born circa 1770 Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana died circa1852

George MILAM was born in Virginia circa 1770, the son of William Milam and Margaret. He married Jane Crafton the daughter of Anthony and Mary Crafton 20 Nov 1795 in Charlotte County VA. He lived in Shelby/Spencer County Kentucky and about 1819 moved to Greene County Indiana where he was one of the first landowners.  He died circa 1850 in Clay, Owen County, Indiana.



Polly MILAM  "Shelby Co, KY Marriage Book, 1792-1830, Marriage of Polly Milam to Samuel Steele.  Marriage bond dated, Dec 13, 1815.  Bondsman: Bennett CRAFTON."

Jack Neff notes "Bennet Crafton would be Jinsey Crafton's brother and Uncle to Polly (Mary) Milam who I believe was the probable first born to George and Jinsey Crafton Milam."

Jane MILAM marries James Green, 10 Aug 1826 in Greene County Indiana

William MILAM was born 18 Mar 1799 married Elizabeth Case circa 1830 in KY and died 23 Feb 1853 Salt Lake City Utah.

James MILAM who was born circa 1800 and died circa 1850

Anthony MILAM is listed on the 1830 census with his wife both born 1800-1810 both age 20-30. They have one son under ten years old. Anthony died Sept 1844 in Greene County Indiana. His will lists a son John W. Milam, George feeble minded, Mary Jane, Martha Ann, Margaret Catherine and infant William.

John MILAM is listed on the 1830 census, single, born 1800-1810, 20-30 years old. He married Margaret Routt 29 Dec 1831 in Daviess County Indiana. He died circa 1850 Margaret Routt born 30 Sep 1815 IN died 18 Feb 1891

George R. Milam Jr. was born 29 Oct 1805 in Shelby County KY. He married Mary Baird Chipman on 18 May 1826 in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana. He later married Mary Westfall Aug 1874.  He died 2 May 1887 in Spencer, Owen County Indiana.

Armon MILAM married Mr. Chipman

Thomas Milam married Mahala Manners 14 Feb 1846 in Owen County Indiana

Sarah Ann Milam who married Joseph Bland 12 Dec 1839 in Greene Co Indiana.

Margaret MILAM married Hugh L. Livingston 1 Dec 1837 in Greene County Indiana.

The possible names of Children who died young are John, Armon, and Thompson.  George and Jinsey named children after these deceased children.


George is probably the oldest son of William Milam and Margaret of Charlotte County Virginia.  William fought in the War of the Revolution and was a part of the Fourth Virginia Regiment.  He died about 1778.  Margaret probably died circa 1785 and George's siblings William and Jeane (Jenny) were adopted by Michael Gill.

Jack Neff wrote,"I believe that George was the eldest son and that he probably worked "out" to provide for the family when he was very young, possibly early teens.  So far we do not see him "bound" out with William and Jeane but Jane believes she has found some proof for this.  If so this would tie him directly into the family.   I think he was born ca 1772-1773.  Note that he was taxable in 1787 in Halifax Co which suggests some means of independence even though under age."


Other Milam Families living near George and Jinsey include Stephen Milam and his wife Martha Nash. Here is a record of their son Elijah. "ELIJAH MILAM is a native of Shelby County KY, born January 8, 1809, one of seven children born to Stephen and Martha Nash Milam who settled in Indiana in 1815, locating near Carlisle, where they died in 1822. Subject received but a meager amount of schooling and began the trade of blacksmith when sixteen years of age, but was compelled to quit on account of his eyes. After that he learned cabinet making, at which he worked two years. He then joined Capt Blackus’ Company of Rangers, serving one year; then returned to Sullivan and began the carding of wool, starting a mill. Feburary 16, 1837 he married Ann A McCandless, who bore him ten children Greenup A., Elijah W., Elizabeth H., Joseph P., Lavilla D., Jennie, Margaret, Charles T., Ida and Jacob B., all living except Elijah W and Charles T the former being killed in the battle of Murfreesboro. Mr. Milam owns 170 acres of land. He was formerly a Whig, but is now a Republican. He was the Whig candidate for the Legislature at the forming of the constitution in 1852. For several years he was Captain of the light Horse Company of this County." The History of Greene County page 756

"We will give the following list of names among the first settlers in 1818: John Vanvorst and his tenant Daniel Carlin, Peter C. Vanslyke, …1819 …George MILAM, John Herral, Samuel Smith, Charles Turley, and Dave Heaton. Early History of Greene County Indiana, Jack Baber

3 Nov 1820 Rob Terry Assistant Marshal, (the census taker finds) George has 3 daughters and 1 son under ten born 1810-1820; two boys ages ten to sixteen born 1804-1810; two boys ages 16-18 born 1802-1804 and two more boys born 1802-1794. George and Jane are both over 45, born 1775 or earlier. There are 3 farmers in the family.

"Early in the history of Greene County, there settled in and around Bloomfield, others whose names have not year been mentioned, Isaac Workman and his sons, John, Noah, Richard and Jeremiah; Joseph Burcham and sons, David Andrew, John and Solomon; Roland Bennett and his son, John K. Bennett; Josiah Shields and his family; Jacob Turley, Andrew Allen, Henry Kelsey, George Milam, John Milam, Anthony Milam, …" Early History of Greene County Indiana, Jack Baber

"…Zebulon Hogue probably built the first house; he was the village blacksmith… [William Milam married his granddaughter Elizabeth Case the daughter of Polly Hogue and Abraham Case]. …Bloomfield was laid out in February 1824 and the first sale of lots was ordered advertised for the 22 of April. One or more other sales took place the same year. The following men were the buyers this year: Agustine Passmore, George Milam, P.C. Vanslyke, …After this and prior to about 1835, the following bought lots … William Milam …Samuel D. Chipman, …"We will give the following list of names among the first settlers in 1818: John Vanvorst and his tenant Daniel Carlin, Peter C. Vanslyke, …1819 …George MILAM, John Herral, Samuel Smith, Charles Turley, and Dave Heaton" History of Greene County Indiana, page 188-189

"Among the first were the families [who settled Greene County IN] …George Milam." History of Greene County

1830 Census George has one boy and one girl age 5-10 born 1820-1825 and one boy age 10-15 born 1815-1820 and one boy age 20-30 born 1800-1810. Jane is 50-60 years old, born 1770-1780 and George Milam is 60-70 years born 1760-1770

Milams in Indiana in 1850 Almira ,Joel, Harry, Beaufat, Elijah, Francis M., 4 Georges and George B, Henry Hiram, Jarvis, 3 Johns, Margaret, Mary E., Miller, Nancy, Obediah, Stephen, Thomas, Sarah 3 Williams.

One of the George's is William MILAM's brother George.

 "GEORGE MILAM is a son of George and Jane (Crampton) Milam, both natives of Virginia.  They moved from Virginia to Kentucky soon after their marriage, where they lived for some time, and in 1819 came to Indiana and located in Greene County where they entered and cleared 160 acres of land.  In 1823, they came to Owen County, and located in Clay Township, where they lived until they both died in 1864.  George Milam, our subject is a retired farmer.  He was born in Shelby County KY 29 Oct 1805; was there reared till sixteen years of age, when he came with his parents to Greene County IN where he remained until of age.  He was married in 1826 to Mary B Chipman, whose parents, Paris and Nancy Chipman, were old pioneers of Monroe County.  After his marriage, he farmed for four years in Monroe County, and then removed to Greene County, purchased a farm and lived there about three years.  He then went to Bloomington, Indiana and worked at the carpenter's trade several years; then he came to Owen County, and bought and cleared land in Clay Township, which he farmed for twenty-six years.  He then moved to Spencer, where he now resides, a sturdy pioneer, seventy-eight years old.  His second marriage was to Mary Westfall in August 1874.  She is now sixty two years old, and has lived in Owen County for sixty years.  Mr. Milam has been a most active member in the Methodist Episcopal Church for fifty-seven years.  He is a staunch Republican and has done much to build up the party in this country."  The Counties of Owen and Clay Indiana, by Blanchard.  Publ in 1884 page 858


Testamentary Bond for the Estate of George Milam

Know all men by these presents that we, George MILAM, Thomas MILAM and Joseph Bland, are held firmly bound unto the State of Indiana, in the penal sum of Six hundred dollars for the payment of which well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, and executor and administration jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 28th day of October 1846.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound George MILAM shall diligently, honestly, and faithfully execute the duties and trusts coommitted to him as administrator of the estate of George MILAM, Senior, late of the county of Owen, deceased, and will obey all orders and decrees of the probate court of Owen County made pursuant to law touching the administration of the estate of the said deceased, intrusted to him, then the above obligation is to be void, else to be and remain in full force and virtue in law.

Signed and sealed in my presence and George MILAM (SEAL)

By me approved and filed, October 28th Joseph BLAND (SEAL)

1846, T.A. Johnson Thomas MILAM (SEAL)

Transcribed from an original copy from the Owen Co Archives by Clarence J. Neff (Jack)


State of Indiana, Owen Probate Court

Owen County. ss. May Term 1852

To the Honorable Isaac Heaton, sole Judge of the Owen Probate Court: The undersigned administrator of the estate of George Milam Senior. Deceased, begs leave to submit the following report on final settlement to wit:

He stands charged with sale bill No. 1                                               158.68

Also amount of notes on inventory                                                     138.00

Total Charge                                                                                              296.68

He received credits, February Term 1848                                            33.50

Also at February Term, 1849                                                                 156.29

Also at August Term 1849                                                                        21.54

He claims credit for amount of vouchers

now filed as follows, to wit:

1. T.E. Johnson, Clerks, receipt                                                              15.73

2. Sheriffs Receipt                                                                                        2.16

3. H. Richards                                                                                                5.00

4. Clerks receipt for Johnson & Cranes claim                                      4.00

5. Administrators Claim                                                                              4.00

Which leaves a balance against said administrator of the sum of 54.46

Which sum is to be divided among ten heirs to wit.

1. George MILAM, Jr. 2. Polly STEELE, 3. William MILAM 4. James MILAM 5. Anthony MILAM, 6. John MILAM, 7. Jane Green, 8. Armon Chipman, 9. Sarah Ann Bland, 10. Thomas MILAM and the amount due each of said heirs is the sum of $5.44 6/10. He now files the receipt of Joseph Bland, the husband of Sarah Ann Bland for:                                                                                                                      5.00

Also the receipt of William MILAM for:                                                                                             5.00

Also the receipt of Thomas MILAM for:                                                                                            5.00

Also the receipt of James Green, husband of Jane for:                                                               5.00

Which leaves a balance due each one of the above last named heirs of                                   .44 6/10

He also files the receipt of George Milam Jr. for 5.44 6/10. He asks the court to grant him further time to file in vacation, the receipts of said heirs or their legal representatives for the amount due them and grant him a discharge when said receipts are filed. He has fully administered said estate so far as assets have come into his hands.

Respectively submitted

GEORGE MILAM (Signature)

Subscribed and sworn in open court, May 10, 1852

T.E. Johnson, Clerk

Transcribed from a copy fo the original document found in the Owen County Archives, Owen County, Indiana, Box 186   by Clarence J. Neff (Jack)  17 Jan 1998

George Milam is the link between two very great men both named William.  We love and honor George for enduring faithfully the death of his parents and poverty.  He blesses us with his great legacy.  Thank you, George, for not giving up when you were faced with adversity.  Here are links to George's Family members.

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