by Marjorie DeLapp

 Our branch of the Case Family came onto the scene shortly after the Revolutionary War.  (A Joseph Case is found with George Rogers Clark working on the fort at the Falls of the Ohio.)  The stage was the Fire Lands in the Ohio Territory just north of Cincinnati.  There we find Joseph Case and his sons, Abraham, John, Thomas and Ebenezer on the tax roles for the years 1806 through 1809.  We also find other Cases in Ohio at this time, i.e., Isaac Case, father of Squire Case who had been born in Simsbury Connecticut in 1772.  He later settled in New London, Ohio.   Whether there was any relationship between Isaac Case and Joseph Case is unknown but we do find branches of both families in Monona and Harrison Counties, Iowa in the late 1800's.

 We next find the Case family in Old Knox County, Indiana during the war with Tecumseh.  They had purchased some land but could not have it recorded until after the war.  Joseph Case and his son, Thomas, had a deed recorded in 1812.  During the same Indian troubles, Polly Case, a daughter of Joseph Case, made the history books by her heroic action of riding a two-year-old horse for help when the Indians attacked her future father-in-law's cabin, killing him and wounding her fiance, Richard Hathaway, in the neck with an arrow.

 Joseph Case's Will was probated in 1816 in Old Knox County, Indiana, and was a wealth of information.  His children, two daughters as well as the four sons and many of his grandchildren were legatees in the will.


 Joseph Case, Sr. was born February 3, 1756   He married Elizabeth Nife October 2, 1775. His will was probated in 1816.   Joseph Case and his family lived in Turtle Creek Township, Warren County, Ohio, before moving to Vincennes, Indiana.   In 1810, his sons, Abraham, Ebenezer, John, Joseph and Thomas were listed on the tax records for Turtle Creek Township as well as Joseph's son-in-law, Richard Hathaway and a possible son-in-law, Francis Cunningham was listed in Wayne Township, Warren County, Ohio.  In 1908, Joseph Case and his wife Elizabeth witnessed the will of Jacob Rippel.  In August of 1818 the 14-year-old son of Francis Cunningham, deceased, chose George Kesling as his guardian.  Also in Warren County, Ohio, Richard Hathaway (14-years-old) and Polly Hathaway (8-years-old), both children of Polly Case and Richard Hathaway had guardians appointed November 15, 1820.  Beside Squire Case who lived around Worthington, Ohio (North of Columbus), there were two other Case families in Ohio at this time.  Abraham Case and his wife, Elizabeth were found in Hamilton County, Ohio, (near Dayton) in 1804 when they put a mortgage on their property and in Gallipolis, Washington County, Ohio, John Case's will was probated March 18, 1803, his wife was appointed guardian of their daughter Elisa in 1805 and then married Abijah Hubbell in 1810.  Were these different Case men brothers, cousins, or just distant relatives?


 I Joseph Case of the County of Knox and State of Indiana being of a low state of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following - that is to say,
 I give and bequeath to my Wife Elizabeth Case one-third part of all my estate both Real and personal for and during her Natural life after my last debts and funeral expenses are paid.  To the Wife or Widow of my Son Joseph Case, Deceased I give and bequeath five dollars, to my Daughter Polly Richardson formerly the wife of Richard Hathaway, deceased, I give and bequeath twenty dollars.  The residual of my estate I wish to be equally divided amongst all my other Children and the share that would have fallen to my said Daughter Polly after deducting the sum of twenty dollars above mentioned, I wish to be given to her Children in equal Shares - but to remain in the hands of my Executor and put to use until they respectively become of age - I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my Sons John and Thomas Case Executors of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other or former Wills.  Given under my hand and seal this Ninth day of July One Thousand eight hundred & Sixteen.  Signed sealed and acknowledged
 In Presence of    (signed)
       Joseph Case
Wm. Carrinther
Samuel Carrinther

 The following is the Estate Settlement of Joseph Case, Sr. which was filed during the November Session of Probate Court in 1830.


No. 1 Voided
No. 2 To this sum paid J. Case on account 34.00
No. 3 To this sum paid E. Stoutt for printing 4.25
No. 4 To this sum paid Commissioner 17.01
No. 5 To this sum paid H. Johnson Clerk 3.71
No. 6 To this sum paid Collector for 1824 3.91
No. 7 To this sum paid G. W. Johnson 7.50
No. 8 To this sum paid Collector for 1824 2.12
No. 9 To this sum paid E. Case one of the heirs 63.75
No. 10. To this sum paid T. Emison guardian 40.75
No. 11 To this sum paid John Hathaway Grandchild 20.87
No. 12 To this sum paid Richard Hathaway same 16.37
No. 13 To this sum paid Joseph Dunham same 16.75
No. 14 To this sum paid E. Forman same 7.06
No. 15 To this sum paid Nathan Hathaway same 12.00
No. 16. To this sum paid F. Cunningham one of the heirs 63.75
No. 17 To this sum paid Collector for 1825 3.59
No. 18 To this sum paid Wm. Bruce Guardian for A. Case heirs 63.00
No. 19 To this sum paid John Case one of the  heirs 63.75
 To my share of the Estate 63.75
 Paid Homer Johnson Clerk 2.01
 To my Commission on $569, the amount of the sale of land 45.54

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 The children of Joseph Case were:

A. John Case b. December 10, 1781 in Pennsylvania.  He married Sarah Maloy on March 1, 1808. She was b. July 26, 1784,.

A. Ebenezer Case b. about August 22, 1791 in Pennsylvania married Nancy Balbridge December 22, 1808 in Warren County, Ohio.  Ebenezer Case married second Elizabeth McBride December 4, 1817.

A. Polly Case b. about 1790 in Ohio, married Richard Hathaway.  They had six children.  Second, Polly married a Mr. Richardson.

A. Joseph Case, Jr., married Sarah Phillips August 30, 1810 in Warren County, Ohio. He died about 1815.
C. Thomas Case married Jane Simonton August 31, 1809 in Warren County, Ohio.

A. Elizabeth Case  who married Francis Cunningham.

A. Abraham Case, married to Sarah Hogue December 14, 1811 and died about 1822.  They had four children.


 John Case was b. December 10, 1781, in Pennsylvania .  He married Sarah Maloy who had been b. July 26, 1784, on March 1, 1808.  John Case and Sarah Maloy had the following children:

1. Elizabeth Case, b. January 18, 1809 in Ohio;

1. Washington Case, b. September 5, 1810 in Ohio;

1. Abraham Case, b. October 11,1812 in Ohio.

(Joseph1, John 2)

 Elizabeth Case, b. January 18, 1809 in Ohio m. Moses Harper.  Elizabeth and Moses Harper lived in Floyd Co., Indiana in 1831.  Elizabeth Case married second, Albert Hammond July 29, 1831 in Pike Co., Indiana. Albert Hammond had been b. July 28, 1832.  Elizbeth Case and Albert Hammond had eleven children:

a.   Albert Hammond, b. July 28, 1832
b. Margaret Case Hammond, b. March 19, 1834
c. John Harison Hammond, b. December 28, 1836
d. George Johnson Hammond, b. January 6, 1837
e. Eveline Case Hammond, b. September 6, 1838
f. Eliza Ann Hammond, b. October 25, 1846
g. Milton Stapp Hammond, b. September 19, 1847
h. Sarah Case Hammond, b. October 25, 1846
i. William Augustus Hammond, b. May 11, 1853
j. Hester Hammond, b. October 9, 1850
k. Thomas Abraham Hammond, b. May 11, 1853

(Joseph1, John 2)

 Washington Case, b. September 5, 1810 in Ohio married Sarah Russell January 30, 1831 in Pike Co., Indiana.  The children of Washington Case and Sarah Russell were:

a. Nathaniel F. Case, b. March 9, 1832 in Pike Co., Indiana.  He married Eliza P. Harris July 16, 1857.  Eliza P. Harris had been born in Dubois Co., Indiana.

a. Elizabeth Case, b. February 6, 1837 in Pike Co. Indiana.  She married William E. Chappell

a. Sarah Case, b. in Pike Co., Indiana married Elijah A. Bell October 7, 1860

a. Caroline Case, b. in Pike Co., Indiana.  She married Jesse L. Bell.  Caroline Case married second Charles Luff, November 20, 1856

a. Amanda Case b. in Pike County, Indiana married James Lomax

a. Abraham L. Case married Sarah M. Julian

a. Cynthia A. Case

a. James M. Case
a. John Case

a. Washington Case

(Joseph1, John 2)

 Abraham Case, b. October 11, 1812 in Ohio married Elizabeth Russell August 3, 1831 in Pike Co., Indiana.  The children of Abraham Case and Elizabeth Russell were:

a. Albert Hammond Case, b. July 28, 1832.  He married Mary Harmon.  The children of Albert Hammond Case and Mary Harmon were:

a. John Spear Case
b. Charles Case
c. Elizabeth Case
d. Stewart Clayton Case, b. July 13, 1865 in Georgetown, Indiana.  He Married Lillian Runyon May 23, 1891.  Lillian Runyon was born March 4, 1874 in Pleasant Valley, Colorado.  The child of Stewart Clayton Case and Lillian Runyon was:

(1) Bayard Runyon Case, b. February 24, 1892 in LaPorte, Colorado.  He married Eliza Elizabeth McRae November 16, 1913.  Eliza Elizabeth McRae was born March 27, 1893 in Berkely, Iowa.

a. Booker Bowman Case b. July 26, 1874 in Georgetown, Indiana.  The son of Booker Bowman Case was:

(1) Albert Hans Case b. August 14, 1908 in Fort Collins, Colorado

a. Hallie Case

a. Magaret Case
b. John Harrison Cse
c. George Johnson Case
d. Evelline Case
e. Evelline Case
f. Eliza Ann Case
g. Milton Stapp Case
h. William Augustus Case
i. Hester E. Case
j. Thomas Abraham Case
k. Lucinda Case, b. May 19, 1814 in Ohio.  She married Mathew Traylor December 19, 1831 in Pike Co., Indiana.
i)       Reuben M. Case b. January 29, 1816 in Pike Co, Indian.  He Married Ellen Graham who had been born in Petersburg, Pike Co., Indiana.
      Syntheann Case, b. April 24, 1820
Mary Case b. November 1, 1821 in Pike Co., Indiana.  She married James H. Alexander November 27, 1839 in Pike Co., Indiana


 Ebenezer Case b. about August 22, 1791 in Pennsylvania.  He married Nancy Baldridge December 24, 1808 in Warren County, Ohio.  Ebenezer married second Elizabeth McBride December 4, 1817. Ebenezer and Nancy Baldridge Case were the parents of the following children:

  Joseph Case, b. November 8, 1809 in Ohio.  He marriedSusan H. Mosby July 2, 1843.  Susan H. Mosby was born in Dubois County, Indiana

John Case b. 1814.  He married Axie Anderson January 2, 1840 in Dubois County, Indiana.

William G. Case b September 30, 1816.  He married Nancy Caldwell October 29, 1845

 The children of Ebenezer Case and Elizabeth McBride were:

Abraham Case b. November 11, 1818 in Pike Co., Indiana.  He married Mary Stubblefield September 10, 1840

Nancy Case b. December 23, 1820 in Pike Co., Indiana.  She married Lester Hammond August 24, 1838

Thomas Case b. September 1, 1822 in Pike Co., Indiana.  He married Minerva Russell.  Thomas Case married second Cansada Gilly.  Thomas Case married third, Margaret Postlethwaid.  Thomas Case married fourth, Mary Davis.

Mary Timberlane Case, b. December 26, 1824.  She married Madison Trayler July 29, 1841 in Pike County, Indiana.

ii) (Joseph1)
 There is not much known about Polly Case who was born about 1790 in Ohio, except that she was the daughter of Joseph Case, Sr.  She was living in Old Knox County, Indiana during the War with Tecumseh and her courage is mentioned in the History of Daviess County, Indiana, 574-575, she was married to Richard Hathaway and in she married a Mr. Richardson.  In her father's will she had a total of six children mentioned, all being the children of Richard Hathaway.


 Not long after the erection of the earliest forts, a serious affair occurred on Steele Prairie.  A few families, having built some cabins there, were moving in their household goods.  While unloading their second load they were attacked by Indians, and two of them killed, the older Mr. Hathaway outright and W. Bogard after a protracted struggle in self-defense.  Old Mr. Sinks was shot through the left shoulder, and Richard Hathaway through the neck.  The two latter were in the wagon handing out the goods, the younger Hathaway falling down in the wagon in a faint when shot.  Upon the firing of the guns and the yelling of the Indians, the four horses attached to the wagon took fright and ran to the lower end of the prairie.  By this time young Hathaway had recovered from his faint, and he and Mr. Sinks, having detached the horses from the wagon by cutting the ham strings, attempted to ride two of them back to the fort, but the rough gait of the horses irritated their wounds to such a degree that they were obliged to walk.  A Miss Case, who had been left at some stables a short distance from where the killing of Hathaway and Bogard occurred, haltered a two-year-old colt and rode nine miles to the nearest fort (Hawkins') to give the alarm.  The attack having been made about sundown, most of her journey was accomplished by night--a feat requiring no small degree of courage.  Upon her arrival at Hawkins' Fort, runners were dispatched to three other forts--Comer's Purcell's and Barlow's.  As many as could procure horses collected at Hawkins' Fort and about 3 o'clock the next morning set out for Steele Prairie, where the murders had been committed.  On their way up, they unknowingly passed the two wounded men, Sinks and Hathaway, who upon hearing them approach and supposing them to be Indians, retired from the path in order to escape notice.  The horsemen having passed on, the two wounded men returned to the path and proceeded to the fort, arriving there some time before noon.  Here they first heard of Miss Case's heroism.
 The children of Polly Case and Richard Hathaway were:

1. Nathan Hathaway
2. Richard Hathaway, born 1806
3. Hannah Hathaway, born 1809.  She married Joseph Dunham
4. John Hathaway
5. Polly Hathaway, born 1812
6. Rhoda Hathaway m. April 27, 1829 Gabriel Forman in Knox Co., Indiana.


 Thomas Case was born June 17, 1790 in Ohio.  He married Jane Simonton August 31, 1809 in Warren County, Ohio.  The children of Thomas Case and Jane Simonton were:

1. Abraham Case, b. August 5, 1810 in Pike Co., Inciana.  He married Rebecca Elliott.  The children of Abraham Case and Rebecca Elliott were:

a. William Case, b. July 5, 1835
b. John E. Case b. Octobere 26, 1836 in Floyd Co., Indiana
c. Charles W. Case, b. March 24, 1838 in Floyd Co., Indiana
d. Francis L. Case b, October 16, 1839 in Floyd Co., Indiana
e. Thomas Case, b. December 31, 1840 in Floyd Co., Indiana
f. Louis B. Case, b. December 14, 1841
g. Laura C. Cse, b. May 16, 1845 in Floyd Co., Indiana
h. Annie C. Case, b. February 20, 1850
i. George W. Case, b. February 20, 1850
j. Abraham Case, b. January 11, 1853

1. William H. Case
2. Elizabeth Case, b. May 27, 1814
3. Sarah J. Case, b July 22, 1817
4. S. Walter Case, b. February 11, 1819
5. Rosina Case, b. March 16, 1824
6. Louisa Case, b. March 16, 1825, married Salem P. Town
7. Lawrence P. Case b. August 24, 1826
8. Thomas G. Case b, December 17, 1827
9. Perry B. Case, b. November 14, 1831


 Abraham Case, the son of Joseph Case date of birth is unknown.  He died circa 1822.  Abraham Case married Sarah Hogue on December 14, 1811, and this marriage is recorded in Old Knox County, Indiana.  Sarah's parents were Zebulon and Polly Hogue  .  After Abraham's death she married Elisha Groves and divorced him in 1833.  She is found in Monona County, Iowa, on the 1860 census in the home of F. A. Milan, age 26 who had been born in Indiana.  Also in the home is G. W. Case.  She is listed as Sarah Stewart, age 66, born in Tennessee.  Abraham Case was very active in Indiana History.  He was one of the Commissioners appointed to set up the County seat of Greene County, Indiana.  His name was mentioned several times in the "History of Greene County" in spite of the fact that he died in 1822 leaving a young family.  Some of the quotes are as follows:

Page 34, Act for the Formation of a New County out of the Counties of Sullivan and Daviess:

* * * *

 Sec. 3.  Amos Rogers. of Daviess County; Abraham Markle, Jr., of Vigo County; Abraham Case, of Knox County; William White of Sullivan County, and Charles Polk, of Knox County, are hereby appointed Commissioners;

* * * *

Page 37, Report of the Count Seat Commissioners;

 Signed by Abraham Case;

* * * *

Page 187, Burlington, Indiana

 This town was the first county seat of Greene County, and was located on Sections 9 and 10, Township 7 North, Range 5 West by Amos Rogers, Abraham Case, Charles Polk and William White, early in the month of March 1821.

 The children of Abraham Case and Sarah Hogue were:

1. Francis Cunningham Case, born June 17, 1813.

1. Elizabeth Case, born in 1814 in Old Knox County, Indiana. She married William Milan.

1. Nancy Ann Case, born 1816, married William Harrell on August 27, 1834 in Greene County, Indiana.

1. Sarah (Sally) Case, born 1819.  She married  James Buckner

(Joseph Case1, Abraham Case2)

 Francis Cunningham Case, Sr., was born June 17, 1813 near Vincennes, Old Knox County, Indiana, the son of Abraham Case and Sarah Hogue.  He died April 19, 1858, in Onawa, Monona County, Iowa.  He married Mary Ann Conley, born June 11, 1812, the daughter of Lydia Hopper and Robert Conley in Lafayette County, Missouri April 3, 1834.  He later divorced Mary Ann Conley sometime after 1850 and prior to 1856 and married Esther Davis on December 25, 1856 in Monona County, Iowa.  Francis C. Case was the oldest of four children; his sisters were Elizabeth, Nancy Ann and Sarah.  During Francis' childhood the formation of Greene County, Indiana, took place and he had relatives who worked on that project.  Besides his father, his grandfather, Zebulon Hogue, was also active in the formation of the city of Burlington.

 Francis had to face the death of both his father and grandfather at an early age.  In 1816, his grandfather Joseph Case died and in 1822 his father died.  His father's estate was probated in 1822 and the estate was left to Francis' mother, Sarah Hogue Case, and she was appointed guardian of the children.   Francis was left a tomahawk in his father's will.  On October 28, 1824, Francis' mother married Elisha Groves  who had been born in Kentucky and was an early convert to the followers of Joseph Smith, Jr.  This marriage evidently did not work out well as Sarah divorced Elisha in 1833.  At the time of the persecution in Jackson County, Missouri, a letter from Elisha Groves was published in the "Evening and Morning Star."  He was writing from somewhere in Illinois and was heading for Independence.

 In 1825, after Sarah's marriage to Elisha Groves another guardian, Joseph Hogue, was appointed for Francis and his sisters.  Just who Joseph Hogue was has not yet been proven.  In all probability he was either Sarah's father or brother.

 By 1831 Francis had migrated to Jackson County, Missouri, along with his uncle, William Hogue, to work on Westport Landing.  He settled on the Big Blue River, and became friendly with the Hopper family who were Missouri pioneers having came to Missouri in 1819 and settled in Lafayette County.  Many members of the Hopper family were followers of Joseph Smith, Jr. and Francis C. Case was baptized into that church by Oliver Cowdery in 1831.  On April 3, 1834, Francis married Mary Ann Conley , the daughter of Lydia Hopper and Robert Conley in Lafayette County, Missouri.   Lydia Hopper was married twice, the first time to Robert Conley by whom she had two daughters and the second time to John Killian.  Lydia Hopper was the daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Hopper who lived in Wellington, Lafayette County, Missouri.  On the 1880 census of Monona County, Iowa, Mary Ann gives her parents birth places as North Carolina.

 The newlyweds began their new life together at a bad time in the history of the followers of Joseph Smith, Jr.  They were driven out of Jackson County along with the rest of the "Saints."  Francis bought a farm in Daviess County, Missouri, south and west of Gallatin on a piece of land which is now located on the Northeast corner of the intersection of County Roads "C" and "D."  His step-father, Elisha Groves, owned the 80 acres immediately west of him.  Prior to moving to Daviess County, Elisha Groves lived at Far West, Missouri, and was a member of the High Council along with Lyman Wight, John Killian and others.  He resigned from his position on the Council, along with Lyman Wight when they moved to Gallatin.  Whether Francis lived at Far West has not been proven.  We have no idea when he bought the farm in Gallatin, just when he sold it.  Evidently Francis held no ill will toward Elisha Groves over Sarah and Elisha's divorce as Francis sold Elisha his farm in January of 1838.

 Mary Ann Case's family was at Far West.  John Killian (1796-1858), Mary Ann Case's step-father, served as a captain of the Caldwell County militia during the "Morman War" at Far West.  According to the "Far West Record" Minutes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1830-1844, published by Deseret Book Co., he was born in North Carolina and was baptized in 1831.  In the minutes of August 7, 1834, John Killian was listed as a minister.  In the June 28, 1838 minutes, he is listed as a member of the High Council.

 Francis and Mary Ann's first three children were born in Missouri:  Abraham, who was born in 1835 and died in August of 1836; Diantha Elizabeth, who was born January 2, 1837 and died October 1, 1838; and George Washington who was born in May of 1838 and made the trip to Indiana with his parents shortly thereafter.  Just when the Case's moved back to Indiana is uncertain but as the Haun's Mill Massacre occurred and the "Morman War" began in August of 1838, and Maynard Case remembers his grandfather, James Monroe Case, telling that his father (Francis C.) had helped to bury the dead at Haun's Mill, it is possible that they were part of the migration caused by Gov. Boggs' extermination order.  They were in Greene County, Indiana by July 13, 1840 because their fourth child, James Monroe was born there.

 Francis Case and his family didn't stay long in Indiana as they moved to Illinois when James Monroe Case was about one year old, and stayed for a short time in Nauvoo.  By 1843, they were at Fort Madison, Iowa, and quickly moved to Montrose, Iowa, where they lived until 1846.  At the time the followers of Joseph Smith, Jr. left Nauvoo, the Case family moved first into Keokuk and then Des Moines and arrived in Council Bluffs by 1850.  The family was found in October of 1850 on the census for District No. 21, Pottowatami County, Iowa.  By this time all of their children had been born and Francis Marion was still alive.  He later died in 1852.

 Francis and his family were active in the Latter Day Saints Church and this explains some of the moves.  According to James Monroe Case who dictated many reminiscences to his daughter, Effie Case Carroll, his father had told him about living at the Joseph Smith, Jr. home for a time in Nauvoo.  The family probably stayed in Nauvoo long enough for Eliza Almira to be born which was in October of 1842.  Francis Case's occupation on the 1850 census was given as a "sawyer" so it was entirely possible that while in Montrose he supported his family by supplying lumber for the Saints.

 Maynard Case, Martin Case's son, tells of his grandfather, James Monroe Case, telling him that Francis held Joseph Smith's horse while he mounted it just prior to the his leaving for Carthage to stand trial.  Cicely Case Church, another grandchild of James Monroe Case, remembers her grandfather telling her that Francis C. Case was one of a group of men who, at Emma Smith's request, secreted the Prophet's body out of the coffin after the funeral and by dark of night buried him under the spring house at the Nauvoo House to prevent members of the mob from stealing and desecrating the Prophet's body.

 According to Bernard Case, Friend Cases's son, sometime in 1849, probably while the family was in Des Moines, Francis went to California.  On his way back to Iowa he stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he supposedly had trouble leaving.  Brigham Young sent some of his "angels of death" after him to bring him back and Francis pulled out his two six-guns and said something to the effect of "if you try to stop me, I'll make you two dead angels."  They evidently believed him as he returned to Iowa.  Maynard Case, Martin Cases's son, tells this same story.

 As a side-light to this story, Francis's mother Sarah was not found on the 1850 census in Council Bluffs but by 1860 we find her in Onawa, Iowa, listed as Sarah Stewart, living with F. A. Milan, a grandchild who was born in 1834 in Indiana, in the same household was George Washington Case, Francis Case's son.

 Francis Case had settled outside of Onawa in Monona County, Iowa, by 1853.  By the time Francis died in 1858 he had bought 240 acres of land in Franklin Township.  He is listed as serving on a Grand Jury in Ashton in 1856, being instrumental in the formation of Franklin Township and being elected as the third sheriff of Monona County in 1858.  He never lived to take office as sheriff as he died April 19, 1858.

 Francis Case and Mary Conley Case were divorced sometime prior to 1856 as Francis married Esther Davis, a sister of his fried, Isaac Davis on Christmas Day, 1856.   They had one child, Francis Cunningham Case, Jr., who was born in August of 1857.  This birth date is taken from the 1900 census.

 After Francis' death the children lived with various relatives, Francis, Jr., William H. and Mary Patricia lived with Esther Davis Case and George Washington Case lived with Sarah Hogue Case Stewart, his grandmother.  So far James Monroe Case has not been located on the 1860 census.

 Within a short time of Francis' death his widow married Stephen Tillson, the Judge who handled the probate of Francis' estate.  Francis was buried in Onawa  Cemetery in a plot purchased by Stephen Tillson and is buried north of the headstone and Esther Davis Case Tillson and Stephen Tillson are buried south of the headstone.

 Mary Ann Case married a man named Bradford Guilford Barnes who had a son, Guilford born in 1853.  On the 1870 census of Harrison County, Iowa, Mary Ann Case and Mr. Barnes are living next door to George W. Case.  Mary Ann Case Barnes died in Lamoni, Iowa in 1911 at the age of 97 years.

 The children of Francis Cunningham Case and Mary Ann Conley were:

a. Abraham Case, born August 22, 1835 in Missouri.  He died August 1836;

a. Diantha Elizabeth Case, born January 2, 1837 in Missouri.  She died October 1, 1838;

a. George Washington Case, born May 20, 1838 at Gallatin, Missouri.  He died December 8, 1918 at Lamoni, Iowa, and is buried in the Lamoni Cemetery;

a. James Monroe Case, the fourth child of Francis C. Case and Mary Ann Conley was born July 13, 1840, in Greene County, Indiana.  He died December 5, 1934 in Hamilton, Caldwell County, Missouri, and is buried at Decatur, Nebraska.

a. Eliza Almira Case, born October 18, 1842 in Illinois

a. William Henry Case, born July 13, 1844 in Iowa.

a. Francis Marion Case, born May 12, 1846 and died October 3, 1852 in Iowa.

a. Mary Patricia Case, born May 10, 1848.

 The child of Francis C. Case and Esther Davis was:

a. Francis Cunningham Case, Jr., born August 1857.

(Joseph Case1, Abraham Case2,
Francis Cunningham Case3)

 George Washington Case, the third child of Francis C. Case and Mary Ann Conley was born May 20, 1838 at Gallatin, Missouri, and died December 8, 1918 at Lamoni, Iowa, and is buried in the Lamoni, Cemetery.  He married Sarah Thorne and had six children.  Sarah died March 25, 1895 and George W. married second a lady named Amanda.  George was born during a very difficult time in his family's history, shortly before the Haun Mill Massacre.  By 1840 he was living in Indiana as his brother James Monroe Case was born there in 1840.  He was taken a short time later to Nauvoo, Illinois, where his father lived in the Smith home.  By 1843 his family was living in Iowa and by 1850 had migrated into Council Bluffs, along with the other early Mormans who left Nauvoo.  His next home was in Onawa, Manona County, Iowa where his father died in 1858.  According to the History of Onawa County, Iowa George Case had a store in Lincoln Township.

 The children of George Washington Case and Sarah Thorne were:

(1) Ella Case was born January 14, 1865, the daughter of George Washington Case and Sarah Thorne.  She died November 16, 1935 at Medford, Oregon.  She married a man named Brown and they had five children:

(a) Ruby Brown, born August 16, 1890.  She married a man named Price and lived in Medford, Oregon;

(a) Linny Brown, born March 9, 1893. He married a lady named Dunivent and lived in Medford, Oregon;

(a) Grace Brown, born January 4, 1895, died June 23, 1968 in Medford, Oregon.  She married a man named Galbraith;

(a) Viola Brown, born September 30, 1903.  She married a man named Bigham and lived in Medford, Oregon;

(a) William Brown, born March 5, 1905.  He lived in the state of Washington.

(1) Emma Case, born July 27, 1872 and died January 8, 1952 at Choteau, Montana.   She married a Mr. Walker and they had one child, Fredonia Walker;

(1) Elizabeth Case, the third child of George Washington Case and Sarah Thorne was born April 15, 1874; she died April 30, 1959 at Independence, Missouri.  She married a man named Lapworth.  Elizabeth Case Lapworth and Mr. Lapworth were the parents of five children:

(a) Oscar Lapworth, born June 4, 1898 in Iowa.  He died November 29, 1959 in Los Angeles, California;

(a) Blanche Lapworth, born March 11, 1902 in Crescent, Iowa and died the August, 1911;

(a) Irene Lapworth, born February 23, 1904 in Iowa.  She married a man named Lane and lived in Albany, California.

(a) Wayne Lapworth, born May 19, 1906 in Iowa.  He died June 17, 1967 in Portland, Oregon.

(a) Wylie Lapworth, born July 3, 1909 in Iowa.  He lived in Long Beach, California.

(1) William Henry Case the fourth child of George Washington Case was born September 18, 1879 at Modale, Harrison County, Iowa.  He died April 12, 1940 at Emerson, Iowa.  He married Clarinda Allen June 9, 1910.  She was the daughter of George Washington Allen and Harriett Everett Copeland.  Clarinda Allen was born January 20, 1893 in Rowland, Story County, Iowa.  William Henry Case later divorced Mary Clarinda Allen and remarried.  The name of William Henry's second wife is unknown.  The children of William Henry Case and Mary Clarinda Allen were:

(a) Harriett Everett Case, the first child of William Henry Case and Harriett Everett Copeland was born June 20, 1911 at Mondamin, Harrison County, Iowa.  She married Otto Louie Lieber October 4, 1925.  The children of Otto Louis Lieber and Harriett E. Case Lieber were:
i) Dorothy Lieber, married Mr. Huddle and their daughter Karen Huddle was born June 29, 1948;

i) Otto William Lieber, the son of Harriett E. Case Lieber and Otto Louis Lieber was born April 25, 1928, in Pecorah, Nebraska.  He married Letha Catherine Lehr on June 29, 1949.  She was the daughter of Erwin W. Lehr and Bertha F. Jerke and was born July 10, 1930 in Tripp, Hutchinson County, South Dakota.  Otto W. Lieber is currently living in Omaha, Nebraska and is a real estate agent.  The children of Otto W. Lieber and Letha C. Lehr Lieber are:

1) Randolph O. Lieber, living in Salt Lake City, Utah;

1) Theresa Lieber, born October 11,       , in North Platte Nebraska.  She married Thomas Lawrence Clark on January 3, 1980 and is living in Los Angeles, California.

i) Helen Lieber, married Mr. Levine.  Their residence was in Denver Colorado;

i) Walter Lieber, who resided in Mesa, Arizona;

i) Darrell Lieber, who resided in Omaha, Nebraska;

i) Raymond Lieber, who resided in Council Bluffs, Nebraska.

(a) Walter Omar Case, born September 25, 1912 at Modale, Iowa.  He never married and died June 25, 1935.

(a) Velma Luciele Case, born May 29, 1914 at Modale, Iowa.  She married James J. Harrison August 18, 1934.

(a) Jean Case, born June 23, 1917 at Modale, Iowa.  She died June 23, 1917.

(1) David Case, the fifth child of George Washington Case and Sarah Thorne was born April 12, 1881, in Iowa.  He and his sister, Rose were twins.  My informant did not know who David married.  He was the father of three children:

(a) Edith Case
(b) Earl Case
(c) Ida Mae Case

(1) Rose Case, born April 12, 1881, died January 6, 1947 at Clarinda, Iowa.  She never married.

 (Joseph Case1, Abraham Case2,
Francis Cunningham Case3)

 William Henry Case, born July 13, 1844 in Keokuk, Iowa was the sixth child of Francis C. Case and Mary Ann Conley Case.  He married Anna Anderson who was born April 1, 1847 in Sweden.  Anna Anderson Case died June 11, 1929 in Tacoma, Washington and was buried June 15, 1929 in Onawa, Monona, Iowa.  The children of William Henry Case and Anna Anderson were:
(1) . Anna Case born in 1871;

(1) Ada Case born in 1877;

(1) Parker Case born 1879;

(1) Emily A. Case born in November 1881;

(1) Blanche Case born in December 1885; and

(1) Willie K. Case born in June of 1888.

(Joseph Case1, Abraham Case2,
Francis Cunningham Case3)

 Elizabeth Case, the daughter of Abraham Case and Sarah Hogue was born in February 20, 1815, in Old Knox County, Indiana.  She was the granddaughter of Joseph Case, Sr., and the daughter of Abraham Case and Sarah Hogue. She married William Milam  in Davis County, Indiana.  William Milam has been born March 18, 1799 in Spencer Co., Kentucky On the 1860 Iowa census we find her son, F. A. Milam, age 26, born in Indiana, living with Sarah Case Stewart in Monona County, Iowa.  Living in the same house with Sarah and F. A. Milam, were F. A. Milam's wife Lorinda and a four month old daughter, Ellen born in Iowa.  According to a Group Sheet submitted by Oran H. Rosvall who claims to be a great-grandchild of Elizabeth Case, William Milan was born March 18, 1799 in Spencer County, Kentucky, the son of George Milam.  He married Elizabeth Case who was born February 20, 1815, on November 19, 1829 at White River, Daviess County, Indiana.  They both were buried in City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah.  William died February 24, 1853 and Elizabeth died July 5, 1891.  They had nine children:

(1) Sarah Milam, born April 22, 1831 in Greene County, Indiana, died February 9, 1847;

(1) Francis A. Milam, born about 1833 in Missouri;

(1) Joseph S. Milam, born about 1835 in Missouri;

(1) William J. Milam, born about 1836 in Missouri;

(1) Mary Emma Milam, born December 28, 1837 in Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri, she married December 25, 1853 Archibald N. Hill;

(1) Martha Ellen Milam, both January 26, 1840 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois;

(1) Enoch L. Milam, born December 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, died October 2, 1843;

(1) Elizabeth Milam, born about 1844 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois;

(1) George Bennett Milam, born September 2, 1847 in Montrose, Lee County, Iowa.  He married Caroline Priscinda Tibbets who had been born October 4, 1867.  The child of George Bennett Milan and Caroline Priscinda Tibbets was:

    a) Harvey Milam

 Elizabeth Case Milam married second William Wheeler, born February 13, 1815 in Worcestershire, England.  Elizabeth Case Milam and William Wheeler were the parents of two children:

(1) Olivia Maretta Wheeler, born April 10, 1856, married William Richard Starmer, Sr.,born, January 6, 1851 in Birmingham, Warwick, England.  They were the parents of the following children:

(a) Francis Milam Starmer, born October 3, 1874
(b) Lillian May Starmer, born September 8, 1876, married Herbert William Cargill, born July 29, 1875 in Brampton, Derbys, Eng.
(c) Mary Ella Starmer, born September 19, 1878
(d) Willard Richard Starmer, born June 13, 1880
(e) Henry Ernest Starmer, born September 28, 1881, Alice Littleform, born about 1881
(f) Arthur Willard Starmer, born January 26, 1884
(g) Maybelle Lila Starmer, born March 27, 1886, married Nilsdore Sivren (Ted) Rosvall, born about 1875 in Halmstad, Malmhs, Sweden. The children of Maybell Starmer and Ted Rosvall were:

i) Willard Sivren Rosvall, born December 16, 1904
ii) Harry Raymond Rosvall, born August 17, 1907
iii) Lawrence Francis Rosvall
iv) Oran Howard Rosvall
v) Joseph Ted Rosvall
vi) Ruth Lila Rosvall, born August 9, 1921
vii) Richard Reed Rosvall, born April 8, 1926

(a) Dorothea Starmer, born July 7, 1889, married Warren L. Potter, born about 1889
(b) Ada Beatrice Starmer, born October 23, 1890
(c) Nina Starmer, born March 20, 1893, married William Rean Dalton, born February 7, 1891 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.  The children of Nina Starmer and William Dalton were:

i) Norman William Dalton, born September 20, 1913
ii) Olive Rean Dalton
iii) George Willard Dalton

(1) William Case Wheeler, born May 8, 1858, married    Marion Olive Sperry born April 4, 1861, in Nephi, Juab, Utah.

(Joseph1, Abraham 2)

 Sarah Case was born 1819 in Old Knox County, Indiana.  She marriedJames Buckner January 24, 1835 in Greene County, Indiana.  James Buckner was b. July 31, 1815  in Chatham Count, North Carolina.  The children of Sarah Case and James Buckner were:

1. Julia Buckner b about 1836
2. Francis Marion Buckner b. April 19, 1837 in Indiana.  He married Elizabeth April 2, 1857 in Wapello County, Iowa  Their children were:

a. Ella D. Buckner b, about 1865 in Iowa
b. Anne E. Buckner, b. abt 1875 in Iowa
c. Lulu M. Buckner b. April 14, 1883 in Wapello County, Iowa
1. Mary Buckner
2. Ashbury Buckner b. about 1845
3. Margaret Buckner b. about 1845
4. James Madison Buckner b, August 13, 1849 in Macedonia Twp, Indiana.  He married Almira Virginia Vaughn about 1870 in Iowa.  Their children were:

a. Ovil Buckner b, about 1872
b. Mabel Buckner b, about 1874
c. Arthur Buckner, b. about 1875
d. James H. Buckner b. about 1879

1. Martha Buckner b. about 1851
2. Laura Buckner b, about 1854
3. Edward Buckner, b August 1858 in Highland Twp, Iowa