joe, (Joseph Jarvis Milam) said he had heard his father speak of them many times.  He also said that Jarvis Jackson Milam was the son of Benjamin Milam and Elizabeth Jackson.  (In the past, there had been some confusion, and contention, as to who the parents of Jarvis Jackson Milam another one of those Milam controversies)

Jarvis Jackson, b. March 24, 1779 in Bedford County, Virginia, d. July 4, 1849, married Susannah Woods on April 30, 1801 in Kentucky.  Susannah was the first white child born in Daniel Boone's fort, Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky.  She was born October 6, 1784 and died February 12, 1867 in Mississippi.  They had 13 children, some born in KY.

Jarvis Jackson Milam's father, Benjamin Milam, born after 1750, was the son of Thomas of Virginia.  Benjamin Milam was a Revolutionary War soldier who was captured at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina.  While he was a prisoner, the British became hard-pressed by the Colonial Army, and they vengefully murdered all their prisoners, including Benjamin Milam, on June 19, 1781.  Benjamin married Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Jarvis Jackson.  They had children: Deborah, Ruth, Benjamin, Joseph, Solomon, and Jarvis Jackson Milam.  After Ben's death, Elizabeth remarried to James Williamson.

Descendants of Jarvis Jackson Milam
        1       Jarvis Jackson Milam    b: March 24, 1779 in Bedford County, VA         d: July 04,
1849 in Mississippi
.               +Susannah Woods b: October 06, 1784 in Fort Boonesborough, KY   m: April 30,
1801 in Kentucky        d: February 12, 1867 in Mississippi
        2       John Milam      b: 1802
        2       Mahala Milam    b: 1803
....            +John Angell            m: January 11, 1819
        2       James Milam     b: 1805
        2       Susan Milam     b: Abt. 1806
....            +Jacob Drake            m: December 02, 1823
        2       Abigail Milam   b: Abt. 1808
....            +John Pryor             m: December 21, 1829
        2       Nancy Milam     b: 1810
....            +Pennington
        2       Joseph Randolph Milam   b: November 26, 1811 in Senotobia, MS           d: June 08,
....            +Eunice Powers Wednesday        b: September 22, 1814   m: February 26, 1834    d:
February 04, 1873
..      3       John Jarvis Milam
....    4       Joesph Jarvis Milam     b: August 08, 1890 in Tate County, MS  d: February 13, 1971 in Abilene, Texas; buried Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City
....... 5       June Milam
...........             +Edwin Brown
....... 5       Clay Jarvis Milam
        2       Sarah Milam
....            +John P. Poole
        2       Frances Milam   b: 1817
        2       Mary Ann Milam
        2       Jarvis Jackson Milam, Jr.       b: March 09, 1821
        2       Colonel Isaac Milam     b: 1823  (served on staff of Jefferson Davis, President of  Confederate States of America)
        2       Benjamin Lee Milam      b: 1826   (served on staff of Jefferson Davis, President of Confederate States of America)

Many Mississippi Milams are descendants of this family.  Good hunting, Oliver.

Subject:Re: [MILAM-L] Milams missing?
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998
From: Alamokin <>
Hey Lonzo, I am still here and looking for the parents of:

 THOMAS R MILAM b 6 Mar 1877 in Hannibal, Marion CO MO and came to Texas with his parents 6mos later, d. 21 Oct 1915. buried in Marshall, Harrison CO TX.  He married 1st. Josephene "Josie" York b Jul 1879 AR

He married  2nd Aletha/Leatha Gillespie Malone b 31 Jan 1882, d 28 Dec 1956 in Dallas, Dallas CO TX buried in Marshall, Harrison CO TX

Carole Milam Lipps

Subject:Re: [MILAM-L] Milams missing?
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998
From:  Monica5036 <>

Ok, I have not spoken up yet here because I really have little to nothing to offer right now.  My name is Linnea Sievers/Milam and I am married to Jeffrey L. Milam.  I have just started getting info together and at this point, the tree below is all I have.  I would be very appreciative of any and all help anyone could give me.

I have enjoyed reading all the letters of information so far and hope they keep coming.

Descendants of Richard Milam
        1       Richard Milam
........        2       Webb Milam
............            +Grace Lester
...................     3       Lester Milam
...................     3       Lenore Milam
...................     3       Fred Wilson Milam       1918 -
.......................         +Lois Margaret Pleasant 1919 -
..............................  4       David Edward Milam      1944 -
..................................              +Carol Lynn Callicoatt  1944 -
.........................................       5       John David Milam        1969 -
.........................................       5       Joel Ellis Milam        1971 -
.........................................       5       Deana Jo Milam  1975 -
..............................  4       Steven Fred Milam       1948 -
..................................              +Terry Louise Hanson    1949 -
.........................................       5       Stephanie Lynn Milam    1976 -
.........................................       5       Stacy Christine Milam   1978 -
.........................................       5       Timothy Stephen Milam   1981 -
..............................  4       Jeffrey Lee Milam       1950 -
..................................              +Linnea Sievers 1949 -
.........................................       5       Dustin Brent Milam      1977 -
.........................................       5       Danica Anne Milam       1979 -
.........................................       5       Derek Lee Milam 1982 -
.........................................       5       Donia Allison Milam     1984 -

Thank You again,
Linnea Milam

Subject:   [MILAM-L] Milam overview revisited
Date:  Thu, 16 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>

I was reminded yesterday that there are some in our group that didn't get this overview, since they came onboard after I emailed out it awhile back, and before it was added to the new member welcome page.  So here it is again for those Milams.  My apologies to those of you that have seen it before.

Milam Overview:

Since you may be one of the many Milams "just getting started" researching their Milam family tree, an overview of what is generally known about Milams might be helpful.  You "old hands" help me out here.  I may have some of this wrong, and if so, please correct me.  Accuracy is the fundamentally essential element of genealogy and I welcome anyone correcting my information and "setting the record straight."  So feel free to share your info.  I have been researching Milams for about two years now, and here is what I have found:

The earliest known Milams in America are two brothers, John and Humphrey, who arrived in the Boston, Mass. area, from England, in the 1630's.  I have seen spellings of their name as Milam, Mylem, Milem, and Mileham.  There are ample records (baptismal, church, land, etc.) of them and their families in the Boston area.  Humphrey had only daughters and thus, his descendants are essentially unknown.  John had male and female children, and his Milam descendants are better known from wills and other official records.  However, John's tree either ended about 1700 (no male heirs), or there is a missing link that occurs about that time. This is the source of one of the great controversies in Milam genealogy:  whether the brothers, John and Thomas Milam, who are found in Virginia in the early 1700's, are descendants of John of Boston.  Whether there is a link there, is still unclear and unproved at this time, although some new evidence regarding John of Boston seems to bring
us nearer to confirming a link between the Boston Milams and the Virginia Milams.

There is also a pool of older, but sound, research that says the Virginia Milams were a different family altogether.  This school of thought says that a Samuel Milam came to Virginia, from England, in early 1700's.  Supposedly, he had three sons, John, Thomas, and Archibald.  This John and Thomas are the same John and Thomas that became known as the Virginia Milams.  However, one of the best known Milam researchers in the US today, claims he has "proved" that Archibald did not exist.  This is despite the fact that there is evidence
of Archibald in at least one "official" record.  This is the source of the second great controversy in Milam genealogy.  It is yet to be proved either way, conclusively, in my opinion.

Despite these two controversies that are still in existence, we do know, with certainty, that John and Thomas of Virginia existed, and that virtually all Milams in America today, can trace their roots back to either John of Virginia or Thomas of Virginia.  Both John and Thomas were born in Virginia in early 1700's.  John's descendants tended to migrate south and west to SC, GA, AL, TN, AR.  Thomas' descendants tended to migrate west to WV, KY, TN, IL, IN, etc., and then south to MS, LA, TX. Benjamin Rush Milam, hero of the Texas
Revolution, and probably the most famous Milam, is one of Thomas' descendants.  I descend from John.

That's about it, from a general overview perspective.  Now let's get started finding, and comparing our individual trees, and see where we all connect.  Who knows we might even find a relative here we didn't know we had.  Remember we are all related if you go back far enough.  Please share your thoughts, the Milam data/information you have, and need, and let's have fun doing it.  Look forward to learning with you all, Oliver Milam.

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:06:09 EDT
From:  JGarner253 <>
 I'm here.  Still looking for father of Jordan.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] hi
Date:  Thu, 16 Apr 1998
From:  DocTrek01 <>

I don't know anyone as yet who is of the Jarvis Jackson line.  I thought that Jordan (d 1851) was son of Thomas and Mary Rush Adams.  I don't have parent for Thomas R (b 1877).

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Re: Jordan Milam
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998
From: JGarner253 <>

My Jordan Milam was b. 21-Feb-1750 in Henry Co., Va. He md Mary Peacock 2-Aug-1791 in Abbeville, SC.  He died 31-Dec-1851 in Carroll Co., Ark.  Family tradition says his father was Thomas Mileham and mother Mary Adams Slaughter but I have no proof.   I am descended through John Bellefield Milam who md Levica Louise Hamby 17-Dec-1818 in Hickman Co., Tenn.   His son Isaac Bellefield Milam b. 1-Nov 1820, Hick,man Co., Tenn md Rebecca Pickard 1837 in Hickman Co., Tenn.  His daughter Ellender Lizinia Milam b. 18-Aug-1838 md. Lewis Lafayette Baughman

Date:Thu, 16 Apr 1998
From: "Wakeland" <>

My name is Thomas Wakeland, My Mother was Juanita Francis Milam.
My Grandfather was JESSE BLAINE MILAM b19 Dec 1884 Blaine, Lawrence Co., KY
d 08 Aug 1967 Wiliamson, Mingo Co., WV.
1900 Census Lawrence Co. KY
Father HENRY MILAM b 1860 KY
Step Mother ANNA WHITT b 1867 WV
NORA WHITT b Apr 1885 (step sister)
ALMIRA ?sp WHITT  b Dec 1883 (step sister)
I have a copy of the 1900 census record. IS THERE A TIE TO YOUR FAMILY ??

I am looking for the Mother of JESSE BLAINE and  the Father of Henry
Jesse married MAUDE MAYNARD.
I ALSO HAVE INFORMATION ON THE MAYNARD AND WELLMAN FAMILIES I would appreciate any information that you have and will share what I have.
Thanks,  Tom Wakeland

Subject:[MILAM-L] Not sure if anyone can help
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 05:05:05 -0500
From: "Milam J. Paraschou" <>


I am very new to this but am curious about my ancestory on my mothers side of the family.  My name is Milam Paraschou, and I was named after my grandfather, Milam Andrews who lived in Illinois.  I am assuming that he was named after a Milam some time prior, but like I said, I have just started looking into this.  If anyone has any information about where I may find historical facts or where to research this, please let me know.


Subject:  Re: Fwd: [MILAM-L] Milams missing?
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 10:17:00 -0500
From:Jim Cain <>
To: LonzoMilam <>,
a reply to
> Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] Milams missing?
> Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:06:09 EDT
> From: JGarner253 <>
> To:
> I'm here.  Still looking for father of Jordan
response to the father of Jordan
Know of three Jordan Milams.
Try looking Here:

This one's father is Samuel....from here you can find the others.

Does any one know of the children of Allen Y. Milam (b1876 in Alabama) or the
children of Lewis Milam  (b1798-d1864)?????

Good Luck, James Milam Cain  III

Subject: [MILAM-L] Jordan Milam
Resent-Date:  Fri, 17 Apr 1998
Date:Fri, 17 Apr 1998
From: Jim Cain <>
To: JGarner253 <>,

My Info differs slightly from yours. Here is what I have:

Samuel  Milam and Sarah Kemp had 4 children. Jordan (b 28 Feb 1764  d. 31 Dec 1851 in Harrison, Marion, AR) was the oldest I believe. He married Mary Peacock 2 Aug 1792 Abbyville Dist., SC.He is buried in Old
Milum Cemetery - Harrison Ar. He had 12 children. One was also named Jordan Washington Milam. (b 1806 in SC) Thats all I know.

I believe we may be researching some of the same decendants. I am guessing, and only guessing at this point,that I am a decendant of Samuel Milam through his son Benjamin Milam Sr. He also had a son named
Jordan! (named after his older brother???)

Any info you have would be appreciated!!

Thanks, James Milam Cain III

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Benjamin Milam Sr.
Date:Fri, 17 Apr 1998 16:31:24 -0500
From: Jim Cain <>
To:, "" <>

Dale Morgan and anyone else,

I am very much interested in what you know about Benjamin Milam. I suspect I am also a descendant of Benjamin. I really need to know the names of Lewis Milams (son of Benjamin) male children.
Thanks, J.M. Cain

Date:  Fri, 17 Apr 1998
From:AslanJ <>

USGenWeb - Mississippi Archives

The 1850 census for Pontotoc Co, MS is at this site and I saw a bunch of MILAMs as I was searching.
Judy Canant

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Another Milam story
Date:  Fri, 17 Apr 1998 20:33:21 EDT
From:  LonzoMilam <>

Hi Milams,
Did you know that Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer has a passage about a Milam contribution to americana in it?
>From Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Chapter 18:

``Shut up, Sid! A body does just the same in a dream as he'd do if he was awake. Here's a big Milum apple I've been saving for you, Tom, if you was ever found again - now go 'long to school......

>From Vera Milam Ryker's book, I have found two versions of how the Milum apple originated:

The first is from a letter by Judge W. E. Bohannon of Criglersville, VA, dated October 16, 1927.  Judge  Bohannon was a descendant of Thomas Milum through a daughter, and in 1927 he was past 80 years of age.  According to Judge Bohannon:

Thomas received a grant of 203 acres from Lord Fairfax on January 31, 1749.  It was here that Thomas lived and died in 1785.  This grant of land is located in Madison County, Virginia at the eastern foot of the Blue Ridge range and is situated 10 miles northwest of Madison, the county seat.  The "Milam Apple" known all over the country originated on this farm, and got its name from Thomas Milum.  Also the first pass over the Blue Ridge Mountains from this county to the valley was opened by Thomas Milum and bears his name tot this day, "Milam Gap."  (Madison County was formed from part of Culpepper County in 1792; Culpepper from Orange County in 1748;  Orange from Spottsylvania County in 1734;  Spottsylvania was formed in 1720).

The second version is from:  History of Madison County, Virginia by Claude L. Yowell, 1926:  "The Milum Apple, a native of Madison County and very highly prized by the citizens of this county, had its origin near Milum's Gap.  It originated from a seedling that came up up in the yard of one JOSEPH MILUM (if true, could this be John of Boston's son Joseph?).  The apple proved to be so good that people came from far and near to graft trees from this one.  The apples were named for the man who owned the seedling, JOSEPH MILUM and afterwards the gap in the Blue Ridge near his home was also named for him."

Today, while searching for Milum/Milam Apples I received this email from Steve Page of Bear Well Orchard, Maine:  I have never heard of the Milam apple, however, it is listed in Beach's "Apples of New York", with the first reference in 1850.

Try contacting:  Bear Creek Nursery in Northport WA 509-732-4417 or e-mail
or Southmeadow Fruit Gardens PO Box 211, 10603 Cleveland Ave., Baroda, MI  49101
or  Lawson's Nursery, Rt 1, Box 472, Yellow Creek Rd, Ball Ground, GA  30107,  404-893-2141

There is also a Milam peach which is grown extensively in Texas.  I know nothing of its history, although I suspect it has some connection to Benjamin Rush Milam.  (Some of you Texas Milams need to research this for us).  Take care, Oliver.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Re: Milum/Milam Apples
From:  LonzoMilam <>
DATE:  April 17, 1988
I just received this from Ron & Janice Milam Ludwig.  I am forwarding it because others are probably interested in it too.  (Ron and Janice, I want a Milam Apple, how do I get one?  I may even want to start a seedling in my

Milam apples still grow in and around Fisher's Hill and Strasburg Va.  My Uncle (no relation to my wife-- the Milam) had them on his farm near there when he was a kid.  He told me "it's a good keeper".  He also related the second/latter story about it origination. He, incidentally, is now in his 80's and lives in Mt.Jackson, Va.  I am also surprised that no one has bothered to mention the town of Milam, WEST Virginia.  Been there, talked to the postmistress and she has researched -to no avail- after which Milam this wide spot in the road was named.

Ron & Janice Milam Ludwig

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Jordan Milam book
Date:  Fri, 17 Apr 1998
From:  LonzoMilam <>

Hi Milams,
I know there are a lot of you researching the line of Revolutionary War soldier, Jordan Milam, who died in Carroll County, Arkansas in Dec 1851.  So I thought I'd pass along this info on the availability of a book written primarily about his descendants.

The author is Mrs. Eunice Hockey of 1615 E. 8th St., North; Springfield, MO.  65802-2113.  Phone: 417-862-0344.

I have not seen it yet, but I talked to her extensively about it today.  It sounded like one I wanted to own, so I ordered one.  It's not cheap, $25.  postpaid priority mail.  She says it is about 200 pages of written data,
documents, and pictures.  She is a very cordial, alert lady of 92.  She started researching her Milams sometime in the 1960's and published her book about 1979.  It is in its 2nd printing, and she has about 10 copies left.
Caveat Emptor.  (I have no monetary interest in this book)  Good hunting, Oliver.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Lemons too!
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 22:14:57 EDT
From: Cam111 <>

>From Florida:


Milam lemon was discovered in a Polk County grove of sweet orange trees on rough lemon rootstock. Nearly all trees in the grove had succumbed to burrowing nematode except one tree which was subsequently transplanted to the Citrus Research and Education Center, Lake Alfred and named Clone X. Under this name the rootstock was tested for its susceptibility to the burrowing nematode. It was eventually released as a burrowing nematode resistant rootstock renamed Milam after the owner in whose grove the original tree was found. Milam may be a rough lemon hybrid rather than a variant. Milam and rough lemon are distinctly different in several traits.

Trees on Milam behave similarly to those on rough lemon regarding tree growth, productivity, fruit characteristics and cold tolerance. Milam is susceptible to foot rot and occasionally growers have experienced high losses of young trees from this disease; however, sometimes the infection begins in the sweet orange or grapefruit scion. Higher than normal budding seems appropriate when using Milam or any of the more foot rot susceptible rootstocks.

Milam is tolerant to tristeza, exocortis and xyloporosis. Stem pitting has been found in some trees; however, the pitting is not apparently widespread or affecting the commercial performance of trees on this stock. Limited
observations regarding blight indicate that Milam is susceptible and probably should be classified with rough lemon in this regard.

Milam has been used primarly as a rootstock for plantings on the deep sands of central Florida where burrowing nematodes are present. It has been planted sparingly in other areas but has the same range in soil adaptability as rough lemon. Growers occasionally report difficulties in establishing trees on Milam, particularly as bare-root resets. They apparently start off less vigorously than those on other rootstocks and seem to require additional care in the first year or two after planting. Additional fertilizer appears to be helpful in order for trees to grow at the rates experienced with those on other rootstocks.

Milam has been a satifactory rootstock for oranges particularly for processing fruit, but should not be used for mandarin, navel and grapefruit cultivars if better choices are available. The primary usefulness of this stock has been for planting in burrowing nematode areas. Milam has been recommended for use as a biological barrier but that concept was eventually proven unsatisfactory.  It was found that the lateral roots of trees on vigorous stocks such as rough lemon, growing in nematode-infested soil, were long enough to pass through a biological barrier and introduce the nematode. Moreover, burrowing nematode biotypes have developed that reproduce on Milam and reduce tree performance on this rootstock.

Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] Benjamin Milam...
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 22:41:00 EDT
From: Alamokin <>

To: Jim Cain

Is this your *Benjamin in my line? If so, I have Lewis' children in my information from Robert Wilbanks.
Here are my ancestors down to my g-father, Thomas:
*Benjamin Milam, son of Samuel and Sarah (Kemp)Milam and wife Chary (?) Milam
Jordan Milam and Elizabeth (Bearden) Milam
Willaby/Willoughby M. Milam and Frances (?) Milam
Thomas "Tom" M. Milam and Missouri E (?) Milam

My Grandfather:
Thomas R Milam b 6 March 1877 Hannibal Mo, came to Texas at the age of 6mos.  d. 21 Oct 1915. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall, Harrison CO TX   m. 1st Josephene "Josie" York

My Grandmother:
m. 2nd Aletha/Leatha Gillespie; possibly previously married to a Malone,  b 31 Jan 1882 ( unk where)
d 28 Dec 1956 Dallas, Dallas CO TX, Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall,  Harrison CO TX

xxxxxxxxxx           xxxxxxxxxx

The above info on my g-f and g-m has been documented from newspaper accounts of their obits and my father's birth announcement. Also my father's birth certificate.
At this point, I am waiting for copies of their death certificates from Austin to confirm names of my great-grandparents.

Carole Milam Lipps

Subject:[MILAM-L] Military Milams
Date:Sat, 18 Apr 1998
From: LonzoMilam <>

Hi Milams,
I am starting a collection of data on all Milams that were in ANY military unit, in ANY conflict or war.  As soon as I get enough names, I intend to list them on a memorial webpage to Milams in the military.  So if you have Milams,
including yourself,  that were EVER in the military (French and Indian War to Desert Storm) send me their data for inclusion on this list.

Send whatever info you have in this format:
1. Full name of serviceman/servicewoman:
2. War/conflict:
3. Military Unit:
4. Rank:
5. Dates of service:
6. Additional personal military info: (POW, KIA, medals, battles, etc.)
7. Do you have copies of military records from National Archives, home state,

Thanks, Oliver.

Subject:  Re: [MILAM-L] Jordan Milam book
 Resent-Date:Sat, 18 Apr 1998 11:05:53 -0700 (PDT)
Date:Sat, 18 Apr 1998 14:10:25 EDT
From: JGarner253 <>
Thanks for your prompt answer.  As you requested I am sending this to all The Milam Cousins.  I think The Milam Book by Eunice Hockey is well worth the money.  As far as it being well documented, she states in the book that she has many  birth recods, bible records pension papers, letters, etc., all filed away and would be glad to furnish whatever is requested, however there is still no real proof as to Jordan Milam's ancestors.  [This would be a good group search]  Just what has been passed down through the years by older members of the family.

My brother and I have been doing research on our family for well over 30 years and have traveled to Harrison, Ark. several times for the Roberts re-union and to visit Milam & Baughman descendants.  We have cousins still living in one of the old houses outside of Harrison.  (Not sure if it is Milam or Baughman).  I need to make another trip.

I grew up in Texas and my grandfather and father always told me that Old Jordan Milam was a cousin to old Ben who fought at the Alamo.

I am not convinced that my Jordan was a son of Samuel & Sarah Kemp as Wilbanks thinks.  I have yet to see actual proof.  The pension papers  show Jordan to be born in 1750 and yet there has always been the question - Why did Jordan not marry until he was 42 unless he had another family before Mary Peacock - Eunice Hockey's book says that she has documented that Jordan & Mary had 12 children.  I also believe there was an Archibald Milam and Wilbanks says there is not.

I am very interested in whatever anybody has and would really like to prove one way or the other.


Joanne Garner

There is also another book called THE MILUM FAMILY & ITS DESCENDANTS  written in 1980 by Jim L. Milum, 607 Skyline Drive, Harrison, Ark. 72601   This book shows Archibald Milum as being the grandfather of Benjamin Rush Milum.

Archibald was md. to Mary Wilson Ch: were
Moses Scott md to Patti Boyd
John md to Dicey Reynolds

This book also shows Thomas Milam b. 1727 md Mary Rush Adams 1746
ch were:
Benjamin b. 1748 md Elizabeth Jackson
Jordan b. 26-Feb-1750 md Mary Peacock
William b. 1751 md Sarah (Salley)
John b. 1752 md  Anna Jackson
Solomon b. 14-Mar-1755 md Nancy Phillips
Rush b. Oct 1759 md Elizabeth Fowler

Would like to hear from anyone

Subject:Jordan Milam 1750
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998
From: "-=(satans_god)=-" <>
To: <>

Hi Mike Milam.  My name is Eileen Fraser and my mother has done extensive research on the decendents of Jordan Milam and Mary Peacock 1750's.  You state on your web page there were no known children of this couple. [for Jordan's descendents, Jordan Milam is not listed on this website, so she has this site confused with another, my pages list families for William of Charlotte Co Virginia, George of KY and Greene Indiana, William of Mo, Illinois, Iowa, UT and his son George Bennett Milam of UT] However they had 12 children.

My mother has written a book on Jordan's decendents.  If you are interested in any further information let me know.

The book is available to anyone who would like it.  My mother has a wealth of information and documention.  Fortunately  at 93 she is still alive and in excellent health.

 Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] [Fwd: Jordan Milam 1750]
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From:"Patricia D. Simpson" <>
I would be interested in your mothers book if there is any mention of a Billy Milam, son of Kitty Milham, grandson of Isaac and America Hudson.  b. 1908 d. 1942.  Let me know please and thanks for keeping track of this family.


Subject: Re: [MILAM-L] Re: MILAM-D Digest V98 #10
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 13:45:42 EDT
From: LonzoMilam <>

The digest is probably coming to you as a downloadable file (ie. you need to hit the download button at bottom of screen, then after it is downloaded, read it via a separate "file reader").

I think this is only occurring to AOL users because when an email exceeds a certain byte size, AOL converts it into a downloadable file and sends it.  It is sent in "mime" format which is not supported by a lot of people's
computers/software.  Fortunately, there is an easy way of working around this AOL gotcha.   Download "AOL Press" from AOL (go keyword: AOL Press) if you don't already have a mime reader.  It is a free webpage editor that also reads mime files.  Hang in there, Oliver.

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Milam survey
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 19:29:54 EDT
From: LonzoMilam <>

Hi everyone,
Got a short, simple survey for you.  Everyone please list:
1. State where you were born:
2. State where you reside now:

I'll go first:
1. TN   2. NC

Subject:Re: [MILAM-L] Milam survey
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From: Jim Cain <>

1. AL   2. AL
Jim Cain

Subject:  RE: [MILAM-L] Milam survey
Date:  Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From: BonBon9394 <>

Here's mine    1. IL    2. IL

Bonnie Milam Johnson

Subject: MILAM-L] Milams
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From: LonzoMilam <>

Hi Tom,
Thanks for sending your family info.  The paucity of information means we've got a lot of work ahead.  Hopefully someone in the group can help out a little.  If you can add dates and places of birth, death, marriage, spouse, it
will help a lot.  I would start with census data from county & state where your mother and grandfather were living when they were children.  This could lead to their parents and siblings, and so on backward.  Virtually every
state/county has a website these days...look there.  Sometimes you can hit the jackpot.  I guess you've talked to all available relatives about your ancestors?

Here are some websites that might help in your search for your Milams.  Good luck.  Let me know how it goes, Oliver.

Why don't you forward your email with your family data to the whole group so they can help.

Subject:  Re: [MILAM-L] Milam survey
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 21:45:56 EDT
From:Monica5036 <>

I am not sure that I qualify in this survey because I am not a true Milam geneologywise but I will add that my husband's answers are the same as mine.

Jeffrey L. Milam & Linnea Sievers/Milam    1.  CA    2.  CA

Subject:[MILAM-L] James Milam
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 22:18:12 EDT
From: Larry Milam <>

Thanks to David Donahoe (Henderson County, TN historian) I have been able to trace the roots to James H. Milam, son of James Milam.  James was born 15 Apr 1790, and died 10 Nov 1842 in Henderson County, TN.  James had two brothers, William and Stephen.

Can anyone help identify the father and grandfather of James, William, and Stephen Milam?

William and Stephen also died in Henderson County, TN.  However, I suspect the family came to TN from AL because James H. was born in AL in 1820.

Larry Milam

Subject: [MILAM-L] Re Birthplace...
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From:  "R. Ludwig" <>

Janice Milam Ludwig   Born: Nicholas County WV   Residence:  Ohio

Subject:  [MILAM-L] Lewis Milam
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From:  Katrina Wills <>

The data I have on Lewis Milam, I received from Robert M. Wilbanks.

Lewis Milam, son of James and Martha (Randolph) Milam was probally born before 1764 in Virginia. Lewis married Mary "Molly" Holt on February 20, 1782 in Halifax County, VA.

Lewis's brother James married Margaret "Peggy" Davidson on October 29, 1809 in Tazewell County VA. James and Peggy are my ggg-grandparents.


Subject:MILAM-L] Lewis Milam
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From:  rlegg <>

Looking for information on Lewis Milam, married to Mary Holt. Lewis is supposedly the son of a James Milam. Lewis had a son John ca. 1797 who married Barbara Shrader, Wyoming County, WV.

Subject:[MILAM-L] survey
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 02:43:06 EDT
From: AU HALO <>


I was born in Kentucky and  I  now  reside in Florida.


Subject:[MILAM-L] Gary Milam Family Survey
Resent-Date:  Sun, 19 Apr 1998 20:09:26 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998
From:  Michael Milam < creator of this web site)
To:  "" <>

1-Gary Milam born Rexburg Idaho  son of Caton Lucius and Elsie Milam

1-Gayle his wife born Los Angeles

.....2-Mike oldest son, Me, born Provo UT married Deb born Baker Oregon
...........3-Son Evrhet Michael born CA
...........3-Son Noah Jaysen born CA
...........3-Daughter Adelaide LaWren (Wren) born CA
...........3-Daughter Sierra Alisabeth born CA

.....2-Mary born Glendale CA married Ron Messer born Burbank CA
..........3-Son Wesley Gary Messer born UT
..........3-Son Andrew Ronald Messer born UT

.....2-Matt born Glendale CA

.....2-Melissa born Glendale CA  married to Craig Wilson born Glendale CA
...........3-Son Christopher Evan Wilson bornCA
...........3-Daughter Molly Gayle Wilson born CA
...........3-Son Kirk James Wilson born CA

.....2-Melanie born Glendale CA

All reside in CA except Ron and Mary Messer who live in UT

We are all here together tonight celebrating my oldest son Rhet's birthday.

All the best to all of you

Mike Milam and family

Subject:[MILAM-L] Gary Milam Pedigree
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998
From: Michael Milam <>

Good Day to all.  I hope you do have great joy while it is still called "today."

Last night during the birthday party, we covered the living.  Now here is the Gary Milam ancestry.

1- Gary Milam born in Rexburg Idaho, is the son of Caton Lucius Milam and his wife Elsie.

.....2- Caton Lucius Milam born SLC Ut is the son of Harvey A. Milam and Laura Love

..........3- Harvey A. Milam born SLC UT is the son of George Bennett Milam and Caroline Percinda Tibbetts, the
daughter of John Harvey Tibbetts

..........George Bennett Milamís second wife was Elenor S born 1861 in England their children include George
W. born 1872, Francis J. born 1874, Oscar B. born 1876, Elenor born 1878 and Sarah born March 1880.  [if
you are descended from Elenor and George please contact me]

...............4-George Bennett is born in Montrose Iowa to William Milam and Elizabeth Case Milam soon after their
expulsion from Nauvoo Illinois.  George's surviving siblings are Joseph S who married Cecile and had a son
James; Frank A (who lived in Westminster CA 1900), Mary Emma who married Arhcibald Hill and Martha Ellen.
[if you are descended from George's siblings, please contact me]

....................5-  William Milam born in Spencer Ky 18 March 1799 is the son of George Milam and Jane Crafton
who married in Charlotte County VA

.........................6-  George Milam is the son of William Milam and Margaret who both died in his youth.  William
fought and died in the 4th Virginia Regiment in the war of the Revolution under Captain Brents.  George's
siblings William and Jeanne were adopted by Michael Gill.

..............................7- William is assumed to be the son of John Milam of Halifax VA.

All the best to all of you

Mike Milam

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