HARVEY ALBERTA MILAM was born 1 October 1868
in Salt Lake City, Utah.
He was the only son of George Bennett Milam
and Caroline Percinda Tibbetts,
daughter of John Harvey Tibbetts.
He married Laura Elizabeth Love 3 December 1891 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Laura was born 29 June 1873 in Pittsburgh Liberty Pennsylvania.


Son, Caton Lucius MILAM born 17 March 1893 in Salt Lake City Utah.  On the 13 September 1920 he married the beauty named Elsie Thornock.  Caton's lovely and talented wife, ELSIE THORNOCK MILAM  was born 8 April 1893 in Bloomington Idaho.  The daughter of Joseph Thornock and Amelia Ellen Long.  All of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren way are above average. Caton later married Lillian Delux

Daughter, Cora E. MILAM born 23 December 1895 in South Hooper, Davis County Utah.  She married Frederick James Bowen.

Daughter, Glen Lauretta MILAM born 23 January 1901 in Salt Lake City Utah.  She married Mr. Bandera de Vara Morrison on the 3 July 1916.  Glen died the 24th of June 1971.

HARVEY died 20 July 1914 in Salt Lake City Utah.  He was buried in the City Cemetery in Salt Lake on the 22 July 1914.

Laura E. Love MILAM died 24 April 1951 in Long Beach, Los Angeles County CA.  She was buried the 29th of April 1951 in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA

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