Norman Parks in his book entitled Ole Man River gives this information on Michael Crafton.
Note: Much of Norman's information is undocumented.  Because it is without sources you should consider it to be speculation.  If you find any proof to his statements please contact me.  Documentation I have found is listed below.

"Michael's sons may be Richard and Bennett

Michael appeared in the Surry records about 1658. He was active in the colonial militia and had the
rank of Major. He is next heard of in Glouchester County records, where grants and purchases enabled him to put together a holding of 720 acres, which he sold in 1673. He has two known sons--Richard and Bennett, probably named for governor Bennett (possibly a relative) It is thought that the six Crafton brothers that show up in King William County records were the grandsons of Michael, and because of the Bennett name that has been passed down in these Crafton lines leads us to think they are descendants of Bennett, son of Michael."  Ole Man River by Norman Parks


Virginia County Records page 182

Gloucester County Records... page 83 Michael Crafton year 1667 acres 720

Cavaliers and Pioneers page 24 Abstracts Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Patent Book No. 6 MICHAEL CRAFTON. 720 acres Gloster, East side of Potopotanke Cr., 8 Oct 1667, p. 83. Beg. at the mouth of a br. deviding this & land of Oliver Greene &c. to br. deviding this & land of Mr. Jno. Pate &c. 614 acs. granted to Mr. Nich. Jernew 3 July 1652, who sold to sd Crafton; & 106 acs for trans of 3 pers: John Banckes, James Winch, Robert Collet (?)

ROBERT BEVERLEY, 920 acres., Gloster Co., upon Poropotanck Cr., 24 Oct 1673 p 494. 720 acres on the east side of said creek beginning at the mouth of a br., dividing this & land of Oliver Green; to a br. dividing this & land of John Pate; &c; granted to Michaell Crafton 8 Oct 1667 & sold to sd Beverly; 200 acres upon E. side of sd. Cr., adj. sd 720 acres & land of William Ginsey; granted sd Crafton deserted; granted unto Mr. John Pate & deserted; granted to John Okehan 22 Mr. 1665 & deserted; granted sd Beverley by order &c. Trans of 4 pers: Thomas Martin, Katherine Pawer (or Power), Joseph Poore (?), Mathew Tubb. Cavaliers and Pioneers, page 140. Patent Book 6

Patent Book No. 8. ROBERT BEVERLEY, son of Maj Robert Beverley, dec'd; 200 acres Glocester Co; east side of Poropotank Cr; adj William Ginsey, & Mr. John Pate, 29 April 1692, p 234. Granted to Michael Crafton and deserted, & granted to said Pate, & deserted; then to John Oakham, 22 Mar. 1665, deserted and granted to sd. Maj. Beverley by order & joined in patent with 720 acres., 24 Oct 1673, but not seated, & now again granted to Robert Beverley by order &c. Imp of 4 pers: Jno Drake, Danll., Bess & Tony Negroes. Caveliers and Pioneers, page 377

Abstracts Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1695-1732 Patent Book No. 9.

GEORGE JORDAN, 670 acres Surry Co., 24 Oct 1701, p. 423. Escheated from Thomas Crafton, dec'd., by inquisition under Willam Randolph, Eschr., &c. Cavaliers and Pioneers, page 55

 Who is George CRAFTON?

Gooch's American Regiment, 1739-1741 "His Majesty's Ship Cumberland Muster Book: A List of Officers and Soldiers belonging to Colonel Gooch's Regiment, 1 Sept 1741/1742 [Chelsea]

# 61 Rank: Sergeant Name: George Crafton Remarks D, 4 Oct 1742 Bonetta Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774 page 151 (scgs)

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